The Attack

The area that was surrounding them was covered in nothing but complete darkness. It was the middle of the night. There was suppose to be a full moon tonight but the ghostly clouds in the sky covered the Moons sliver surface, so light couldn't get through. This gave a group of hidden leaf ninjas an advantage for their silent attack. Everything was quiet, expected the hidden leaf village's very own number one hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja.

"Well, we've got a plan. Let's go already!" Naruto shouted impatiently, as he stomped around the campsite, trying to release some of the frustrated energy that was coursing through the blood in his body. This ended up with an annoyed Sakura – the medical ninja on team seven- punching him on the head.

"Naruto you idiot, this mission depends on tiredly on surprise," Sakura hissed at the young blonde rubbing his sore bump that had suddenly appeared on the top of his head. "You shouting your head off is going to ruin everything!" She screamed, Naruto couldn't help but feel unjust since Sakura was doing the opposite of what she had just said. Their sensei could only shake his head as he watched his two students. He was surprised that they hadn't been attacked half an hour ago with this two having a go at each other every five minutes. The only reason they had not started the plan yet was because they were still waiting for Sai, Yamato and team 8 to come back. Their mission was to attack the enemy supplies, so the enemies' food would run out quicker and hopefully cause some damage to the enemy. Team eight had gone off to do some surveillance work with Yamato and Sai as backup in case something went wrong. The mission had not started off well when Team Kakashi found out they were paired up with team eight. Naruto had been trying to stay away as far as he possibly could from Hinata without hurting her feelings. Ever since Hinata had admitted she was in love with Naruto there had been tension in the air. But he had to admit, despite the tension Hinata and Naruto had down well in working together. Rustling came from the brushes suddenly put Kakashi sense on alert, until he realised the charkas signals. Seconds later Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Yamato and Sai jumped silently out of the trees. Naruto and Sakura had still not realised that the others had come back, since they were still too busy arguing. Sometimes I wonder how these two have survived being ninjas for this long. He left the two to continue arguing, as he quickly talked to Yamato. He carefully listens to the information to see if anything in his plan needed changing. After listening to the information his teammates had collected, he was satisfied with what he heard and knew his plan would work.

"Ok..." He started, waiting to get Naruto's and Sakura's attention before he continued, "everyone knows what their jobs are, let's get to work." Everyone gave a quick nod before jumping up into the air. The team had been split into three groups. Group one consisted of Naruto, Hinata and Kakashi, their group was to create a diversion, while group two (Shino, Kiba and Yamato) poisoned the food in the storage house. Group three consisted of Sakura and Sai, who were to hide in the trees and provide backup if the plan went wrong. Kakashi believe that Kami was on their side tonight because the darkness provided excellent cover for their plan. He always said that having luck was just as important as having the proper skills in a ninja's life. Kakashi shook the silly thoughts out of his head. Right now he needed to focus on the bloodshed that was about to take place.

Naruto forced all his might into not making himself move further away from Hinata without hurting her feelings. Things had been strange ever since Hinata admitted she was in love with him. Since then every single moment that wasn't focused on the Akatsuki or becoming Hokage he had been re-thinking about his relationship with Hinata. Sure he loved her because she was a close friend and he would be forever thankful for it but he just wasn't in love with the girl. He knew he needed to tell her at some point that they would only be friends and he would be forever grateful for it but he was too scared of offending her. Relationships are hard, Naruto thought to himself. The static in his ear piece made him remember he still had a mission to complete.

"Naruto are you ready?" Kakashi hissed into his ear through the headphones. He looked at Hinata quickly who gave him a firm nod.

"I and Hinata are ready Kakashi." He answered, turning away from Hinata and waited for the signal to be set off any moment. Seconds later a fiery explosion began to burn through one of the enemies' warehouses where they kept the weapons. Naruto did a quick hand seal and summoned ten shadow clones before he and Hinata jumped out of the brushes. They needed to drag as much as the enemy away from the food storage so group two could poison the food without being detected. The enemy was upon him in seconds but their skills were nothing compared to the future Hokage –and Hinata's gentle fist technique- they needed to get to Kakashi, so they could regroup and get the hell out of here. Naruto and Hinata battle continuously through the battle field to reach the warehouse, blood strain their clothes and on the ground as they fought. A huge smiled spread across Naruto when he saw a flash of his sensei silver hair running towards them.

"I just got news from group two," He breathed, when he reached the two teenagers. "Their mission was successful and they are now waiting with Sakura and Sai." Naruto smiled grew even bigger. Now all we have to do and run like hell out of here and kick anyone's asses if they get in our way. Naruto laughed to himself. This was going to be easy. All three of them ran as fast as they could to their other team mates. It wasn't as easy as Naruto thought through. The enemy skill level was no match to the three leaf shinobi, but there was just too many of them. Every step they took three men would attack them at the same time. It was starting to tire all of them but they didn't dare call in there other team mates in case things were made worse. They would only call their friends in if it was a death deciding decision. We're almost there, Naruto deliberated to himself as a throw a kunai into a man's throat. He was getting fed up with how slowly this was getting and was trying to tell his mind it would all be over soon.

"Naruto watch out!" Hinata cried out suddenly. Naruto was too busy fighting off to other men to really take in what she said at first, until he felt one of his shadow clones disappear and its last memory flashed into Naruto mind. Shit! Some one's going to attack him from behind. But he couldn't defend himself in that direction because he was too busy fighting off the other peoples on his other sides. "Naruto!" Hinata yelled. Fuck! Naruto thought as he pushed the other guys away and turned to face the other person running towards him. The man was running towards with a sword aimed right at his heart. Naruto swiftly grabbed a kunai from his pouch ready to deflect the blade. Suddenly a blur appeared only a step away from Naruto. It was too quick for Naruto to make out what had just happen. He only knew that whatever this guy did; just sent the other guy flying across the ground. For moment, it seemed that time had stopped, as the hooded figured turned to face Naruto. Naruto could not make out the persons face, except the blood red eyes; the Sharingan. Naruto could only stare back in shock. The dark figure turned and ran off in the opposite direction. Naruto finally managed to snap his head out of his confusion and began racing after the figure.

"Sasuke!" He shrieked, racing after the cloaked figure that made an escape into the forest that surrounded them. You won't escape me this time Sasuke, Naruto cursed. Blue eyes flashed an dangerous red, as Naruto's rage built up inside him.

Hearing the name of one of his ex-students Kakashi quickly sprang around from the man he had just sliced into a million pieces to see Naruto running after a clocked figure. Damn it! He thought. He rapidly switched on a button on his microphone.

"Sakura, Sai, Yamato!" He shouted down the microphone.

"About time Kakashi, it looks like things are getting quite heavy down there." Sakura snapped back at him. She didn't mean to really but she hated being held back when her team need her. She knew Kakashi was only using logic, since she was the only medic on the team and was valuable to the teams' survival.

"No Sakura. I and Hinata are fine here," Sakura froze at Kakashi order, if they didn't need their help why was Kakashi radioing them. Her question was soon answered. "Just send Shino and Kiba to help us, you and the rest need to go after Naruto." Go after Naruto? She wondered, looking beyond the battle just in time to see something orange flash into the trees. What the hell is he doing? She quickly shouted to the others what the plan was and rapidly went after Naruto.

"Sasuke!" Naruto shouted again, as he jumped from tree to tree. He didn't care that he clothes creating small tears in his clothes as he increased his speed because the branches were like claws trying to grab him and rip him apart. But no matter how much power he used into making himself go faster the figure in front seemed to get further and further away from him. This was it, he thought. He was finally going to break every bone in that bastard's body and drag it kicking and screaming back to the village. He stopped, closing his eyes and slowing his breathing. All of a sudden his eyes snapped open but his normal eyes had been replaced with toad looking ones; meaning her had used his senjutsu. He knew he was going to need every single droplet of power he had to take his old teammate down. Racing ahead again his speed had increased more than before, as twigs snapped and leaves ripped at the incurable force of speed he was using. A sudden glimpse of light coming through the trees caught his attention. He looked up into the sky quickly to see the clouds had moved, allowing the Moon's light to glow the surroundings around him; giving the forest an enchanting feeling. Slowly, as Naruto draw closer to the small speck of light he began to make out a clearing in the forest appearing up ahead. As he got closer he could see that Sasuke had stopped right in the very centre of it. So he finally decided to stop and face me then, Naruto laughed to himself. He sent a little bit more chakra into his feet to help him jump faster towards the clearing. Like the skilled ninja he was he somersaulted into the clearly and landed gently onto the ground. He didn't move a muscle towards Sasuke, he wanted to give one last chance and try and talk Sasuke into returning to the village on his own free well. He knew it was hopeless but he had to try. Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak the figure body suddenly burst into a million ravens, the cries piercing the silence of the dark night, disappearing into the ghostly shadows. I've faced this before, Naruto reflected, remembering the time he encounter Itachi whose body disappeared into a million ravens as well. It's only an illusion. A feeling of pain reached up Naruto arm; looking down, he noticed that one of the ravens has scratched him on the arm. Illusion or not those buggers' claws stun like hell. He began randomly throwing his kunai at the birds but they easily dodged them. He needed to come up with some plan and fast. However, he wasn't fast enough, as the ravens began circling closer and closer to him. He head began to feel dizzy, making him want to fall asleep. No! He shouted at himself, he quickly placed his hands together. Release! He cried, as he tried to dispel the genjutsu but it didn't work. Release, Naruto tried again but it still didn't work. I have no choice; I'll have to shut down my charka and then get free of this attack so I can get into sage mode again. As soon as this idea popped into his head, Naruto felt his body being wrapped up. Losing his balance he braced himself as he fell onto the floor. He wrestled with the bonds that restrained him. This had to be some kind of illusion, there's no way a rope can just appear out of thin air. Slowly lifting his head up to see Sasuke turn back into his original form. "You coward, stop using your illusions and fight me like a real man!" Naruto snapped, as he continued to struggle with the bonds.

"I'm afraid I can't do that." The voice made Naruto snap his head back to the cloaked figure that stood in front of him. That voice... but that doesn't sound like... if it's not that means... His thinking was interrupted when a pink flash emerge in the corner of his eye. Sakura suddenly came jumping out of the trees and slammed the floor with one of her chakra infused punches. The ground explored open, forcing anyone in its range to jump out of the way. Thankfully for Naruto it was not aimed in his direction. Sai jumped down next to Naruto and began cutting him lose. Naruto had just got back to his feet when Sakura went flying past him and bashed into the tree behind them.

"Sakura!" Naruto yelled, as she run over to her. Sai went off to help Yamato who was getting battered effortlessly by the cloaked stranger. Sai took the katana from his back and swung it at the enemy but was blocked by another katana. Sparks flew as Sai battle with the enemy, the swords bashing together as one blocked and one attacked. During this fight Sai released two things. One was that this person was a talented swordsperson. Two this person didn't want to attack them or him at least. The enemy had plenty of opportunities to seriously injure him but didn't take any of them. He quickly jumped back to gain some safe distance. Quickly throwing his arm out to stop Yamato attacking the conceal figure before them. Yamato gave him a funny look but Sai ignored him.

"Who are you?" Sai asked, placing his katana away to show he was only trying to be friendly. The fighter said nothing however and stood in a fighting stance with their katana out and ready.

"I believe he asked you a questioned." Naruto stated as he and a pissed off Sakura came to a stand next to Sai and Yamato. When he saw the eyes Naruto had been so hell bent of believing this figure to be Sasuke that he didn't take in the dramatic difference in height and the persons fighting style; they had a similar style in the art of genjutsu but had the stranger had a completely different taijutsu method compared to Sasuke. But when he heard the voice, he began to believe that this person might not be Sasuke after all. The figure stood in his stance for a few moments before slipping their katana back beneath their clock. Slowly, two pale hands reached up to the hood and pulled it back, revealing a pale face, with delicate features, a soft pink mouth, raven black hair that tumbled down the persons' back and bloody red eyes that held the Sharingan.

"My name is Anju." The girl stated calmly, as team sevens mouths dropped wide open in shock and wonder.