A/N: The first bit is a cool little prologue thing, and I hoping this will only have 3-4 long chapters. Maybe less. But anyway, I can't get this fic out of my head and I need to kill two hours. The solution, write it down.

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By: Prince Tyler Briefs

It seems like such a small thing, to hope for something. It's just an emotion, a feeling really. And they aren't real and don't affect things. Or do they? Sometimes everything in the world can go bleak, dark, and against you. All you can do is cling to that hope, cling to that faith, and in the end it'll see you through. When it comes right down to it, it really isn't the hope but you that wins. Because you're the one controlling your emotions, your desire, your fear. And if you lose that hope, or give up, ultimately you are subjecting yourself to defeat. Your strength of will depends on you and those you love. Some people can prove stronger then others, more hopeful and willful then others, because they have something to fight for. Without a cause, without values or loved ones, there is really no point to subjecting yourself to the pain. But I have a cause. I have values, and I have someone I love more then life itself. I have someone I would die for in an instant, if it
meant saving his life. When he's in pain, I'm hurting to. When he's lost, I'm right there with him whether I'm leading or more lost then he is. But he says the best thing about me is that I never give up hope, and as long as I'm there he doesn't either. I fear that if I were to die, he'd slowly die to. Until he found someone to help him deal with his pain. A friend of his once told me, after the invasion of Puckworld and we found out about so many people dieing and being seperated, "Mourners don't want people to cry with them. They want someone to help them build a bridge to get over it." His friend and I were in the same camp for a while, until he got transferred to a different camp. I gathered he later escaped from that camp, with some help. He always hoped to save Puckworld from its ill fate, and he did to. Even though it meant stranding us here. Hope can mean life, and lack of hope can mean death. It's an emotion that gives life, and takes life. It's an emotion that's
useless if you're not looking at the bigger picture. I may be the eternal optimist but I wasn't naturally that way. I just gave my strength to those that needed it more. And in their eyes I found my own will to carry on for what I believed in. I'm not optimistic I'm stubborn. But I'm a stubborn person with hope. Hope that we can win, even in the darkest of situations. Hope that in the end everything will turn out okay. Because really we have little control over our destinies. Many paths lead to the same end, as Grin would say. Some are seen, some aren't. All you can do is hope that the one you take is right, and will lead to the destination you want in the end. I'm no fortuneteller, and I can't see where this long a weary journey will take my teammates and me. All I can do is fight for what I believe, and hope and pray that in the end it'll be okay. That's all I really can do, and I'll do it best that I can. And in the end, if we're all still in one piece, it'll be okay. As
long as we're together, we'll be all right. That much I know for certain. And together we'll hope for a happily ever after ending.