Hey, this is the last chapter ive decided. This was basically going nowhere, and i have bigger and better ideas in my head for another story. Basically, i don't like how this chapter turned out, it's a rambling written by me at 4 in the morning when i was convinced there was a spider in my room so i couldn't go to sleep. Anyway, im not spell checking or grammar checking or any of that shizz for this, its basically just something to end this drabble before i ruin it even more. So yeah. Make sure you read my awesome next Yuffentine story when it heads out here ;)

It was such a slow, boring day! Even Yuffie Kisaragi's lively antics couldn't change the fact that it was possibly the most boring day in existence. She let out a loud sigh, dragging her head up from the bar's bench.

"Tifa, I'm bored!" She whined, twisting in her seat in discomfort. Yuffie frowned in concentration. She started moving around on the stool, trying to pinpoint the problem. She decided Tifa needed better barstools, these ones were lumpy and itchy and uneven and flat and hard and-

"Well, find something to do," Tifa sighed in frustration, blowing a strand of hair off her face. Yuffie was starting to get on her nerves now, and the fact that Yuffie kept repeating the same words over and over and over again weren't helping anything.

"Well, give me a drink then. A highly alcoholic, sugary, tasty one… yeah, do that!" She exclaimed suddenly, jumping in her seat. Yuffie had miraculously regained her hyper energy, most likely from the thought of getting hammered. That was always fun.

"Yuffie, you're under the drinking age in Edge. You're getting nothing from me," Tifa scorned the young ninja, not even looking up from the cups she was washing. Yuffie's delicate mouth formed into a pout after she sighed again, slamming her fists down on the counter in annoyance. Why wasn't she ever able to get a decent drink anywhere? Couldn't the law sense how mature and responsible and reliable and trust worthy and-

"Tifa," a certain blond man walked into the bar now, back from his recent deliveries. He strode over to Tifa and gave her a small hug and a kiss. Yuffie looked at them in horror.

"Hey guys, I know you might forget sometimes but I AM here, so spikes and boobs, keep your hands to yourself while I'm about! I don't want my innocence getting tainted you know."

"Yuffie, you never had any innocence to start with," a certain voice filled the air now, and Yuffie knew all too well whose voice that was. She heard Cloud and Tifa laughing at Vincent's joke, but she didn't care. She was just glad to see him.

"Vinnie!" She screeched in happiness, jumping lightly off her chair and running over to the gunslinger, giving him a hug. He instantly stiffened, before awkwardly placing his claw hand on her shoulder.

"…Yuffie," he greeted in his monotone voice, not allowing the shock he felt to be translated into his words. He looked down at the top of the head that belonged to a certain ninja gripping him like there was no tomorrow, and had to disagree with what he said, Yuffie did look kind of innocent… until she pulled her head up and he saw the massive grin on her face.

"I'm bored and no one will play with me," she whined, detaching herself from his form only to start twirling around like some sort of over-active child. "Tifa won't give me a drink and Cloud won't keep his hands off her and Denzel and Marlene are at the park and-"

"Yuffie, why don't you just go down to the park and join them?" He said it like it was the most logical thing in the world. It probably was, too bad Yuffie didn't know the meaning of logic… or cared, for that matter.

"Because it's raining," she said bluntly, pointing out the window.

"… Then why are they at the park?" Yuffie just shrugged her shoulders, spinning around in a circle again. Barret probably didn't take them there anyway. He sat down on a chair, watching the young princess twirl around before she abruptly stopped, looking over at him with accusing eyes. What had he done now?


"You... YOU are taking me to the park to get a snow cone," she started smiling like a madman, grabbing his hand in an attempt to get him up off the chair and out the door.

"It's raining," he pointed out to her wryly, watching her grow more impatient by the second.

"Since when does the rain stop me, the great, awesome, super sneaky ninja Yuffie Kisaragi from getting what she wants, huh?" She asked him loudly, causing Cloud to look up from the paperwork he was doing over in the corner so he could spend more time with Tifa. He exhaled slowly, trying to figure out what this girl was trying to do.

"Pllleeeaasseeee?" she begged now, pulling out her puppy dog eyes. She knew he could never resist those. He glanced out at the fleeting rain, then looked back at the hardly covered up ninja. He had to stop a smile from forming on his face as he looked at her 'innocent' face, and decided that she should get what she wants. He merely nodded at her, causing a squeal of excitement to escape from her as she started jumping around. She quickly jumped at him and gave him a peck on the lips before pulling back with embarrassment. He could feel the small blush forming on his own face, but he paid it no heed. If this was what he was going to get every time she wanted something and he obliged… maybe he should do it more often.

After all, she was his princess.