… Heading Home …

SG1 stood on the beach, guns at the ready as they saw their unconscious friend cradled in the arms of a large creature as it walked out of the sea.

It gave a warning growl as it placed Daniel Jackson on the ground at their feet.

"We mean you no harm," Captain Samantha Carter said as she watched the creature in curiosity. "Perhaps we can become…"

"In time… perhaps," the creature said as it rose to stand. It looked over at the tall brown haired man and said, "What fate… Shau'ri?"

"We don't know," Colonel Jack O'Neill replied with a confused tone of voice.

"Perhaps… in time… Daniel will find," it said as it turned back to the water.

Teal'c looked down at Daniel then at the creature as it dove into the waves and disappeared under the sea. He crouched down and lifted the smaller man up into a fireman carry as the group headed toward the Stargate.

"I bet this is a long damn story," Jack said as he watched the horizon.

"I bet," Sam said noncommittally.

"Maybe he can tell it to us over Sushi," Jack said as he smirked at Sam.

"Maybe," Sam said as she rolled her eyes.

They reached the gate and she punched the glyphs for earth.

Jack sent the code through on the GDO.

Then Sam watched Teal'c carry the unconscious Daniel through to Earth then followed after him.

Jack brought up the rear.