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New Bodhum Park, where the lush greenery and tropical plants that could rarely be found in Old Cocoon existed. Civilians often come to enjoy the breathtaking view, and today was no exception. However the only difference is the massive destruction caused by two strangers who are not from that planet.

Cloud ran as fast as he could, his pursuer hot on his trail. Breathing heavily, he felt a sharp stabbing pain around his ribcage area. Got to keep moving. Swearing, he forced his beaten up body to move.

"Fated Circle..." The attacker instantly closed in on Cloud, a ring of circles surrounding both of them.

"Tch..." Cloud shielded his body with his sword.

The circles exploded, causing the ground and air to shake considerably. Cloud flew a few feet away from the man, crashing into one of the park's food stall. He panted and spitted out his own blood.

His attacker merely stared at him with his cold, merciless eyes. He pointed his gunblade towards Cloud. "What are you afraid of losing?" He asked in a serious voice.

Beaten and running out of energy, Cloud forced himself to stand and leaned on his sword. "...I'm not afraid of anything Leon..." Cloud stared determinedly at his foe.

Without warning, Leon lunged forward and delivered a heavy blow. Cloud blocked the attack with his sword and recoiled from the hit. Leon drew back and prepared another attack. Unable to block again, Cloud was hit with a series of combination swordplay from him.

"Guh-!" Cloud vomited out blood but Leon seemed unfazed. He launched Cloud into the air with his gunblade.

"This is the end...Rough Divide!" Leon floated in mid-air and delivered a devastating blow, knocking Cloud back to the ground forcefully.

Cloud crashed onto the pavement, causing it to crack and he fell into a giant hole. A dull sense of pain flowed through his body. Crap... He tried moving but not even his fingers would respond. Broken ribs, broken arms...legs and maybe even more...This is just not my day...

Leon landed a few feet away from Cloud, staring at him from above. "...Should I have taken it easier?" He said in a bored voice.

"...Still the same...huh Leon?" Just saying that caused immense pain on the side of his ribs. Cloud winced from the pain but gritted his teeth to bear with it.

"My name is Squall..." He said with the same bored tone.

"No difference is there? Leon or Squall, you're still the same person...Snap out of it dumb-ass." Cloud chuckled painfully.

"I have no idea what you're talking about..." He responded, holding his gunblade up high.

"Tch, the Leon...Squall that I know wouldn't act this way." Cloud said angrily. He knew his friend was put under some kind of hypnosis. However, he was unable to break it.

"Again, I have no idea what you're talking about. And I do not know who you are. I am ordered to kill you and I will do so without hesitation." Squall gripped his gunblade. "Any last words?" He gazed nonchalantly.

Cloud closed his eyes. That's strange...I can't hear anything anymore... Even though his mind and heart told him not to give up, his body said otherwise. Looks like...I'll be able to see you soon... Cloud gave a satisfied smile.

"Farewell..." Squall muttered, swinging down his gunblade, creating a shock wave.

"Cloud!" Lightning shouted his name. She and Fang arrived to the battle scene to see the sight of Guardian Corps and the Cavalry's soldiers body lying everywhere. Lightning had spotted the man who had caused the destruction holding his sword up high in the air, and assumed that he was swinging his blade at Cloud.

Rushing to Cloud's aid, Lightning ran with all her might, however, the distance between her and them was quite far. She unsheathed her gunblade, preparing to attack the mysterious man. I'm not gonna make it! "Cloud!" she yelled again.

Lying in the dirt, Cloud could hear a voice calling for him. Claire...?

"CLOUD!" This time, Lightning yelled at the top of her lungs. She was extremely worried that the man did not give her any respond. Forget the guy, saving Cloud is the top priority!

Heh...As loud as ever... Cloud couldn't help but smile. At least I could hear her voice one last time... He opened his eyes to see the sky. As clear as day, he watched the clouds hovered in the aquamarine sky. Images of his life began flashing before his eyes, reliving his bitter moments. Cloud never told Lightning or anyone else much about his past, for fear of being judged and the shame.

Having his memory altered once, Cloud had struggled to find his true self, his own life that is real and not made up. Again and again, Sephiroth had tried to convince him that he was nothing but a mere fragment...a puppet that can't move without a puppeteer to pull its strings... I've had enough...no more running away from myself...I'll accept this punishment...

Accepting his fate, Cloud closed his eyes, and embraced the warm light that was shining in front of him. He couldn't see his old friend attacking him but his eyes lingered towards Lightning, who was mere inches away from him, her face full of fear and astonishment.

"...Goodbye Claire..." He gave her a huge smile, and an explosion occurred.


Cloud didn't feel the pain, or rather, he didn't feel any of the damage he received from the fight. Did I die...? Hesitantly, Cloud opened his eyes. He was sitting in a flower field, his body leaning on a tree. Somehow he recognized the beautiful scenery, and it soothed his soul. He felt the wind and could smell the sweet scent of the flowers. It felt very much real to him.

"...So I am dead..." Cloud muttered, ruffling his hair. He watched the flowers bend as the wind pushes them, and then stared at his own hands. "I couldn't even stay alive for her..." His thoughts were on Lightning. He imagined her smile, her angry face, her surprised face and when she blushed.

"And who is her?"

Cloud's heart skipped a beat. He turned around to see a woman whom he was very familiar with sitting at the opposite site of the tree. He recognized the pink ribbon that she has tied to her hair, and the tone of her voice which he couldn't forget. "Thought I'd see you here..." Cloud said in a soft voice.

"Did you now? Or perhaps you're mistaking me with this 'her' that you mentioned." She said in a mock-irritated voice. She did not turn to meet his gaze.

"I don't think I can forget someone like you, y'know?" Cloud chuckled and returned to watch the flowers.

"He he, you need to work on your flirting skills Cloud..." She giggled.

Cloud did not respond, making himself comfortable with her presence.

"...What are you doing here Cloud?" She asked in a mock-questioning voice.

"Isn't this my last stop...? After dying I mean..." Cloud replied.

"Oh silly Cloud, you're not supposed to be here..." The voice giggled again.

Cloud could hear her stand up and she walked towards him, patting his head from behind. "You have a lot more ahead of you Cloud...Your life is far from over." She said in a soothing voice.

"Really..." Cloud muttered, not looking behind.

"Yep, so off you go! Anyway you'll make 'her' seriously angry if you don't hurry up!" She said in a bossy tone. "Not my business with whom you go out with really, but I'm surprised it's not Tifa."

Cloud chuckled at her words.

"What? You've gone far from home and hit on another girl, think I don't know that?" She pulled his hair playfully. "You have nothing to be scared of Cloud...You've made some new friends now haven't you?"

"...Yes..." Cloud answered her. Why'd she ask that anyway...?

"Then why ARE you here?" She asked in the same playful tone.

"Maybe...Maybe I'm still...looking for..." Cloud hesitated to finish his sentence.

"Looking for what exactly?" She asked in a business-like tone.

Cloud inhaled deeply. "...Forgiveness...To make amends..." He muttered.

"With who?" She asked, confused.

"...You..." Cloud replied. No one but you...

"Sigh* I'm getting tired of that same OLD line." She said in a bored voice, sighing.

"Heh, maybe I am just repeating myself...Sorry to say it out all of a sudden." Cloud chuckled a bit.

"Um-hum, looks like you've grown up. Then my work here is done." She said in a satisfied voice and stood up.

"Aerith..." Cloud made to turn his head but she pushed him to face the front.

"Don't live in the past, and move on Cloud." Aerith said soothingly.

"...Thank you...for everything..." Cloud said, with a finality in his tone. He knows where he must go now.

"Take care from now on Cloud...Goodbye..."

Before he knew it, Cloud felt his body leaving the peaceful garden, with one last embrace from Aerith. As he disappeared from that place, he could see from far away a black-haired man in a SOLDIER uniform standing in the middle of the flower garden, folding his arms and smirking at him. Cloud nodded at him and he did the same.

Cloud let out a sigh of relief, a heavy burden lifted of his chest.


Lightning stared at the center of the hole in disbelief. Black smoke was rising, and a pool of blood covering the blond-haired man. Lightning felt her legs giving away and she slides down, sitting beside the fallen man. I-I couldn't save him... Her whole body trembled as reality began to sink in.

From above, Fang jumped down and winced from the sight. She wasn't able to see what had happened to Cloud clearly, but the blood and Lightning's face said it all. Fang went closer to the shocked soldier. "Light..."

Lightning had strangely become deaf, not listening to Fang calling her name. Slowly, the smoke began to clear and she could see her fallen friend, lying spread-eagle. Lightning looked at his face, his eyes closed. To her, Cloud looked as if he was only sleeping peacefully. Maybe if I shake him hard enough he'll wake up...Yeah...That'll do it...

Lightning took his hand and held it tight. Her other hand began shaking Cloud's body. "Cloud..." She shook him gently. He'll be grumpy if I wake him up rudely...

"Light..." Fang called her calmly.

"Cloud, wake up...H-Hey it's weird to be sleeping in a place like this you know?" Lightning chuckled a bit, shaking him a bit harder.

"Light, that's enough..." Fang called for her again.

"It's not funny Cloud. Seriously if you don't wake up now I'm going to be really angry with-" Lightning persisted with her effort, shaking him vigorously.

"LIGHT!" Fang shouted, grabbing the young woman's arm.

Lightning snapped out of her trance, mouth hung slightly open. She looked at the raven-haired woman. Fang closed her eyes sadly and shook her head. Lightning turned back to the unmoving Cloud, then back to Fang. Reality dawned on her; Cloud was dead.

"H-He's gone..." Lightning muttered in disbelief. She bit her bottom lip hard, unable to accept that fact. A single tear escaped her right eye, which was still wide open with astonishment. Both her hands gripped Cloud's hand tightly.

Fang bents down and hugged her from behind. Silently soothing the aghast girl.

Lightning was speechless, staring at Cloud's face. Her brain was telling her that it was her fault. If she hadn't started that stupid fight, if she hadn't been jealous over a stupid reason, if she hadn't been stubborn, Cloud would've...

A cough was heard from above. Lightning turned her head up to see the man who had murdered her friend.

Squall sheathed his gunblade and stared at the scene with boredom. "He's dead huh?" Squall yawned openly and turned around, walking away from the scene.

Anger erupted in Lightning. "He killed Cloud...And he's yawning w-while saying that...!" Lightning gritted her teeth. She pulled out her gunblade and jumped out of the hole. With a reflex that surpasses a human being, Lightning jumped again and landed directly in front of Squall. Without hesitation, she attacked with all her might.

Squall blocked the attack with his gunblade. "...Get out of my way." He frowned at the enraged woman.

Lightning didn't withdraw her gunblade and pushed in forcefully, causing them to enter a battle of strength.

Squall looked at the strawberry-haired woman in annoyance. "If you don't get out of my way, you'll end up like him." Squall's gaze turned to where Cloud lay.

"YOU MURDERING SON OF A-!" Lightning roared in fury and relentlessly hit the man's gunblade. The sound of steel clashing against each other could be heard.

The two come to blows and none seemed to back down from the other. Squall stared at her with the same dead-like eyes while her face contorted in fury. Lightning's hit was finally parried and her body was wide open for a counterattack. Squall drew his blade. "Revolver Drive..." He muttered.

Sensing her life was in danger, Lightning held out a strange, bright crystal and threw it in front of her. Her gunblade in her other hand, she shot the crystal and yelled. "Odin!"

The clouds darkened, one lightning bolt shot down to the ground and large, non-human like being clad in metallic armor appeared, bowing on his knees in front of Lightning. "For Cloud...Let's turn the tide!" She clenched her fists.

For the first time since he battled in the garden, Squall appeared disturbed. "...A summon..."

A series of Thundara and unrelenting attacks were made by Lightning and Odin, causing Squall to dodge again and again against the destructive duo.


Fang watched the battle from afar, having jumped out of the hole and put a safe distance between her and the two. "Blimey...Calm down girl..." She watched the as the earth and sky trembled.

Lightning, driven by emotions, was attacking ceaselessly and viciously, not caring where her lightning attacks hit. The trees exploded and twisted violently from the thunderstorm. In the eye of the storm, Lightning sat on Odin's shoulder as the Eidolon casted more spells, causing further destruction.

"Light!" Fang bellowed her comrade's name. Bracing the storm, she forced herself to go near Lightning but to no avail. Fang was thrown viciously away by the wind. Fal'Cie be damned! She shielded her eyes against the storm, flailing helplessly as her body flew around guided by the wind's direction.

She peeped out to see that she was going to crash against the airborne trees. "Light you trying to kill me?" Fang shouted angrily.

Suddenly a hand grabbed her by the waist. "Got her, up we go guys!" A voice sounded.

Fang looked at her savior, a well-built man sporting an orange Mohawk. She recognized him as the man called Gadot, Snow's best friend.

"Not enough room but it'll do. Up you go missy!" Gadot effortlessly pulled Fang up and she stabilized herself by holding onto the hovercraft's top. "Thanks for the lift mate, appreciate it." Fang thanked him breathlessly.

"Ha ha no probs." Gadot chortled. "Yuj, get us out of this hellhole!" He turned to the driver of the hovercraft.

"I'm trying here!" The blue-haired boy shouted back. "Everyone hang on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!"

The hovercraft rattled horribly but somehow they were able to escape the thunderstorm. Yuj landed the craft a safe distance away. Waiting for them were Lebreau and Maqui, they were aiding the fallen Guardian Corps soldiers and the Cavalry.

"Don't worry guys we'll heal you up, just wait." Maqui handed out bottles of potions to the injured soldiers.

Noticing their descent, Lebreau hurried to the three. "Thank the Maker you guys are alright!" She let out a sigh of relief. Noticing Fang, Lebreau went to the raven-haired woman. "You alright Fang? What's going on here?"

"I'm fine hun...Well, I dunno where to start actually..." Fang shook her head.

"I saw the emergency broadcast. That was Cloud right? What in Cocoon happened?" Lebreau pressed on. While waiting for Fang to answer, she checked the woman's body for any injuries.

"It's Cloudy Boy alright...Trouble is...Our little Lover-girl is in there too..." Fang sighed.

Lebreau looked at the thunderstorm incredulously. "Light's in there?" Somehow she couldn't imagine how Lightning is faring inside there. "We gotta go save her, and Cloud too." Lebreau said determinedly.

Fang made an involuntary sound.

"What? Something wrong?" Lebreau had a puzzled look on her face.

Fang looked away, her face grim. "It's nothing...We need to stop Light first, she's the one creating this spring breeze." Fang changed the subject. We'll break the news later...

Absorbing that fact quickly, Lebreau didn't ask anymore question. She muttered to Gadot to stay and help the soldiers while she took control of the hovercraft from Yuj. "Get on." She motioned for Fang to join her.

The Pulse-born woman nodded and sat behind her. The hovercraft lifted off and entered the thunderstorm.


The battle raged on inside, with Lightning having the upper hand by having total control over the outrageous weather. She was tearing the place apart searching for her friend's murderer. "Come out come out wherever you are~ I won't hurt you...much." Her face showed every intention of doing the exact opposite of what she just said.

Hiding behind one of the still-rooted trees, Squall observed Lightning's movement. "What's her beef...?" Squall shrugged. All I wanted to do was to delete the target...I accomplished that, why'd she stuck in her foot now? Suddenly an intense headache hit Squall, making him fall on his knees. "What...is...this?" He groaned from the pain.

Unfamiliar images flashed through his mind. Unknown people, places and...Cloud. The young man's face seemed familiar to him. "Have...we met before...Ungh...My head..." The more he thought of it, the stronger his headache become.

Don't think- A puppet should only act.

"Who-What are you?" Squall asked through gritted teeth.

Hm Hm Hm, it is not your place to ask questions. Now kill the girl.

"No...The target was only that man..." Squall argued.

Do as you are told, nothing more.

"NO!" Squall shouted, breaking free from his mind's invader.

Through the raging storm Lightning caught sight of the man. He was grasping around and clenching his hair as if attacked by an invisible assailant. "Found you!" Lightning yelled. With a swift movement, she mentally ordered her Eidolon to switch into Gestalt mode, switching the mythical knight Odin into the legendary horse Sleipner.

She grabbed the dual blade that was dropped beside her and rode on the horse, lunging towards Squall at breakneck speed. "You're done for!" Her eyes gleamed with revenge.

With much effort, Squall dodged the charge. Lightning ravaged through the trees, a second later and Squall would've been trampled together with the woods. "Why are all these memories coming into my mind!" Squall cried out.

"Acting insane won't get you off the hook!" Lightning said viciously, Sleipner turned around for a second charge. "I won't miss this time." Lightning readied her blades.

Squall was struggling with himself as he fought against the control of his invisible enemy. Cloud...is my ally!

No...He is your target to eliminate.

I remember now! We fought together before-

Are you forgetting your mission? Do you plan on humiliating SeeD?

This has nothing to do with SeeD! My own memories... "Don't mess with them!" Squall shouted out loud. Snapping out of his trance, Squall remembered everything.

Lightning saw her chance and pounced over the distraught man. Odin was called off and disappeared. The weather slowly turned back to normal, ceasing the thunderstorm. Lightning sat on top of Squall, kicking away his gunblade. Pinning him down, she drew her own gunblade over his throat.

"Any last words?" She repeated his words, staring at him with intense loathing.

He breathed heavily as he recalled everything that had happened. "I...killed Cloud..." He panted and then fainted.

"That's right. Now share the same fate as his!" Crying out a loud battle cry, Lightning made to stab the man's heart.

However, a lance blocked her fatal attack. Lightning averted her stare to the defender of the hateful man; it was Fang.

"Get your lance out of the way Fang." Lightning hissed at the Pulse-born woman.

Fang looked at her mutely and shook her head.

"Get out of my way now, or I'll make you." Lightning hissed again. Why is she protecting this guy? It's because of him Cloud's dead!

"Don't do this Light, you'll regret it." Fang warned her.

"What's there to regret? Killing him? I've killed hundreds of soldiers before! You think this one man is gonna make me regret anything?" Lightning said with vehemence.

"Blimey Light, control your emotions! Do you listen to yourself when you said that? Think about Serah, and Cloud. Do you think they'd want you to do this?" Fang argued.

"DON"T YOU DARE SUGGEST WHAT CLOUD WOULD THINK!" Lightning roared, hearing his name made her chest tightens. "I DON"T KNOW WHAT HE'LL WANT ME TO DO BECAUSE –BECAUSE..." Lightning couldn't say it. "I'll kill him...THEN I'LL BE SATISFIED!" Vengeance filled Lightning's heart, and she tried to stab Squall again.

All of a sudden, Lebreau appeared from behind Fang and slapped Lightning, hard. Lightning's eyes grew wide from shock, causing her to momentarily forget what she was doing.

Lebreau was breathing heavily, her face mixed with pity and anger. "That's enough out o' you..." She muttered angrily.

Lightning came to her senses, although she was unable to look Lebreau in the eyes. She stayed quiet.

"Do-you-have-any-idea-what-bullshit-you-are-spewing?" Lebreau said in disbelief. "You'll be satisfied after you killed him? You think after killing him everything will be rainbows and unicorns? That everyone can smile again and you'll have a happily ever after ending?" Lebreau held back her tears angrily.

Lightning gave no comment; she quietly sheathed her gunblade and got up from Squall, turning away.

"Don't you run away from this Claire!" Lebreau yelled angrily.

The fact that Lebreau knew her real name shocked Lightning. She turned to look at the black-haired woman. "How did..."

"Cloud told me...He talks a lot about you Light." Lebreau said in a soft voice.

Lightning felt her chest tightened again from hearing his name. Lightning held her chest as though shielding it from an invisible pain, one that cannot be mended.

"I know what he did was wrong..." Lebreau glared at the unconscious Squall. "...but you can't kill him out of revenge Light. Do you know how you'll feel if you do that? The heavy burden you have to carry with for the rest of your life..." Lebreau gave her a pitiful look.

Lightning finally decided to speak. "I-I know that b-but...it's just that I..." Lightning struggled for the words she was looking for.

"I saw his body Light...Rather than killing someone of for his sake, why don't we bury him properly instead?" Lebreau finally said it.

For the first time since her parents died, Lightning shed tears. Silently the tears trickled down her cheeks endlessly. She sobbed and covered her face, unable to control her emotions.

Lebreau too, finally gave in and cried with her, hugging Lightning tightly as she tried her best to comfort her friend.

Fang looked away sadly. Chill, don't cry...You'll lose your 'cool' personality if you cry...don't...

"Why's everybody crying?" Cloud's voice came in, asking Fang.

"...It's because you've been killed...and they wanna bury you someplace nice..." Fang answered him sadly.

"I see...that is kinda sad...Wait I was what?" Cloud looked at her incredulously.

"Killed didn't you hear me? All your fault this mess happened! Are you that slow Cloudy Boy geez?" Fang looked at him angrily. She froze as her common sense started working. Her mouth hung open as she stared pointedly at Cloud.

"Uhh, Fang? You alright there?" Cloud waved his hand in front of her face.

"Y-You're alive..." Fang mumbled, pinching his cheeks and touching his face. "MAKER YOU'RE ALIVE!" Fang shouted happily and hugged the injured man tightly.

"Ow ow! Fang I'm still in bad condition here! Watch the ribs!" Cloud said painfully, being lifted off the ground as Fang spun around jovially.

"W-What...?" Lightning turned to look at the commotion. Her gaze instantly locked onto the spiky-haired man, who had bubbles foaming around his mouth. "C-Cloud..." She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Cloud?" Lebreau too, said in disbelief.

"CLOUD!" Lightning yelled his name again, and rushed to him.

Fang let him go and as he was still dizzy from the spinning, he was hit forcefully by a flash of pink. He crashed onto the ground painfully and felt something brushing against his chest furiously, and two arms wrapped themselves around him.

"Y-You're alive. Thank God, thank God..." Lightning muttered, still sobbing. She was still shaken and trembled slightly from touching his body.

"Of course I'm alive. How come everyone thinks I'm dead?" Cloud sighed. Slowly, he hugged her back. He had never seen Lightning cry before, and felt guilty for making her so.

"Y-You idiot...Never do that to me again! I'm seriously pissed off with you!" Lightning punched his chest repeatedly, and hugged him again.

"What did I do?" Cloud ruffled her hair gently. "I'm sorry..." He apologized. Finally he was able to see the gentle side of Lightning, a much gentler one than usual, he admitted to himself.

Lightning nuzzled her face gently on his chest and felt strangely soothed under his embrace.

Fang and Lebreau looked at the two with extreme happiness, although Fang merely smirked at them. "You two look like you're having fun there." Fang whistled.

Lightning didn't care about Fang's comment. Cloud is with her again, that is all that matters. "Shut it Fang." Lightning said, smiling slightly.

Fang chuckled and held her hands behind her head. "How on Cocoon is it possible for you to still be alive?"

"Did you bother to check my pulse?" Cloud asked her simply.

"Nope, so you were still breathing then? Oh well, all's well that ends well I guess. So what'd we do with this guy?" She kicked the unconscious Squall.

Squall groaned and regained consciousness. Fang quickly held her lance above the man. "Uh-ah-uh. One move and I'll make shish-kebab out o' ya' like the little lady there wanted to do." She tilted her head slightly to Lightning.

He stared at Lightning, then to Cloud. "Cloud...Glad to see you're alive." Squall let out a sigh of relief and wiped his face.

"You tried to kill him, and now you're saying you're glad he's alive?" Lightning said incredulously.

"I wasn't myself back then...Or rather, I knew what I was doing...I just didn't think." Squall answered with his bored voice.

"Sure, that makes perfect sense." Fang rolled her eyes.

Cloud gently lets go of Lightning and made his way to Squall. He squatted next to the man. "Finally got your head back together?" He gave a weak punch to Squall's head.

"Ouch...Yeah, I guess so..." Squall muttered, smiling slightly.

"A lot of crap happened cause' your mind is too weak y'know." Cloud sighed. "So how'd you get here? I don't think there's another huge battle between Good and Evil again now is there?" He frowned slightly.

Squall stared at the reddening sky. "...It was Ultimecia..." Squall muttered. "That witch brought me here and messed with my memories. I thought I was still a SeeD and this was a mission. The bitch disguised herself pretty well." He recalled.

"...Ultimecia..." Cloud recalled the red-dressed demoness. If Sephiroth was his arch-nemesis, then Squall's is Ultimecia, a strong witch with the invincible ability to control time and space.

"You better watch your back Cloud, she's here too and up to no good, you can bet on that." Squall warned him seriously.

Before Cloud could answer Fang interrupted their conversation. "Wowowow there, timeout. You guys know each other or sumthin'?" Fang stared at them, confused.

"We're friends...kinda. That being said, you can uhh...move your lance away now." Cloud motioned at her weapon, which was still aimed at Squall's heart.

"You sure?" Fang frowned. Cloud nodded in response.

"O-Kay then, but I'm keeping my out on you buster. Do anything funny and you'll get it from me." Fang gave Squall a sharp warning.

Squall muttered a quick 'thank you' to Fang and sat up. He massaged his forehead, the headache now gone.

"I don't know what's going on here but I think we gotta get our asses moving now." Lebreau suddenly piped up. "With the storm gone there's bound to be soldier reinforcements coming in to do a sweep. Best if we go now." She said wisely.

Cloud nodded in agreement. "Can you stand?" He asked Squall.

"I'll manage." He groaned. However, he lost his balance and Fang came to the rescue, holding onto his arm.

"Tsk, you call yourself a man? Here let me give you a hand..." She mumbled, still frowning.

"Thanks..." Squall thanked her earnestly, though his face still perfectly calm.

"Whatever, I said I'm gonna keep an eye on you. I don't trust you just yet and I'm sure Lightning here feels the same way." Fang said dully.

"Then do your best...I'm in your hands." Squall didn't argue back. He dislikes commotions anyway and Fang looked the type that has a witty comeback for anything that he'll say.

"I'll gather team NORA then. Gotta tell those idiots to split before the Cavalry starts asking questions." Lebreau gave them a quick wave but steered herself to Cloud beforehand.

"As for you..." To everyone's surprise, she gave Cloud a quick kiss on the cheek. "Don't you go dying on me-or Claire again you hear?" She blushed and gave him a grin.

"Lebreau you little-" Lightning advanced threateningly to her but she quickly leaps onto her hovercraft.

"See you again Claire, and definitely you Cloud!" She gave him a flying kiss and flew off.

"Come back here Lebreau!" Lightning shouted to the escaping girl.

Fang laughed at the scene. "Looks like you got competition Light." She smiled evilly. I could make use of that lil' piece o' information he he...

"...You're a sadistic woman aren't you...?" Squall muttered, sighing.

Lightning glared at the woman and stomped towards Cloud. Her face close to his, she stared straight into his eyes. "...Are you still denying that something happened between you two?"

Cloud merely chuckled and gazed at the hole he was in. Nobody else knew that the hole had been mysteriously filled with blessed water. That water had saved his life, and he knew who he had to thank for. Great Gospel... Cloud gripped his left arm. "Thank you..." He muttered to nobody in particular.

He turned his gaze to Lightning, who was trying hard to say something to him.

"Just so you know...I'm sorry for the incident in the supermarket..." Lightning muttered fast, blushing.

"You're forgiven." Cloud chuckled again.

Cloud held out a hand and offered it to Lightning. She blushed furiously and instead hugged his arm, walking side by side while Fang and Squall tactfully put a distance between themselves and the weird couple.

Author's note! - We-ll some of you will be confused seeing that I added Squall Leonhart & the main antagonist Ultimecia from FFVIII.

Right, Squall mentioned SeeD in this chappy, it's kinda like an elite mercenary school/group he belongs to, often accepting missions from the people and government for money.

Secondly, Cloud mentioned the "Fight Between Good & Evil" as all of you who had played the game 'Dissidia' PSP, you'll know. For those of you who haven't, Squall had met Cloud before in an alternate dimension, so yea they are more or less buddies.

Thirdly, since this is a humor/parody/mash-up fic, I'm better off writing jokes than battle scenes :) so enjoy ya-haw! ^^

P.S. If there's something that you don't understand feel free to PM me lyk most of you do, or jes ask it when you review! ya-haw! ^^