Chapter Five: Ministry of Pandemonium

They were going to be late. Well, Harry thought, James was going to make them late. Harry was on time. Of course, Harry didn't really have to wait for him but he wanted to arrive at the ministry with James. He knew he shouldn't be getting too close but he couldn't help it, all his life he wanted the chance to be someone normal and here was the perfect opportunity right in front of him.

"I said 'I'm coming!' Has anyone seen that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday?" James yelled from the top of the stairs, dashing in and out of his study and the bedroom.

Lily rolled her eyes at Harry as she used her wand to clean, dry and put away the breakfast dishes. Harry thought she looked quite muggle-like in a blouse and pencil skirt. However, at that moment she picked up a dark wizarding robe from the coat hanger and shrugged it on.

"I don't think I asked you what you did for a living," Harry stated curiously as he drank the last bit of his remaining morning tea and levitated it into the sink.

Lily looked over at him as she pulled out the rest of her hair that was trapped under her robe. "Oh nothing interesting, I work in the ministry like James. I did intern at Hogwarts for a while but it just wasn't right timing. Harry would of course hate to have his mother as a teacher." Her smile became a little strained but she changed her expression into something more affectionate. "You might want to appear more excited you know; Harry hasn't stopped talking about this internship for months."

"Yeah , Ron said pretty much the same thing." Harry schooled his expression to something more cheery.

Lily outright laughed. "Maybe something a little more natural, you look like someone just hit you with a cheering charm."

"Great idea."

Lily laughed again, "Come on it won't be that bad, you'll be with Sirius and to be honest I don't think he really does much in his office anyway."

Harry didn't really know why he was complaining so much. He would have once given anything to spend two week with Sirius, granted it wasn't really him.

"Found it! Ready everyone?" James finally joined them by the fireplace; his hair was all over the place and his glasses weren't sitting straight, but otherwise he looked like an ordinary ministry employee with his outer cloak displaying his department.

Lily adjusted his tie and then turned to Harry and flattened his collar, "Now did you remember to bring some sickles for lunch?"

Harry was taken aback as Lily looked up at him like she was sending him off to his first day of school. He nodded uncomfortably as James approached the fireplace and with a quick kiss on Lily's cheek and a 'see you soon,' he was gone.

A memory however was swimming beneath Harry's eyes, of his actual first day to school so many years ago. He had wore a huge shirt and a second-hand pair of pants, with sneakers that had seen better days and glasses that never really fit on his nose. However, it was the happiest he could remember being. He had been hopeful and even though his aunt and uncle had made a huge fuss over Dudley and didn't even say goodbye to him he was still grateful to be somewhere different. Lily motioned for Harry to hop into the fireplace next, pulling him into the present. Harry felt a rush of self pity at that moment and a little bit of resentment, directed at who Harry didn't really know.

In all the times Harry had been to the ministry, he had never remembered it being this crowded. The atrium was packed. James had to place a hand on Harry's shoulder so they wouldn't lose each other. It looked exactly like it did the first time Harry had visited it in his world. The ceiling was high and the floor was still the same dark polished wood and, Harry wasn't sure if he was happy or not to see, the Fountain of Magical Brethren. He hadn't seen it intact since his hearing at the beginning of fifth year, before Dumbledore destroyed it. Harry smirked to himself as James led him past the gold statues. He was pretty sure Dumbledore secretly enjoyed demolishing the statue even as he was fighting for his life against Voldemort.

"Never liked those statues to be honest," James said to Harry's ear as they made their way to a set of golden gates. "You're going to have to go through the visitor's entrance today, but you should be allowed to go through the staff one next time."

The guard seemed to recognise James and waved him on with a smile. Harry reluctantly handed the wizard his wand. As the security guard placed it on the brass scale he scanned Harry with a golden stick that he recognised as a Probity Probe. A slip of parchment came out of the machine and the wizard said, "11 inches, holly, phoenix feather core, been in use for six years."

Harry nodded and held out his hand for his wand. The wizard looked up at him as if memorising his face, then gave it back and motioned for the person behind to step up. Harry walked up to the elevators to find James and Sirius in a hushed discussion. Sirius looked up as Harry approached and to his surprise gave a genuine smile in his direction before giving James one last look and pushed him into the nearest elevator.

"He'll be fine Prongs; I'm looking out for him after all."

It looked like James was going to give a sarcastic remark but the elevator doors shut before he could open his mouth. Sirius turned back to Harry with a smirk.

"Come on, we are so late. The meeting might have started without us," Sirius said. He hurried for an elevator that just let out a witch with a huge stack of papers floating in front of her. "Can you hold that door," he said while reaching for it himself. Harry quickly jumped in before it closed and almost bumped into someone's chest. He looked up as the doors closed and opened his mouth to apologise, when he noticed exactly who he almost bumped into.

Harry felt his heart beat increase and his breathing become shallow. He felt Sirius tug his arm so he wasn't so close to the other man. He could tell Sirius was giving him a weird look but he couldn't move, couldn't think besides this one shocking thought.

He was riding in an elevator with Lord Voldemort.

Harry shook his head to clear it and tried to keep the barely disguised hatred from reaching his eyes, but from Riddle's slightly raised eyebrows he figured he wasn't doing a very good job.

Sirius cleared his throat, "Mr. Riddle I believe you've met James Potter's son, Harry." Sirius nudged Harry as he said the last part.

With quite a bit of effort, Harry managed to clear his face, aiming to reach politeness but stopping just short of indifference. Riddle however looked perfectly civil and even had a bit of a smile, which disturbed Harry more than if he had a mouth full of sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. In fact Riddle did look so very normal.

"Yes, I believe we had been introduced at Mr. Potter's promotion a few years ago. I presume you are here for the seventh year internship?" His voice came out quieter than Harry had expected, and lower.

Harry nodded and he knew Riddle was silently asking where exactly in the ministry he was working. He looked up into Riddles dark eyes and saw a spark of curiosity and a deep intelligence. Harry was disturbed and kind of annoyed to note that he didn't look evil or dark. He had thought maybe, just maybe, if he could look into Riddle's eyes he would be able to tell if he was Voldemort in this world too. Now, all that he was sure of was that his prolonged silence and weird staring might be mistaken for awe and respect which almost made him smile.

"Yes, Harry is going to be working as an Auror with me." Sirius it seemed, did not like prolonged silences, especially with someone dubbed the next Minister for Magic.

Riddle nodded but didn't seem surprised. He reached into his cloak and Harry reacted in an instant, slightly flicking his wrist and immediately his faithful holly wand was in his right hand. Sirius didn't seem to notice but Riddles eyes had widened ever so slightly and held a flicker of amusement. He drew out his hand with deliberate slowness and pulled out...a pocket watch.

He looked directly into Harry's eyes as the elevator opened with a ping.

"You better run along now, you don't want to be left behind."

"Honestly mate, I know you don't take this that seriously but being half an hour late on your first day isn't very good. Even I turned up early," Ron whispered into Harry's ear as Lucius Malfoy began speaking again.

They had arrived on what seemed to be level two of the ministry and Sirius had directed him to a room with a gold number seven on it and told him they would see each other later on. Harry had cautiously opened the door to find a small group of seventh years staring at him and Lucius Malfoy himself at the front of the room. Malfoy looked like he was considering cursing him for interrupting his speech. Ron had motioned for him to take the spare seat next to him which he quickly slid into with a grateful smile and an apologetic shrug in Malfoy's direction.

"Hey it was James's fault not mine, I was ready ages ago. For the record I really don't believe you would ever turn up early for work," Harry whispered back. Someone was making shushing noises behind him so Harry turned around to see who it was.

Well, it was nice to see Hermione wasn't that different in this world too.

She seemed exactly the same, though a bit younger and her hair was a little neater. Harry guessed she wanted to make a good impression on her first day as she was completely ignoring Harry and was listening to Malfoy with rapt attention. Harry also noted with amusement that she had a quill and parchment out, spelled to take notes on probably anything that was said.

She finally looked at Harry and gestured with her hands to turn back around. He couldn't help but smile at her before turning back to face the room.

"Now that we are all here," at this a few eyes turned to Harry while he tried not to notice, "here are your schedules for the next two weeks, some papers for your guardians to sign, a release form in case of accidents and of course your attendance slip which must be marked by your superior in your field of work every day. Malfoy levitated the piles of paper around the room and then looked at his watch. "Well since we are already behind schedule, I think we will have to go right on to level one."

Everyone seemed happy about this as Mr Malfoy opened the door and led everyone to the elevators. Harry finally got a decent look at who exactly was going to be at the ministry with him; at the front of the group stood Padma Patil and Lisa Turpin, with Hermione close behind. Terry Boot was talking with Theodore Nott and then there was Ron and Neville arguing about something. Trailing behind Harry was Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini. Harry wondered where everyone else would be working; Diagon alley and Hogsmeade would be most likely.

"Keep up everyone this isn't a school field trip, this is work experience so I expect everyone to behave professionally and not get lost like little children."

They weren't all going to fit in one lift so Malfoy ushered the first few people in and told the rest that he would meet them on level one. That left Harry, Ron, Neville, Draco and Blaise to wait for the next elevator. They all looked at each other.

"Well Potter I guess having that dog for a godfather has finally become useful," Malfoy broke the silence with a sneer.

Harry bristled as Ron took a step forward, "and I see your Daddy has too, now you can follow in his footsteps and lick Riddle's boots all day as well."

Neville snickered as Malfoy started to turn red. Just then, an elevator arrived and they all got in reluctantly but had to behave as there were others in the lift already.

Suddenly Harry heard a voice in his ear, it was in normal volume but no one else seemed to hear it. Ron was next to Harry and he had his wand subtly pointed at him while covering his mouth with his hand.

"Calm down. It's just a Goss charm. Fred and George invented it for when you want to talk to someone without being overheard."

Harry was impressed; he wondered why they hadn't thought about it in his world, but maybe they just hadn't had the time.

"Anyway, just wanted to say we have to get Malfoy back for that comment, it was totally out of order."

Harry of course could not reply so he just shrugged lightly. He had heard a lot worse from his rival over the years. Harry jerked slightly as the elevator stopped to let a wizard out, but before they could start descending, two witches entered and pressed the button for level five.

The elevator finally arrived at Level One and they all hopped out. The group was standing in the distance where Lucius Malfoy was talking with Minister Fudge.

"There they are, picked the slowest elevator by the looks of it."

They were led into a large room overlooking the atrium; it had a glass wall so you could see everything and had several lounge chairs and small table filled with drinks and food. The Minister took a cup and faced the crowd.

"Good morning children, it's lovely to see some familiar faces this year. It's a bit of a ritual to have you kids up to my office for tea at the start, though we do of course have that party as well at the end of the two weeks," Fudge looked pretty happy to be with them which was weird Harry thought. Maybe he had nothing better to do.

"I won't keep you long; I just like to see who will be our future ministry workers. So have some tea and biscuits, work hard and most of all, enjoy yourself."

A witch walked in to talk to Fudge the minute he stopped talking and after giving everyone a stern look. Malfoy joined their discussion.

Everyone helped themselves to the food and spread out around the room. Harry grabbed a treacle tart and stood near the glass.

"Hey Potter! I heard you won some epic duel the other day." Terry Boot approached him with Nott and Lisa Turpin following. They both nodded as Terry added, "I heard it was against Sirius Black."

"Please, I bet Black was just going easy on him," Malfoy interrupted with an exaggerated eye-roll.

"I heard it went on all night. Is that true?" Lisa Turpin asked Harry as she grabbed the tea cup Padma handed to her.

"No it didn't. I was there and trust me Malfoy, and Black was definitely not going easy on him," Padma said with a bit of admiration.

Everyone was looking at Harry by this point and he just shrugged, "It was just supposed to be a harmless duel between friends." He directed the last bit towards Ron as he walked up with a handful of sweets.

"What am I missing?" He said while taking a large bite of a scone.

"A brain," Malfoy said with a smirk.

"Oh good one."

"Don't start you two," Padma said with a surprising amount of authority, "it's too early for your obvious sexual tension."

Ron and Malfoy looked at her with disgust.

"Well I would like to hear more about this so called 'epic duel'," Nott said before they could start again.

Everyone's attention was on Harry again. He was about to reply when Tom Riddle walked through the door. He greeted Malfoy Senior and the Minister with a smile and joined their conversation easily. The sight of him was enough to make Harry pause for a second too long. Some people turned to see what had caught his attention.

Lisa Turpin giggled and nudged Padma. She caught sight of Riddle and blushed.

"What's up with that? You guys know he is like seventy years old right?" Neville said in exasperation.

"You would never guess though," Padma said with a sheepish grin, "he hasn't aged much in his life and well, look at him."

Harry was looking. He could see what Padma meant. Riddle had a certain impression about him, like he could be anywhere between 30 to 50 years old. His smooth skin and thick dark brown hair made him appear younger but his air of authority and confidence made him seem much older. He was taller than the other adults and, Harry grudgingly admitted, very handsome.

All the guys were giving the same expression of annoyance, except Harry who just gazed blankly. Hermione seemed to be the only person not interested in this discussion in the slightest, sitting on one of the lounge chairs with a small book in her hands.

"I still can't believe you get to follow him around all day Malfoy," Lisa said with visible jealousy.

"I can," Ron said rolling his eyes and chewing on a cake. "His father is like his best friend."

"No he isn't Weasley and can you close your mouth for once, I just had breakfast."

Ron responded by opening his mouth wider and chewing loudly. Some of it fell on the ground and on Harry.

"Lovely, thanks Ron. I always love it when you spit all over me," Harry said with disgust.

Malfoy looked delighted at the opening that comment gave him but Padma was quick to change the subject. "I personally think he is going to be a fantastic Minister for Magic."

"Yeah but he hasn't been at the Ministry for as long as the others have," Terry added.

"But he does seem like the leader we need right now," Padma said. "Don't you agree Lisa?"

Lisa nodded her head and expanded, "Yes with all those awful attacks going on at the moment, something has to be done. My mother was in Hogsmeade when the latest attack occurred and she said those Death Eaters were horrible. Not really killing anyone but they were quite scary and did a bit of damage."

"I think they are just getting started. First they damage some property, accidently harm a few people but before you know it they are killing muggles and soon wizards until they get what they want," it looked like they had broached a topic of interest for Hermione.

Everyone looked uncomfortable before Neville spoke up, "or until someone stops them and they will be. Stopped that is."

Hermione didn't look convinced but she did soften when she looked at Neville. Harry noticed Riddle was looking at Hermione with a bit of interest. Harry wished he could read minds. Well, read them from a distance without being detected.

It seemed like the adults had finished talking and Riddle was approaching their group. He walked like a king, as if he could command a room by simply being there and Harry realised he kind of did.

He approached Hermione and gave a charming smile. Their conversation was too low for Harry to hear and it seemed Ron was trying to get his attention. The boys had begun talking about the weekend Quidditch match and Harry made an effort to join in, though he had no idea who had won or even played.

Harry was grabbing his third treacle tart when Riddle approached him. It turned out he wasn't just interested in Hermione. Riddle made an effort to talk to all of the seventh years, but most of the time it was in a group of two or three. Hermione and Zabini were the only two he had singled out, besides Harry. Other wizards and witches had shown up, most of them greeting their own intern. Sirius was there to pick Neville and him up, and he recognised Barty Crouch Senior and his dad in the crowd too.

"I never really did enjoy sweets all that much," Riddle said as he looked over the few remaining cakes and biscuits.

"That doesn't surprise me," Harry muttered.

"Sorry?" Riddle said with a slight mocking tone.

"Hmm? Oh nothing," Harry said with unease and occupied himself by eating the food in his hand and glancing at his watch.

"I'm sure you were very pleased when you learned you would be working with your godfather," Riddle said while looking in said godfather's direction.

"Of course. I've always wanted to become an auror."

"Really? Black is one of the few capable wizards in that department; shame he was rejected for the head office job," Riddle had turned back to Harry at this point as if gauging his reaction. Harry however just shrugged. He wasn't sure what Sirius's history was in this world but it seemed he had done something to prevent a possible promotion.

"What is it about becoming an auror that interests you so?"

Harry again was stumped for a moment. They were ordinary questions and he had a right to ask them but it was his interested manner that gave Harry pause. It felt like any answer he gave would be analysed until Riddle knew exactly what to make of his character.

"Well, I guess it's the helping out for the greater good, catching dark wizards and all that," Harry was careful not to give too much away but it seemed he had said exactly what Riddle wanted.

"I noticed you said 'dark wizards' instead of just bad or evil. Is it the dark magic that you reject personally or is it just what you have grown up believing?" Riddle wore a small smile on his face like he was enjoying toying with Harry and that what led Harry to smirk back.

"No I don't hate dark wizards but if they behave like these, what's the name again ... it's something stupidly cliché like Slytherin rules or death eaters or we heart murder," Harry waved his hand around signifying it's insignificance, "well they aren't showing dark magic in a very favourable light, and soon many people will publicly denounce it because of all the bad press. I would get a likable, intelligent representative like um let's say you and work behind the scenes to introduce their aims of an 'equal society' in a more subtle and I guess simpler way."

Riddle stared at Harry impassively throughout his small speech, with only a twitch of his fingers betraying his thoughts at the mention of himself. Harry knew he shouldn't have said that so boldly, but he was a Gryffindor and he was never really good at concealing his intentions or thoughts.

"Yes," Riddle finally broke the silence, "I would do the exact same thing. Although a huge battle against light and dark magic at the end of some year-long war would be pretty interesting. I wonder who would win."

At last, Harry could see Voldemort within Riddle. It wasn't that obvious and it wasn't his words that made Harry recognise it; it was the way he looked at Harry with that spark of challenge and power in his eyes.

"Who knows, maybe the dark side would be so overwhelmed that their leader would just end up killing himself." Harry finished with maybe a bit too much smugness.

"Or maybe the dark would be more humane and the light would use betrayal and murder to try to win," Tom stated with amusement.

"Or the dark army could end up being defeated by children."

"Or the light could put all their trust into one wizard who turns out to have been dark all along."

Harry narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to continue when Malfoy interrupted them, "Sorry to disturb you Mr. Riddle but Potter needs to return with Mr. Black back down to level two."

It had seemed while they were talking everyone had left with their mentors and only Sirius, Neville, Draco, Mr. Malfoy, Riddle and he were left in the room. Riddle looked around the room and then nodded to Malfoy before he turned back to Harry.

"Then we will have to continue this discussion at a later date Mr. Potter. I hope to see you at my campaign lunch on Thursday."

Harry stared at the man who had killed him twice in his lifetime.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, Senior Undersecretary."

"Keep an eye on that one Lucius," Tom Riddle said as Malfoy entered his office an hour later.

Lucius raised his eyebrows, "I assume you mean Potter? You seemed quite absorbed in your conversation. I thought you dismissed him as a slightly smarter, if not the same maturity level, version of his father."

Riddle looked up from the letter he had just finished writing. He tapped his hand under his chin.

"There's something different about him. I think it's his eyes. He looked at me today like we were equals."

"Don't all teenagers look at adults like that?"

"No, they look at me with respect, fear and jealousy. Potter looked at me today like he is my equal."

"What did-" Malfoy was interrupted by a knock.

They both turned to see who had just opened the door; it was Draco with a stack of black envelopes. He looked like he was trying to hide his annoyance but not really succeeding.

"Ah yes thank you Mr. Malfoy could you place those on that table and bring this to Madam Bones' secretary," Riddle smiled condescendingly at Draco as he grabbed the envelope and went back out the door.

"I hope you're not going to be making my son walk around the ministry handing out papers you could have just sent via interdepartmental memos," Lucius said disapprovingly, he watched the door close softly before turning to face Riddle, who had his wand aloft and a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Don't be stupid Lucius. He will also be bringing me lunch every day and checking to see if Dolores is outside my office waiting to ambush me."

Lucius rolled his eyes and sneered, "anything for you my lord."

"And that's it."

Sirius fell back into the chair behind his desk as Harry sat down across from him. Sirius had just given Harry a brief tour of the department and introduced him to all the people he would be in contact with. Harry had been silently noting the similarities and differences between this department and the one he was familiar with. He was happy but unsurprised to note that the only difference between them were the people.

I guess two wars would change a person's desire to become an Auror.

Harry felt a rush of air pass his head and before he knew it, a purple paper plane was being scrunched in his hand. He looked up to see Sirius's amused smile and raised eyebrows.

"Sorry, seeker reflexes," Harry explained.

Sirius's eyebrows grew higher as he took the offered letter from Harry's outstretched hand. As Sirius read it, Harry's eyes caught on a framed photograph sitting on the edge of Sirius' desk.

It was the marauders.

Sirius stood in the centre with his arms flung over James and Remus. Sirius and James were laughing hysterically at something James was saying, as Remus shook his head and rolled his eyes but couldn't help laughing as well. A few kids stood around watching them, some in awe, and some in jealously.

One kid in particular caught Harry's attention, a short cubby Gryffindor stood in the corner of the image, watching. Peter Pettigrew's face, however, showed no emotion at all. The blankness of his expression disturbed Harry more than he cared to admit.

"So I had a few questions."

Sirius' tucked the letter in his pocket and gave Harry a lopsided grin.

"Questions on..." Harry trailed off, curious.

Sirius grabbed a quill off his desk and waved in the air before directing it at Harry, "about you."

Harry sighed."I can't promise that I'll give you the answers you want."

Sirius' grin became wider, "Well you mentioned you played seeker, so which team?"

"Gryffindor, joined the team in my first year," Harry admitted proudly. Sirius was impressed; even James didn't join the team till his second year.

"Wow I didn't think you were even allowed to be in the team in your first year."

"Even if there was a rule I think McGonagall would have ignored it. She even bought the best broom on the market for me and I know that was definitely against the rules. But hey, I'm pretty sure she was desperate."

Sirius nodded, Gryffindor had been in quite the losing streak until Harry and Ginny had shaped them up. "I guess you were already a good flyer before you went to school," Sirius went on.

Harry had narrowed his eyes and his face was wiped of all emotion as he replied, "nah I learned for the first time with everyone else."

Sirius nodded his head like he understood and changed topics, filing that bit of information for later. "Well it's good you were in Gryffindor, you must have the same friends as our Harry."

Harry's face was still a blank mask but his eyes had become warmer, "Yeah Ron seems just about the same, though some people are a little different. I'm actually surprised I haven't met anyone I don't know or haven't heard of."

"Yeah I think Albus has a theory on that one but he wouldn't share it, something about knowing all the facts first." Sirius was leaning on the back of his chair and looking out to the magical window on his right, where bright sunlight spilled into the room and meadows of lush green grass grew. He looked towards Harry and saw the equally bright green eyes looking into space as he reflected on his words. "You mentioned that you worked in the ministry. What did you do?"

Harry appeared surprised by this question but answered honestly. "Oh I was training to become an Auror."

"But I thought you said you hadn't finished your seventh year?"

Harry scratched the back of his head, "yeah, well I was allowed to be accepted due to special circumstances. They thought I was more than capable to enter training even without doing my N.E.W.T.s, though that didn't stop Hermione bugging me about it for weeks."

"Hermione?" Sirius could faintly remember their Harry mentioning her in passing but he didn't think they were that close.

"Yeah I assume she is a Gryffindor in this world too, but she would probably fit in more with the Ravenclaws. She's the brightest witch of her age and well, she's my best friend. I would probably be dead ten times over without her." Harry ended with a shrug and a fond smile.

Sirius nodded in acknowledgment. Lily was quite brilliant, Harry was much more open when questioned casually rather than their earlier approach, though he must be careful not to push too much. "So first year of Auror training I take it," he waited for Harry to nod before continuing, "Mostly theory work if I recall correctly, absolutely hated it. Second year was my favourite; more spell work and duelling, although I'm sure you don't need much work in that compartment."

Harry shrugged, "I guess."

"You must have learned a lot of defense in you fourth year then?"

Harry seemed startled by this and just nodded, "yeah, how did you guess?"

Sirius looked towards the window once more, "oh you said something about starting up a defense group in your fifth year so I though you must have known more than average. Who was you defense teacher that year?"

Sirius was surprised to see Harry growing increasingly uncomfortable and didn't look at him as he replied, "Mad-Eye taught us that year."

Now Sirius was astonished. Mad-Eye always said he would rather work on the Knight bus than teach a bunch of kids. He guessed the other world's Moody was a little different. Though it was a little hard picturing Mad-Eye writing on a blackboard or assigning homework, he would probably teach the poor kids the unforgivable curses on his first day or something. Sirius couldn't help but be glad Moody was banned from working with children in this world. After that mess with that poor intern a couple of years ago it was a miracle they were even allowed to have any more.

Before Sirius could question Harry further, another memo flew into his office; it brushed past Harry's ear before hovering neatly in front of him. Shrugging apologetically at Harry at the interruption, Sirius plucked it from the air and read quickly. Frowning at the contents, Sirius mentally went through who was on duty and who he could spare to help out his old friend. Harry sat quietly while Sirius chewed on the ends of his quill thinking. The Auror smiled suddenly and stood up. Startled, Harry did the same.

"Someone get me the Longbottom boy," Sirius shouted whilst walking around his desk. He slapped Harry on the shoulder and the smile he gave him was full of mischief, "Congratulations Auror Potter, looks like I've found your first assignment."