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Monday, October 27

So I was too curious about the whole phone call ordeal between Lilly and Mia that I had to go online… you know, just to show Mia that I'll always be available whenever my sister tries to torture her with her invalid arguments. Of course, I had to wait for Mia to go online, and that was just assuming that she would, but I had my eyes open, just in case. And I also had to ask her if she could come to the Rocky Horror Picture Show (It was originally Kenny's suggestion to invite other people, saying it would be more fun that way. Lilly also wanted to go, saying she doesn't have anything better to do at Halloween. I couldn't agree more).

CracKing: Hey. Just saw you on TV. You were good.
FtLouie: What are you talking about? I made a complete and utter fool of myself. And what about Mrs. Hill? They're probably going to fire her now.
CracKing: Well, at least you told the truth.

So much for being there for Mia in her time of need. I can't even give a proper advice.

FtLouie: But all these people are mad at me now! Lilly's furious!

Not everybody…

CracKing: She's just jealous because you had more people watching you in that fifteen-minute segment that all the people who've ever watched all of her shows put together.

Yes! Good one. I actually managed to compose a 28-word sentence that might actually make Mia feel better.

FtLouie: No, that's not why. She thinks I've betrayed our generation, or something, by revealing that cliques exist at Albert Einstein high School.

…or not.

CracKing: Well, that, and the fact that you claimed you don't belong to any of them.

OK, what am I saying? I'm not trying to make her feel better, am I?

FtLouie: Well, I don't.
CracKing: Yes, you do. Lilly likes to think you belong to the exclusive and highly selective Lilly Moscovitz clique. Only you neglected to mention this, and that has upset her.

Oh. Wow. I can see where I'm going with this. I guess I'm actually making Mia feel better… in a way.

FtLouie: Really? Did she say that?


The only problem now is… Lilly didn't say that.

CracKing: She didn't say it, but she's my sister. I know the way she thinks.

Phew. Safe.

FtLouie: Maybe. I don't know, Michael.
CracKing: Look, are you all right? You were a mess at school today… although now it's clear why. That's pretty cool about your mom and Mr. Gianini. You must be excited.

Under normal circumstances, I would have been all, "YOUR MOM AND MR. GIANINI ARE HAVING A BABY? HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH."

I guess I've totally lost it. I need to schedule an appointment with my parents about this.

FtLouie: I guess so. I mean, it's kind of embarrassing. But at least this time my mom's getting married, like a normal person.
CracKing: Now you won't need my help with your Algebra homework anymore. You'll have your own personal tutor right there at home.

-Me hoping Mia would say she'd still want me to be her tutor.-

FtLouie: Well, I don't know. I mean, he's going to be awfully busy for a while, moving in, and then there'll be the baby and everything.
CracKing: God. A baby. I can't believe it. No wonder you were wigging out so badly today.

-Me thanking God Mia still wanted me as her tutor.-

FtLouie: Yeah, I really was. Wigging out, I mean.
CracKing: And what about that thing this afternoon with Lana.? That couldn't have helped much. Though it was pretty funny, her thinking we were going out, huh.

I couldn't help but bring it up, really.

FtLouie: Yeah, she's such a headcase. I guess it's never occurred to her that two people of the opposite sex can just be friends, with no romantic involvement.

Ouch. I seriously hope I hadn't brought it up. Change topic… this is too much for me to handle.

CracKing: Yeah. Listen, what are you doing Friday night?
FtLouie: I don't know. Why?
CracKing: Because it's Halloween, you know. I thought a bunch of us could get together and go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show over at the Village Cinema.
FtLouie: Can I get back to you? I may have a family obligation that evening.
CracKing: Sure. Just let me know. Well, see you tomorrow.
FtLouie: Yeah. I can't wait.
CracKing: Don't worry. You were telling the truth. You can't get in trouble for telling the truth.

And that was the end of our discussion. I think I did pretty well, actually.