Punishment & Reward (extra)

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A half-lidded eye opened, blinked a few times, and closed again.


Misaki grumbled incoherently and buried his face on the pillow.


Argh. Who the hell would call at such an ungodly hour! Misaki thought irritably. Without looking, he fumbled for the side table and picked-up his mobile phone.

"Moshi-moshi~" Misaki answered gruffly, and straightened up a little from his prone position when he heard his rough, croaky voice. It was as if he had shouted at the top of his lungs constantly and lost his voice.

At the thought of his activities a couple of hours ago, Misaki instantly blushed. Quickly he cleared his throat and tried again.


"Misaki-kun?" came the vibrant female voice on the other line.

"Ah, Aikawa-san?" he acknowledged with a hint of puzzlement. Aikawa wouldn't normally call up in the middle of the night…

"Ohayou, Misaki-kun!"

Ohayou? Misaki wondered numbly, his mind and senses still drugged by sleep.

"Eh? Were you still sleeping? Gomen! Gomen!" Aikawa chattered apologetically, "Of course you'd still be asleep! How stupid of me! Gomen ne, Misaki-kun…"

Not understanding her meaning, Misaki turned to his side and checked the alarm clock beside the phone.

9:00 A.M.

"EH!" Misaki jerked up on bed, and winced as his whole body ached.

"I'll just call back later…or maybe tomorrow, ok?" the editor amended and was about to end the conversation when he called out her name, "Yes, Misaki-kun, is there something you want to say?"

Misaki scratched his head as he sheepishly replied, "Gomen, Aikawa-san. It seems I overslept. Please continue! Are you looking for Usagi-san?"

As he spoke, he quickly turned to look at his sleeping bed partner.

"Ah no no…I wanted to speak to you actually."

"Me?" Misaki asked, surprised and suspicious at the same time, "Usagi-san already finished his novel, didn't he?"

"Yes! And that's why I wanted to congratulate you, Misaki-kun!" Aikawa replied excitedly.

"Congratulate me for what?" he frowned confusingly.

"For the punishment you gave to sensei! No sex until he finished, right?"

Misaki instantly turned red. Although Aikawa has been knowledgeable of their relationship for a long time, an avid fan of theirs in fact, it's still unnerving to hear her regard their personal affair as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Uhm..yeah, that's right…" he put in awkwardly.

"Well Misaki-kun, he has outdone himself! This 5th installment is a masterpiece! It's perfect! I can almost imagine the shelves filled with this latest best-seller! The banners! The posters!" Aikawa practically screamed in delight.

He adjusted the phone away from his ringing ears, "I'm glad to hear that, Aikawa-san. You must be very proud of Usagi-san then…"

"Proud? I love that lover of yours! Well of course not the same love as yours," Aikawa laughed, "anyway, just wanted to say thank you and hope you would continue with the punishment and reward set-up forever…"

"Punishment and reward?" Misaki echoed, "I understand the punishment, but what's with the reward?"

"Eh?" and then more carefully, "I thought it was part of the agreement? To have his way with you for the whole day after he finishes? I was thinking it was sort of an incentive—"

"Like hell it is!" Misaki gritted out angrily.


Suddenly, a pair of arms reached out to embrace him from behind, and firm, cold lips nipped on the soft flesh between his neck and collarbone.

Misaki stiffed-up in surprise, "Usagi-san! What the hell did you tell Aikawa-san? What's this reward she's talking about?"

"Don't know." Akihiko lied most innocently, his attention on licking the hickey he just made on his indignant uke who kept on trying to break away from his embrace.

"LIAR!" Misaki shouted angrily. He broke away and faced him, holding up his phone to Akihiko's face, "Aikawa-san just told me you were planning to keep me in bed the whole day as a reward!"

Annoyed with the interference, Akihiko snatched away the phone from his protesting lover.

"You're noisy, Aikawa. Goodbye." he butted in loudly and threw the phone to the floor.

"Hey, that's my phone!" Misaki shouted angrily, "and that was rude, Usa—"

Insistent lips quickly silenced him, skillfully dipping inside to toy with his tongue. He tried to break free (as always), pushing the other away by the shoulder. Knowing hands immediately positioned themselves on the exposed chest, tweaking the hard nipples.

He groaned involuntarily.

Akihiko moaned pleasurably into his lover's mouth, "One more, Misaki."

"Baka Usagi! I ain't your reward!" his uke complained half-heartedly, his voice gruff with need.

In response, a hand slipped downwards to close on Misaki's shaft, earning him a deep moan. He licked a path from the mouth to softly bite on the edge of an ear, "I haven't earned back my one week."

Misaki swallowed, feeling the building pressure within him, "I'm not your reward!" he repeated, "And there isn't suppose to be a reward, you baka, it's a punishment in the first place!"

"Whatever," came the indifferent response, and he felt Akihiko's tongue probe in his ear. His whole body shivered.

"You're incredible, Misaki," Akihiko murmured appreciatively as he drizzled slow, quick kisses down the jaw, "I can't get enough of you."

Slowly drugged by the growing heat inside, Misaki's eyes almost fluttered close as he let his lover kiss him senseless, "w-what are you talking about…we've been doing it so many times, it's as if your thing is always inside me—"

As the words were released, both froze in place. One turned so red and suddenly wide-eyed, while the other's eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Well then, there's an idea," Akihiko chuckled.

Misaki shook his head vehemently and closed his eyes tightly as he felt his cock squeezed again and his throat coated with the other's saliva.

Oh god. Pls. help me.

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"Do you want it deeper?"

"Ugh! Haaa…Usagi-"


The tense editor literally jumped on her seat as she heard her officemate.

"Are you ok? You seem tense...and warm…do you have fever?"

"No-no…I'm okay," Aikawa replied unconvincingly, her breathing uneven, "uhm—it's this author I'm dealing with…" and pointed at her celphone which showed an ongoing call on screen, "he's…he's…he's telling me his story, and I just got too…involved."

"Oh I see. Ok then, I'll go ahead."

Aikawa bowed apologetically and quickly went back to listen on her phone.

"Ah! Usagi-san! No more…"

"Oh but you like it when I do this. Don't you?"

"Stop..uh!... uh!"

Tooot. Silence.

"Eh!" Aikawa cried out in protest as her battery died. What a shame! And it was in a good part too!

With eyes gleaming in tears of joy, Aikawa stood up and with a hand raised up in the air, she silently vowed to uphold the yaoi banner forever…