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Chapter One: Falling Awake


The Boy-Who-Lived, otherwise known as The Chosen One, has been missing since last Tuesday.

He did not return home from his job at the ministry, where he is training to be an Auror.

The disappearance of the nineteen year old man, who conquered You-Know-Who at the famous Battle of Hogwarts, has stunned public.

It has not been released whether dark activity was involved, although rumours of kidnapping and revenge from former followers of He Who Must Not Be Named have circulated, creating wide panic across the nation.

Though Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt has reassured the public that there is no danger or recent death eater activity, he did not comment on the whereabouts of Harry Potter.

It has only been a year since the-Boy-Who-Lived stopped the second war. He received Order of Merlin First Class as well as a place in the Wizengamot court.

He was last seen leaving the ministry on Tuesday evening but did not arrive at his house.

He was reported missing that week.

The disappearance of one of the most powerful wizards in Britain has certainly shaken the public as everyone is asking, where is in the world is Harry Potter?

One week earlier...

Sunlight passed through the windows and settled on a lump of jet black hair. The figure was curled in a blanket in the middle of the room. As the sun crept higher on that summer morning, the lump began to move. A hand shot out of the covers and flicked in the direction of the window, causing the curtains to close with a swishing sound. The boy then proceeded to roll over and dig himself further within the soft bed.

The sound of a banging door startled the boy into opening his eyes. He looked upon a man with black hair like his own, but it fell elegantly around his head framing his handsome face and startling warm eyes. Sirius walked over to Harry and pulled the blankets off him revealing a teenage boy wearing nothing but a pair of pyjama pants and displaying his toned chest and arms.

"Happy birthday Harry! Hurry up and get up, everyone's been waiting downstairs for you," Sirius said while pulling the curtains open, "you better be down there in one minute or I'll hex you into your next birthday." He called over his shoulders while walking out the door.

If Sirius had stopped for a second to look closely at the boy, he would have seen that Harry was frozen in shock with his eyes wide open and staring at the empty doorway where his long dead godfather had just left the room.

Harry just shook his head, still drowsy with sleep, and with another flick of his wrist the curtains were closed and the blanket around him. He wasn't sure how long he had slept but it felt like seconds before he heard a rather loud tap. He opened his eyes and looked towards the window; heavy curtains prevented the sun from flooding into the room. It did not, however, prevent what sounded an awful lot like an owl tapping on his window at that ungodly hour. Harry just tilted his head and squinted his brilliant green eyes towards the now empty window as a white owl came flying into his room. The bird held several letters and what looked like parcels. Harry wondered how Hedwig had managed this load. Wait. Hang on a second. Hedwig?

Harry stared at the bird he had lost two years ago. But there she was, looking the same as the day he last saw her. The owl looked at him, before nipping his fingers affectionately and taking off before settling on a gold perch. That was when Harry noticed the room.

He looked around and noticed he was in a boy's bedroom and it was not his.

Harry was instantly on alert as he jumped out of the bed and looked for his wand. It was sitting on his night stand. There were also his old glasses and a lamp, as well as a couple of books. Before he distracted himself he looked up and nearly yelled out loud. He looked like he was sixteen or seventeen. However he looked different than what he did 3 years ago. He looked healthy; he didn't look malnourished. On the contrary he looked like he had been cared for. His hair was its usual mess sticking up at every end, and his skin was still pale but not in an unnatural way. Harry was not sure what to think. Maybe he was dreaming. He thought he could remember dreaming of Sirius trying to wake him up but he wasn't sure.

Harry lifted the fringe of his hair and sure enough there was his famous lightning shaped scar. He couldn't escape it even in his dreams but he had long ago accepted it was who he was. Harry shrugged at his reflection; maybe Hermione had given him an ageless potion instead of the usual dreamless sleeping potion by mistake, though Hermione never made mistakes. Harry wasn't sure what was going on.

Harry bent down to grab his glasses. He hadn't needed them since he got his eyesight fixed. Sure enough when he put them on his eyesight became fuzzy and couldn't really focus on anything. Putting them back on the nightstand, he noticed a framed picture he did not see before. He picked it up and stared.

It was a photograph of what looked like two adults and two children. It was himself, Harry realised, at what looked like age eleven or twelve. He was staring at the camera holding his head high as he showed off his Hogwarts robes he wore. His photographic self seemed to secretly trying to pinch a girl next to him, with deep red hair and hazel eyes. He thought it was Ginny at first but when he looked closer he realised he had never seen her before. He looked at himself again, every now and then he would gaze up at, wait a second, at his father? Why was he in a photo with his father at this age? It was then that he noticed the other adult was his mother. Now Harry was angry. His mother looked at her family with the most beautiful smile on her face and smiled cheekily when James planted a kiss on her cheek. Who could do such a thing? To display all Harry had lost, this was plain horrible. Harry's eyes filled with moisture looking at his mother and father. They looked so real and happy and although it was a wonderful sight it also pulled at his gut reminding him that this was not his life and this was not his room.

I must be out of my mind. That was the thought that circled Harry's head as he looked around the room. It looked like a typical teenage room. A wizard room of course, with the Quidditch posters and the broomstick in the corner. He noticed the owl again. It couldn't be Hedwig. She was dead. Where the hell was he? He looked at the bed again and noticed the mail he received. Picking the letters up he noticed they were all addressed to Harry Potter, Potter Manor. He had never been to the Potter Manor before. What was going on? Was this some sick twisted prank that someone was pulling? Or maybe he was in some weird dimension where his parents were alive and he had a sister as well as Sirius who is indeed alive and just walked out of this room not five minutes ago. Harry actually laughed out loud at that one. There was a tap at the door and someone called out his name.

"Whoever is out there, come on in so I can hex you so much you won't ever be able to walk again. That wasn't a very nice trick you pulled. Come on in before I blast the door open!" Harry shouted.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU YELLING ABOUT?" Harry looked towards the door way with his wand pulled as he saw James and Lily Potter walk into the room. His mother was frowning at him but his dad just looked curious.

It was that moment that the boy-who-lived fainted.

"I bet he went out last night the little bugger."

"James there might be something wrong with him, maybe we should take him to St Mungo's."

"Are you kidding Lils he hates hospitals."

"I know! But what if-"

"He's fine, should be waking up soon."

"James Potter he is NOT fine! He fainted for Merlin's sake!"

"I thought you'd be used to it by now."

SMACK. The sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room followed by more angry shouts.

"I thought I heard shouting, the boy still not up?"

"No Padfoot he fainted. I ran a diagnostic spell but it just said he fainted due to stress."

"Stress? What's he got to stress about? It's his birthday!"

Ahhh. Harry Potter's eyelids quivered as he tried to remember where he was. Suddenly it all came rushing back to him and his eyes snapped open. He realised he was lying in bed. It was the one he woke up in this morning but how did he get there?

He looked to his right to see three bickering adults in the form of his father, mother and godfather.

They were standing next to the bed, arguing over what to do. They had yet to realise he was wide awake and staring at them with suspicion, desire and sadness.

Harry shut his eyes before they realised he was awake. Ok, I have to calm down, Harry told himself. There are three dead people in the room, no big deal. Their voices were dulling and he heard one person walk out the room and close the door. Good only two imposters to worry about. Harry quickly planned the best method of disarming these two bastards that pretended to be his parents.

A hand reached out to push Harry's hair back from his face. Without thinking, Harry flinched and opened his eyes to see a pair of brilliant eyes staring back at him. Harry hissed at the woman hovering over him and jumped off the bed rolling into a defensive crouch, his wand pointing steadily in their direction.

Lily and James just stared at their son who was looking at them with an expression they had never seen across his face. It was filled with anger and sadness but also a desperate longing.

"Harry what are you-"

"Who are you?" Harry growled. "If you don't tell me this instant I swear-"

"Harry what do you mean?" Lily cried looking shocked and concerned at the sight of her only son moving his wand to point directly at her heart. "We're your parents! Are you ok? Have you-"

"SHUT UP! If you don't tell me who you are, you will join my parents," yelled Harry, his voice getting angrier. The lights started to flicker and his glasses, still placed on the bedside table, began to rattle softly.

"Whoa, calm down Harry," said James with an equally shocked and stern voice.

Harry was very confused. Who were these people? They were obviously no one Harry knew, for no one would ever stoop this low. Could they be ex-death eaters? No, they would have killed him while he was unconscious and you can't use polyjuice potion on dead people. Was he going mad? That was possible but he felt perfectly normal. Well, as normal as Harry got.

'James' and 'Lily' were still staring at him with looks of caution and concern. James was now eyeing him suspiciously. Harry was still trying to work out what to do while his wand was pointing at Lily.

"Lower your wand Harry." Instead of doing what James said, Harry narrowed his eyes and twitched his wand to point directly at James' head.

"That's it young man-"

"Lily stop," the redhead turned glare at James but he kept his eyes boring into Harry's." Harry, what did I say to you last night before you went to bed? If you are Harry Potter you would know this."

Harry looked at James with obvious confusion across his face. Why was he questioning him? What did he mean if? Everyone knew who he was. Who else could he be?

"I am doing the questioning here," said Harry before James could repeat the question.

"It's not Harry," James muttered to Lily, low enough for Harry not to hear. Lily looked shocked and a little scared for a moment before anger and determination masked her face.

Both James and Lily's wands were out and pointed at Harry before he even blinked. Damn, thought Harry, with their fast reflexes they will be a challenge.

With no warning, James waved his wand and a red beam of light shot out aimed right at Harry's chest. Harry quickly yelled "protego" and dived into the nearby bathroom after firing two spells in his parents direction.

Harry was, of course, a very capable wizard and hated to run away from a fight. However when he didn't know where he was or what was going on, he felt it was acceptable to choose flight over fight. That thought followed a loud pop as he dissapparated.

"Shit," said James punching a pillow as he fell onto the bed. Lily approached the bathroom cautiously but came back almost instantly confirming that Harry, or whoever he was, had gone.

"Well we know that definitely wasn't Harry as he can't apparate yet." She looked at James as she said this.

He didn't meet her eyes but then looked up startled as if realising something suddenly. "Lily if that wasn't Harry then where is he?"


Last night Harry James Potter was brought into St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries after his disappearance a week ago sent people into a panic.

He was found unconscious in the forest surrounding Godric's Hollow.

This village is known as the location for which Harry Potter first triumphed against You-Know-Who in 1981.

Sources say he was suffering from memory loss and dehydration when he was brought into the hospital that evening.

The Minister for Magic has yet to comment on his whereabouts this last week but has stated yet again that there has been no recent death eater activity.

Wizards all around Brittan are able to breathe again knowing their hero is safe.