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Yuffie sat across the table from a nervous Vincent Valentine, a massive grin plastered on her pretty face. Why she had that smile was unknown to Vincent, and quite frankly, he didn't want to know. Whenever a certain ninja got that look on her face, absolute disaster was sure to ensue.

He grew more nervous with each passing second, surprised that Yuffie was able to sit still for so long. His crimson eyes darted from her unnerving face to Tifa, who was looking quite interested in Yuffie's unusual behavior, then back to the short haired ninja.

"Why so nervous, Vinnie?" she questioned somewhat innocently, attempting to hide the laughter in her voice. Vincent continued staring at her, convinced that if he moved… she would pull some kind of horrific trick on him. He heard Tifa chuckle quietly in the background, and was too afraid to look. Surely if he turned his attention away from the girl for more than one second, something awful was sure to happen.

"…" was his unsurprising response, trying to hide further in his cloak. This prompted Yuffie's grin to grow even wider, something Vincent thought impossible. Slowly, she stood up, exaggerating her movements to add drama… oh, how she loved creating drama. Vincent watched cautiously with unblinking eyes, keeping his arms firmly folded across his chest. He heard the bar's door open and a person walk inside, but he didn't turn to acknowledge them.

"Heya Cloud," her cheery voice greeted him, her scary smile still stuck on her face. Cloud mumbled a response, but headed straight up the stairs with Tifa following him. Yuffie was looking back at him now, her smile practically splitting her face in two.

"Heh. Heh. Heh."

"…" He had no idea what to say to her random, menacing laugh. He had absolutely no idea what was going on. She was just standing there, looking like a deranged serial killer when she plopped back down on her seat. She leant forward on the table, resting her elbows on the table and placing her chin in her hands, inches away from his face.

"You wanna know what I did, Vinnie?" She breathed, her sweet breath blowing right into his face. Her childish face now looked serious as the smile abruptly fell from her face, as she moved even closer to him. "You wanna know what I did?

"Yuffie…" He managed to say, uncomfortable with the girl - no, the young woman being so close to him. If only she knew how he felt about her… then maybe she wouldn't do this to him. Or maybe she would, you could never tell with Yuffie. She was as unpredictable as a tornado.

"Ask me what I did, Vinnie," she whispered to him, invading every sense of personal space he had. "Ask me," she repeated, excitement flowing through her voice.

"Yuffie…" He shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He could see anger now appearing in her stormy eyes, so he decided to go along with whatever she was doing… it was probably for the best. Right? "… What did you do?" He relented, watching her smile return as he asked her.

"Are you sure you wanna know?" She asked playfully, sticking her face right up in his so that their noses were nearly touching. Vincent could feel his heart beating faster and faster whenever the strange ninja moved closer and closer to him, making a knot appear in his stomach. Oh, how he hated her for doing this to him!

"… Just tell me, Yuffie."

The creepy smile returned to her pretty little face, but thankfully she moved her face back from his, causing a swell of disappointment in his chest, a feeling that made him uneasy. She put both her hands behind her back, before pulling them forward with swift speed to show him what she had.

"I made you a cupcake!" She exclaimed with glee, placing the cupcake in front of him. It appeared burnt, obviously hastily slathered in a swamp of messy white icing, but the bit he loved most about it? In the middle was a drawn picture of him as a vampire. A small smile graced his lips, causing Yuffie to jump up and down in her seat. "Do ya like it?" She asked eagerly, causing Vincent to look up at her.

" …Yes. Thank you, Yuffie," he said quietly, causing the energy ball to jump off her seat and wrap him in a giant hug. He was shocked. Did this mean she like him in that way, too? As if to answer his thoughts, she quickly placed a small kiss on his cheek. Vincent pulled back and looked at her, seeing a blush cross her face. An amused smirk formed on his face at this, prompting Yuffie to talk.

"Look, Vinnie… I wanted to say that I really li-"

"YUFFIE!" A loud, startling voice interrupted her, causing her to jump off Vincent and look around in panic. An angry Tifa emerged from her kitchen, her usual kind face looking murderous. "What in God's name did you do to my kitchen?"

Yuffie was smiling sheepishly at Tifa, trying to form a convincing lie in her head. "Well Tifa… You know, sometimes I feel the urge to cook, and the- aww, stuff it," she laughed, looking at him now. "Seeya Vinnie," she winked, before running towards the open window and diving out of it. He looked over at Tifa, who looked absolutely heartbroken.

"… That bad?" He asked in his monotone voice, his amusement not showing. Tifa could only manage a nod, before Vincent got up to survey the damage himself. Looking at the kitchen, he couldn't help a small smile forming on his face. Flour was thrown everywhere, utensils scattered all over the benches and floor, books strewn all over the place. Multiple mixes of different batter were decorating the bench, icing smeared over every inch of the walls. All in all, it looked like a bomb had hit the place.

He heard a small whimper escape from Tifa's mouth while Cloud was trying to console her. He looked at the cupcake in his hand and couldn't help but chuckle a little. You just had to love that crazy ninja.