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3 weeks had passed since the collector base was destroyed. Commander shepard had once again saved the galaxy, but when Joker gave him the datapad showing the approach of the reaper fleet at the edge of the galaxy he began to grow with worry. It would take 3 years to reach the outer arm of the galaxy. Shepard was unsure of what to do at the moment. The Normandy was 20 hours from the Citadel where they would dock for some extensive repairs. They had done what they could but with the material they had it was only so much they could do. This brought thoughts to Shepards mind about his crew. He had gathered them for the mission to destroy the collectors... they accomplished that now he was wondering would they stay on or leave. He decided to find the answer...

Garrius was sitting in the forward battery going over some calibrations when he heard the Commanders voice come over the Com.

"Attention all crew please report to the mess hall for a announcement from the Commander!" Kelly Chambers voice rang out over the Com.

With people standing in the hall way Shepard made his way to the head of the mess hall and stopped and turned to look at his crew.

"We've all been through a lot. We have destroyed the collector base. And now we know when the reapears are coming. You all have fought so hard and accomplished so much a commander could not have asked for a better crew. I know that a lot of you came just for this mission and this mission alone. But we are facing an even greater threat with the reapers. You all know this... So I have to ask this to everyone.. Will you stay with me and Fight or will you leave. Its your choice and I won't condone those who decide to leave. I just ask that you all understand what we will be fighting for. And what is at stake if we lose. The Galaxy's depending on us.. so what do you all say?" Shepard said. The room was quiet for a moment until a large and imposing figure stepped forward. "Shepard, I'll follow you anywhere.. this sounds like the kind of fight that will give the glory that us Krogan strive for." Grunt bellowed. " I will always be there for you commander.. you've already given me so much to begin with." Tali said smiling.. Shepard smiled at her. Most of the crew knew the two were together so he wasn't surprised that she said she was staying. "Commander it has been an honor serving you so far.. though I still have my obligations as a Justicar to deal with, but like I said if you need me I will come my friend." Samara said smiling. Shepard nodded and turned to the rest. "Shepard, The crew wants to stand by your side.. well send those things back to wherever they came from." Kelly said with the rest the crew cheering at their approval. Miranda,Jacob,Garrius,Mordin all gave their support. He didn't see Kasumi anywhere though, he had hoped she would stay. She and Tali had became good friends with her time on the Normandy. He sighed he would just have to send her a message telling her thanks. "Thank you all so much for your support. We will stop these bastards at all costs.... Dismissed!" Shepard said. As the crew filed out of the room Shepard noticed one particular person hanging in the back. Jack walked up to shepard "I'll stay.. but only because it'll piss that cerberus bitch off." she inclined her head in Miranda's direction. And with that she turned and was off.

As the elevator came to a stand still shepard made his way to engineering. He put his finger to his lips as he passed Ken and Gabby who were arguing about Ken wanting to play strip poker with a Krogan. Shepard couldn't help but give a puzzled look at them both before making his way up to Tali.

Tali gasped as Shepard put his arms around her. Once seeing him she sighed and hugged him. "I think my heart pounds in my ears everytime i'm around you shepard." Tali said. "I didn't know Quarians hearts were in their ears." Shepard smirked. Tali smacked him up side the head and laughed. "Your just lucky i'm in love with you shepard, but I have to get back to work. I'll come by tonight if you want." She asked with a hint of hopefulness in her voice. "Of course miss Vas'Normandy." He said.

Once he got back into his cabin he realized that he hadn't taken a decent shower in 2 days. Sniffing his under arm confirmed this. He shook his head, stripped and made his way to the shower. Once done he made his way to his automated closet to get some clothes. Being alone he didn't think he would need clothes.. well not until he heard a gasp and turned to see Kasumi decloaking from the corner. The huge surprised look on her face told shepard that she hadn't expected him to come out stark naked. Shepard froze in place and stared at her. He eyes on the other hand were drawn to a certain part of his body. Shepard broke his trance and grabbed some shorts and threw them on. "Kasumi... What the hell are you doing?" He exclaimed. She gasped and started to stutter a response. "Shepard... You know I don't like large crowds.. so I decided to just wait for you here." She said. He could see that her face was blushing the most crimson he had ever seen. He couldn't help but smirk inwardly at this.. he was a guy after all. He decided to change the subject. "So will you stay with us to fight the reapers?" Shepard asked. She glanced up and smiled while nodding. "Good we need people like you to fight for the cause." He said smiling. She turned to go but not before turning to smile and blush bright red at him before leaving. Shepard stood looking at the door. He knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help but thinking about her body. She was so similar to tali if it wasn't for the mask they or them being different species they would be sisters. He sighed and decided to take a nap til they got to the citadel. "EDI what's our eta with the Citadel?" he asked the AI. "14 hrs commander." was the response. "Very well, I'm gonna try to get some shut eye so wake me when we get there." He said. As the lights slowly dimmed he sighed and started falling to sleep when his door opened. "Some how I knew I wouldn't be sleeping alone tonight." she smirked. Tali just giggled and made her way to the bed. "as long as you have me.. you'll never sleep alone." She said with a smile in her voice.

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