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Monday, October 20, School


I am once again in this godforsaken school known as Albert Einstein High. AS PER USUAL, my raving psychopath of a sister, Lilly, was ranting about something I couldn't care less listen to, while we were in Mia's limo.

And Mia…? Well, she looked like she just ate a sock.

And now I know why.

At least, my sister knows why.

And she wouldn't freaking tell me.

But even if she did, I don't think I would be able to believe her anyway since she's practically psychotic and, possibly, a genetic mutant (if genetic mutants were geniuses).

Anyway, here's the story:

So, I was in G&T, typing on my laptop for my webzine, Crackhead, when Lilly shouts in this booming voice: "Oh my God! Is there something about your date with Josh Richter that you didn't tell me?"

At first, I was really irritated. I was about to tell Lilly to shut up when the words she had said – or shouted – had finally sunk in.

OK, hold up.

What was Lilly talking about?

I looked at Mia. She wasn't saying anything. She just stared at pug-faced Lilly for a second (I wonder how she could do that, since I can't stand the ugly, demented face of my sister), and quickly exited whatever site she was looking at on her laptop…

Then Lilly was all, "Oh, my God, Mia, why didn't you tell me? Mia, why didn't you tell me?"

Mia was getting pink really fast, and tried to convince Lilly that she was just doing an extra-credit report for Biology… but I, due to my sixth sense, knew that Mia was lying. And Lilly did too.

Something was definitely up.

How did I know?

Well, besides my sixth sense, Mia suddenly changed the topic and said something about alfalfa sprouts. The thing was, Lilly wasn't really listening – she was just staring at Mia, wide-eyed like a tarsier, and kept going on and on about Mia and that jerk of a jock, Josh Richter.

What did Mia say in her defense?

Nothing. Nada. Nil.

But then again, how could she talk when Lilly kept blabbing about that alcoholic, stupid, user, jerko ex-boyfriend of hers?

Anyway, after a while, I tutored Mia with her Algebra (since she was flunking at the subject), and I couldn't help but notice – it was like she was staring right through her Algebra I book. I mean, yeah, she does that all the time, but that's just because she usually pays more attention to me. Today, she really was staring right through the book, and neither was she listening to my lecture about slopes. I tried to get her attention back by constantly brushing her leg, but she wouldn't budge. She would escape from her fantasy world for a minute, and then go right back out of reality.


I want to call Mia, but that would be too weird. Plus, my parents have this really strict schedule of not calling anyone by 11 pm.

But… Mia's online! Curiosity kills. I need to ask her. Why can't Lilly just tell me instead?

Oh, right – because she's a crazy, psychotic, sadistic, genetic mutant Einstein.

CracKing: What was with you at school today? It was like you were off in this whole other world or something.

FtLouie: I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm totally fine.

Not so sure about that.

CracKing: Well, I got the impression that you didn't hear a word that I said about negative slopes.

FtLouie: I heard everything you said about negative slopes. Given slope m, +y intercept (0, b) equation y+mx+b Slope-intercept

OK, WHAT? Note: this just proves that Mia wasn't paying attention to me – I mean, my lecture on Algebra – during G&T.

CracKing: WHAT?

FtLouie: Isn't that right?

CracKing: Did you copy that out of the back of the book?


Mia hasn't answered yet.

Something is definitely up.

And she definitely did copy that out of the back of the book.


Find out what's troubling Mia by doing either:

- Squeezing the truth out of Lilly (Won't work. She's a crazy Einstein. She'll know what I'm up to.)

- Ask Mia myself (How? And it's not like she would even bother telling me the truth, anyway.)