A/n: Slightly a/u, set during the silver millennium. For at least the first few chapters, none of the outer sailor senshi will be present.

The Pest (aka the Gift)

Crash! Thunder rolls across the plains as lightening flashes in the distance. Princess Serena dances along the balcony of the royal palace, taking immense pleasure in watching nature's fireworks.

"Father, it's so neat! Will the rains come with it? Will the storm last a long time? Can I stay up until it's over?"

King Lance chuckles at his eight year old daughter and her unending supply of questions. How he and Serenity had ever managed to create such a lively marvel he still didn't quite comprehend. He watches as she balances herself on the middle railing, ready to catch her if she falls.

Serena's clear blue eyes are gazing over the railing, watching the storm's rapid approach. Her long blonde hair is billowing out behind her due to the strength of the winds. She tucks her hand into her father's and sighs.

"That's a big sigh for a small lady. What's wrong Serena?"

"Nothing I guess. Will we ever be able to visit Earth?"

Her father smiles at the question. "Curious about our nearest neighbors?"

"Yes, I want to know everything there is to know about them. I've heard that they look and talk just like we do, but that they are more barb…barb…"

"Barbaric? Who's been telling you that?" As if he couldn't guess.

Serena confirms his suggestions with her next sentence. "Raye says that she's seen them in her dreams and they're all fer-o-cious."

"I tell you what Serena. Your mom and I are going to be visiting Earth's ruling family next week. Would you like to go with us? This way you can see just how barbaric and ferocious the Earthlings are."

His gentle teasing is met with Serena's usual exuberance, "You mean it? You're taking me with you? Oh wait til I tell Raye!"


Meanwhile on Earth:

"Darien! Darien where are you?" the young dark haired woman shields her eyes from the morning sun as she searches for her offspring.

"Darien! Come here at once!" Still no response from the mysteriously absent Darien.

"Darien, if you don't show yourself in the next fifteen seconds I'll restrict your riding privileges."

That gets results as a tall, dark haired, lanky thirteen year old boy bounds up the stairs. He pauses briefly to catch his breath then looks up at her total innocence in his ocean blue eyes. "Did you need me for something?"

"Where have you been Darien and please don't insult my intelligence with a vague reply." Her stern gaze is met by Darien's clear blue one.

"I was watching the dog chase the cat, who was chasing a rat."

"Darien…" she's struggling to maintain a straight face, but she manages.

"Sorry mother, I was racing with the guys. I almost beat Zoy this time." His earnest gaze met her green one. He may have inherited most of her looks, but the eyes, those he received from his father.

"Come and clean up, I have great news to tell you."

Darien gives an inaudible sigh. Whenever his mother has 'great news' he usually ends up part of a public display. His head droops at the thought.

"Darien, next Wednesday we have the pleasure of meeting the monarchs of the Moon Kingdom."

Darien's head comes up when his father's words sink in.

"Moon Kingdom? I thought that they were a myth or legend."

Edward shakes his head, "No my son, they are as real as you or I and from what we've seen so far, try to attain the same goals."

"And I get to entertain their kid huh? Don't suppose he knows how to ride a horse?"

Moira frowns at her son's sarcasm, "We don't know yet if they are bringing Serena with them or not. They hadn't decided when we last talked to them."

"A girl? You expect me to entertain a girl? Mom, she's gonna be a nuisance, a pest. The guys and I won't be able to get anything done." He knows he's gone too far when his mother stands up.

"You will treat her with respect and be on your best behavior while she is here, or I'll have Gladiator sold before you can blink."

Darien gulps as he looks into her stern green eyes. He's raised the jet black colt from birth and didn't know how he'd bear it if she followed through with the threat. He nods and says a quiet, "Yes ma'am." before excusing himself and running to the stables.


A/N: We never really do learn Darien's parents names, so I took a little liberty with that and then gave Serena a father during this time period. I do have a lot more coming on this one and will be updating Beauty and the Beast this week too. Thanks for reading and reviewing.