The Pest—Chapter 7

Darien wakes up slowly. Every muscle in his body aches from the harsh landing he'd had. He gingerly turns his head to the left and sees Serena resting next to him. A slight glimmer catches his eye and he carefully turns to look at the crystal sculpture.

The smoothly flowing lines give the image of horses running freely across a meadow. The crystal brightens briefly as the last rays of sunlight peek through the drapery drawn windows. He struggles to sit up, wincing slightly as he does so. The movement wakens Serena who glances up at him and gives him a shy smile.

"I'm not hurting you am I?"

Darien smiles at the thought of this petite girl being able to hurt anyone let alone himself.

"Are you the Moon Princess, Serena?"

"Uh-huh and you're Prince Darien. Am I a pest?"

Darien blinks in surprise. He hadn't expected her to ask that particular question.

"Mother says I have to go back home if I'm a pest." She sighs at the thought of leaving when she'd just barely arrived.

"Well, right now you're not being a pest so I guess that means you can stay for a little while longer."

"Okay. Do you need me to get your parents and let them know that you're awake? They were awfully worried about you."

Darien carefully shakes his head no. "Do you think that you could find Zoycite or Jadeite for me? I need to talk to them and they can tell me what's going on with Gladiator."

"I can try. Where is the best place to look?"

"Probably the stables, if you look you can see them from my window."

Serena walks over to the window and looks out to the stable yard. The main building is only a few hundred feet away. She glances at Darien and nods her agreement.

"I'll be back soon." She crawls through the open window and drops lightly to the ground. Darien is impressed. None of the other guys like to climb out the window; claiming the walls are too thick or too slick.

Serena scrambles to her feet and looks towards the stables. For some reason the distance seems greater now than it did from Darien's window. She sighs and sets off across the yard, determined to find Zoycite or Jadeite.

Meanwhile in the stables Jadeite is brushing down another of Darien's horses. Thunder is steel gray in color with wide brown eyes that seem to look inside a human's soul.

"I'm telling you Thunder, that princess is nothing but trouble. She's not even here a day and Darien's in bed with a concussion. Damn moon wench needs to learn her place; needs to learn not to mess with Earth's royalty."


A/N: Really short chapter folks, but this is where the story stopped in my notebooks…lol…I did have a few reviewer comments that I want to address and then if you all still want me to, I will try to continue this story.

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