A/N: Whoa okay, last chapter is a little deep, even for me. This chapter might review whom I'm talking about, even though most of you have probably already guessed. Enjoy this anyway. I know it's fast but be patient. It will improve.


By: Prince Tyler Briefs

White-hot beams of light whizzed at him from all sides. It was like being caught in a deadly hailstorm! No matter where he ducked and dodged it was likely he'd get it.

"Aw man, don't these losers ever give us a break?" He groaned loudly, firing his last Puck blaster at an overly large orange lizard.

"No way kid, that'd be to easy!" Duke called from his side, blocking one of the beams with his saber.

"Don't they know they could poke someone's eye out with those things? It's almost as bad as running with scissors!"

"Well they aren't exactly on our side Nosedive." He would have taken time to retaliate with some sarcastic remark if he hadn't had to duck then to avoid being suddenly decapitated by a small, swinging, green lizard with a large pair of scissors. Nosedive instantly started firing at the small thing.

"If I wanted a hair cut I'd pay for one Chameleon."

"Yeah well I'm a professional style list back in limbo, and you're style is totally out."

"No one asked you geek-a-saur!" The others were to busy fighting off Siege and a large pack of hunter drones to warn Dive of the peril he was walking into. By following the Chameleon into a corner not far away from the battle, he had unwittingly placed himself in between a spell Wraith had just cast and the intended target, his brother. He saw it coming and could have dodged, would have dodged, if he didn't know it would be Wing taking the hit instead of him. The knowledge that he would possibly save his brother's life was what kept him from moving or flinching. It did not, however, keep a terrified cry from escaping his throat just before the blast hit.

Wildwing turned, to late to do anything but in time to see, a fiery red blast hit Nosedive and appear to swallow him. He let out a strangled cry and ran toward his little brother.

"Nosedive!" The blast hung over the spot were Nosedive had stood for about half a second, before turning green and shooting a blue light in all directions. The light knocked Wing off his feet, as well as everyone else standing in the room. The green and blue ball of light began to spin quickly, until it looked like a basketball spinning quickly on someone's finger. By now all the ducks were watching, and the Saurians teleported without incident. After a terribly long thirty seconds the ball exploded in a flash. When it faded, the ducks dared another glance upward. There, suspended in midair and surrounded by blue white shimmering light, was Nosedive. Only he looked like his body had been coated with thick shimmering red crystal. Wildwing jumped to his feet immediately, followed closely by Duke.

"Nosedive!" He screamed faintly, hoping to get some response from the teen. But nothing happened. He just hung there limply, shimmering now and then when the ever-changing crystal like appearance caught the light right. Suddenly the blue white light behind him ceased, and he hurtled head first to the floor. Mallory ran over, jumped, and caught the teen a few feet above the ground. Together they crashed to the floor, both unhurt because of her heroic attempt to save his head. As she sat up, and the rest of the team rushed over, she noticed how incredibly cold and hard the crystal like touch felt. His eyes were tightly closed, and his face looked somehow greatly pained and incredibly relaxed at the same time.

"Nosedive?" She whispered softly, trying to touch his face or hair. Again only the cold, hard, shimmering crystal. Wildwing was the first one to reach them.

`He's so cold!' Was all Wildwing could think as he stared intently into his brothers face. Even though he looked and felt like he was covered in a ruby like substance, he was totally limp and void of all signs of life. "Come on Nosedive," he whispered, leaning his face close to Dives as if his warm breath could wake him, "Don't die on me now." But was he really dead? He had no way of telling through the crystal. Was his little brother alive in there somewhere, trapped in the perilous catacombs of his own mind? He, and he alone, knew the kind of things that Nosedive might be thinking. How frightened the teenager would be if indeed he were trapped in there. Honestly Wildwing would rather have had him dead then trapped that way for over two days. From nowhere a child like voice rang out, whether in their minds or in their ears they could not tell. At first they didn't understand the words, but after the third time of repeating them they caught it.

`Is he alive, or is he dead?

Does he have nightmares running round his head?

I don't know, nor do I care.

For he has fallen into a deadly snare.

Caught in a blast not meant for him.

Rooted down on a truthful whim.

Meant to kill his hearts only trust.

Now himself is dead or worst!'

The voice faded after the last line, which didn't make sense because the tense was all confused.

"Ooookay. Who was that?" Mallory asked no one inparticular.

"No idea sweet heart." Was the only answer she received from anyone.

Nosedive slowly, painfully, opened his eyes and looked around. A faint pink and white mist surrounded him. He heard Wildwing calling for him, Mallory to, but could neither answer nor hear clearly. It was like they were calling from the bottom of a lake very far away. He wanted to go them but he couldn't move, and his vision was becoming dark again. Somewhere in the mist a dark shadow appeared, and silently came toward him. He blinked a couple time, clearing his vision slightly, and saw her. She was human, with long honey colored hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She was dressed in a maroon, teal, and white jacked and blue jeans. Despite her dress, she was definably an angel as her long baby blue wings and slightly crooked halo testified.

"Hello Nosedive."

"Who are you?"

"I am Audrey."

"Where am I?"

"You are in the veil. A place between life a death. A place between all that you thought you knew and reality." Whether this made sense to him or not, he couldn't tell. All he caught was that he was at least part of the way dead. The angel smiled at him gently, reading his fear of death plainly in his mind and on his face.

"Do you trust your team and brother Nosedive?"

"With my life."

"Then you need not fear. All will turn out as it should." With that Nosedive finally succumbed to the darkness clouding his mind, and the angel disappeared.