Screech: Death proof

Authors Note: Before reading I recommend turning on HEAVY METAL and or HARD ROCK music for maximal emotional impact! Thank you and enjoy!

Screech was sitting in his house preparing for his Lisa to come. It was a long hard days of school and he was getting ready to unwind with his favorite lady. Screech got out the wine glasses and wine when the bell rang on his door.

"Hello Screech I have been looking forward to our romancing." Said Lisa with love dove eyes.

"Yes I have been waiting so long for this love makings, I will pleasure you like a hyena on zebra carcass." Said Screech with romance. Screech and Lisa headed to the bedroom as Lisa laid on the bed waiting for Screeches pleasuring, Screech put on Night Ranger for mood.

"Let us take a shower." Said Lisa with seduction.

"Yes I am a dirty boy." Said Screech in sassy agreement. Screech and Lisa headed to the shower where they turned on the water and stripped their clothes. As they showered they grasped eachothers bodies. Lisa grabbed Screechs manly body as he pleasured her with great velocity like a runaway train.

"Screech you make me lose control!" Said Lisa with womanly voice

"Woooo All aboard the love train." Said Screech with sexy tone. Screech grabbed Lisas wet naked body and brought her to his bed where he continued to love her inside and out.

"Screech you are my loverbeast together we will make love like never made before!" Screamed Lisa in joy.

"Time to go on the love safari where I am the lion!" Shouted Screech in lusty joy. After much love making Screech and Lisa lay exhausted in the bed. Lisa was fondling Screechs hair while Screech held her in his manly muscular arms.

"I hope there is nothing to end this loving moment." Said Lisa with dreamily.

"We will be together forever." Said Screech with love. While Screech and Lisa cuddled they heard noise from inside.

"WHAT IS THAT." Yelled Lisa pointing at the doorway. It was Zach Morris with AX CRAZY EYES leering at them with crazed evil grin.

"Zach what are you doing here you did not knock." Said Screech with surprise. Zach Morris said nothing but took out an auto revolver pistol and began shooting with crazy fury.

"NOOOOO." Said Screech as he dived in front of Lisa getting shot many times with one shot going right through his heart. After shooting down Screech Zach Morris stood over Lisa with a machete and evil grin.

"NO ZACH." Screamed Lisa in agonizing agony as Zach sliced and diced Lisa with his Machete with evil intent. Screech looked on with horror in his eyes and face reached out helplessly .

"HEEHEEHEE." Laughed Zach Morris with evil delights as he chopped Lisas head off and took it with him. He then left Screech to die slow and painful and alone. Screech lay there for what seemed like eternities dreaming nightmares of blood and horror seeing Lisas face screaming for help. Then he awoke a new man. Screech crawled to his bedroom where he took his tweezers to remove the bullets from his body and bandaged his wounds. The one wound left was the hole in his heart where Lisa once was (its symbolic.) Screech kneeled down and looked to the sky and screamed to the heavens.

"I AM DEATHPROOF!" Yelled Screech to the heavens arms raised into fists of fury. Screech then went to Lisas body and kisses her head stump where her head once was.

"Goodnight sweet princess you are now with the stars." Said Screech with teary eyes sadness as he picked her up and preserved her remains special containers so he can always remember her. Screech went to a mirror and took a knife, he carved the named "Lisa" on his heart. Screech then took a tattoo needle from his closest and gave himself a life sized tattoo on his back of Lisa surrounded by fire and angel wings.

"Your soul is on my back now." Said Screech with sad voice. Screech then headed to his closest where he took a shotgun out with vengeance on his mind.

"I will find you Zach Morris and make you pay like banker on pay day." Said Screech with silent rage. Screech cut the shotgun down making a sawed off shotgun. "Now I am vengeance." Said Screech as he walked out of his house and headed to Bayside high. When Screech arrived at Bayside he saw A.C. Slater chillin in the hallway.

"Screech what is the concern? You look worried?" Asked A.C. Slater of Screech.

"Shut up you fool. Tell me Where Zach Morris is or I will bust your balls open." Threatened Screech as he shoved A.C. Slater up into the lockers.

"I am not knowing this but principle Belding will he knows all." Cried A.C. Slater in tears as Screech watched on with no mercy.

"I will go with rampaging justice." Said Screech with seething watery rage as he stomped off.

"There goes no man but a demon of vengeance." Said A.C. Slater looking at Screech. Screech arrived at Principled Beldings office and busted down the door like raging bull on the hunt.

"I AM HERE FOR YOU." Yelled Screech finger pointing at Principle Belding with Finger pointing fury. Screen went to Belding and tied him in his chair with his own telephone and beginning to interrogate him with angry questioning.

"Where is Zach Morris?" Asked Screech with angry voice.

"I can not give you that knowledge." Said Belding with sad worriedness.

"You will tell me or I will make pudding with your face." Said Screech with vocalized anger.

"I will tell you a horrible secret. Zach Morris is my son, I must help him." Said Principle Belding.

"Zach Morris is mad with wicked evil I must put an end to him." Said Screech with determination.

"Very well Zach Morris went north if you go you may find him." Said Principle Belding with sorrow. "Will you let me go now?" Asked Principle Belding with question.

"No I am afraid, Mr. Belding, that you have been expelled." Said Screech with dry wit as he pushed Principle Belding out of the window in his office.

"School is out for life." Said Screech as he walked off in search of Zach Morris.

To be continued….