Another Ai no Kuasbi one-shot that just so happened to pop into my head when I was at work and I have mentioned that I am an apprentice chef so I thought it was suitable. This one involves Riki and Iason's furniture, Cal. We all know that a furniture's job is to upkeep his master's home and look after his needs. Well what would happen if Cal was having a little trouble with something and Riki decided to give the young furniture a hand. Anyway Supernova is coming next month and I'm so excited. Anime. Manga. Comics. The lot. LOL.

Summary- One shot between Cal and Riki. Cal is having trouble preparing dinner for Iason so Riki decides to lend a hand to the distraught furniture and show him some of his own cooking skills. And in the end, giving Cal a better insight on the enigma that is Riki the dark.


It's only dinner.

'Damn it!'

A cursive shout, followed by a crash came from inside the penthouse, causing Riki, who had been sitting outside on the balcony smoking and brooding his unhappiness at being stuck here all day, to look back and stare inside the room and knit his dark eyebrows in confusion. 'What the hell was that? It sounded like Cal' There was another loud crash and before another 'Damn it.'

With curiosity peaked, the black-haired mongrel stubbed out his still lit cigarette on the balcony's ledge and walked back into the spacious apartment. There was only one other person inside the large residence, beside himself and it was hard to believe that such language would come out of someone who is usually so quite and obedient. Riki sometimes thought the boy's demeanor was that of a mouse or a beaten dog. Living with Iason did that you. Dominating Bastard that he was and Riki knew first hand how dominating.

With curiosity rising with every step, he followed the cursing voice all the way to the penthouse kitchen and peered through the doorway. Standing at one of the many stovetops, spoon in his hand, Cal stirred the pot in front of him and lifted the spoon to taste its contents. He grimaced and shook his head before he threw the spoon and the pot's filling down the sink. 'Its still no good. This is unacceptable.'

Cal banged his slim fists on the countertop in anger before Riki, quite impressed by the shy furniture's burst of animosity, decided to step in and see what was upsetting the poor boy.

'Hey Cal. What's the problem, man. I can hear you from all the way outside.' Cal looked up in shock to see the mongrel standing in the doorway. His handsome, bronzed face showing confusion, but his eyes held something totally different. Amusement. Mirth. It was a total turn around from the other expressions that usually graced the pet's rugged face. It was quite unexpected as well as…pleasing.

'I apologise for my rudeness, Sir Riki but I am trying to cook Master Iason's dinner for the evening and I can't quite get it right. He will except nothing less but perfection and if I am unable to reach that perfection, then I am unworthy to serve Master Iason.'

Riki sighed and held up his hand to quite the furniture's ramblings. 'Slow down Cal. It's only dinner. Iason will just have to eat what you make him. If he wants to be a big baby about it then it's his own fault. God knows, he acts like one half the time.' Riki said and leant against the door and eyed the stunned boy.

'But Sir Riki…'Cal stammered, looking at the mongrel as if he had committed a mortal sin.

'Maybe if you show me what you are making maybe I can help you.' Riki suggested and walked forward, looking into the sink; at the contents that Cal had tipped down there moments before and tapped a finger to his chin thoughtfully.

Cal's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. 'You…want to help me.'?

'Yes! I may not look it but I am actually a pretty decent cook. Back in the slums, you had to make do with what you got so I learnt how to cook with what I had. Some of it turned out alright.' Riki said and turned to Cal. 'Show me and we'll go from there.'

The young boy looked into the resolute obsidian eyes of the mongrel for a moment before nodding his head. 'I…would like that.'

'Excellent. But before I do this I must warn you.' Riki held Cal's eyes captive and his toned turned deadly serious. 'If you mention anything about this to Iason, I won't hesitate to get you 'fixed' again.'

Cal gulped and took the threat to heart. 'Understood.'

'Right! Then lets get to work.' Riki said and took of his jacket, portraying his lean muscles underneath his tank top and threw it on the back of a nearby chair.

'Ok. I was trying to make Mixed Vegetable curry with rice dumplings and mushroom and leek broth for the side. But can't seem to get the flavour of the broth right and the dumplings keep falling apart. And the curry…' Cal explained and Riki looked at the different ingredients that Cal had spread out on the counter.'

'Hmm, is this the curry.'? Riki pointed to the pot on the stove and Cal nodded. The dark-haired man walked over to the silver pot and grabbed a spoon. He took a spoonful and brought it to his mouth. He chewed for a minute before swallowing, rolling the flavour around his tongue. A thought popped up in his head and he turned to the furniture.

'Its good, really good but, it is missing something.' Riki tapped his chin and looked at the spices that were laid out and spotted a root of ginger. He grabbed the scented root and started to finely chop it, while Cal stood there in wonder at the precision and skill. Riki took the ginger and threw it in the pot and gave it a stir. He took the spoon again and dunked it in the curry. He tasted it again and a smile came to his lips. He looked towards Cal.

'Have a taste.' Cal walked up to the pot and grabbed a spoon. He hesitated a moment before taking a spoonful and bringing it to his lips. As he let the aromatic flavour hit his tongue, his eyes widened and he looked at Riki.

'Its delicious.'

'See I told you. Now lets see what we can do about your dumplings and soup.'


Cal was amazed. No scrap that; he was spellbound. Never before had he thought that he would be standing here watching a slum bred, Ceres born mongrel showing him how to cook. It was astounding in itself that Riki even knew how to cook. He had shown the black-haired man the ingredients and away he went. He was so patient and gentle when he lightly stirred the dumpling batter, telling Cal as he went, not to over mix the batter as it can become quite tough. He had a little pot of boiling water and showed Cal how to gently drop the batter into the water without breaking.

He smiled when he managed to get it right. Pride and joy shown strongly in his round eyes. Next they worked together on the soup. Cal sautéed the onions and leek while Riki cut the mushrooms into slices. He had to admit, Riki did have a steady hand. He didn't hesitate or loose focus. It was something Cal couldn't help but admire. But he had to admit; the mongrel didn't hesitate much in anything. Especially when he was fighting with Master Iason. That spark of determination. The look of courage. He sometimes found himself smiling when he would hear the mongrel talk back to his Blondie master.

The mongrel who got away with disobeying Iason Mink. The mongrel who had managed to capture the Blondie's heart.

Riki added the stock to the broth and stuck his finger in the pot to taste it. 'Mmm. Alright we have to let that simmer for a least two hours then we will taste it and add the seasoning.'

Cal nodded and was anticipating the outcome of tonight's meal.


Later that evening, Iason sat at the dinning table and look down at the dinner that had been spread out for him. It was mixed vegetable curry with rice dumplings and a side bowl of mushroom and leak broth. His ice blue eyes glanced up and noticed Riki had already started eating, a look of satisfaction crossing his beautiful face. He shook his head and took the fork next to his plate. He scoped up a serve of curry and brought it to his lips.

Sensations and flavours tickled his tastebuds and he smiled. 'Cal. I must say this is absolutely delicious.' He took a bit of the rice dumplings and smiled in pleasure.

The furniture, who obviously was deep in thought, jumped at the sound of his name. 'T… Thank you, Master.' Cal bowed and at the corner of his eye he spotted Riki give him a low wink.

'Yeah Cal. Really out done yourself this time.'

'Thank you.'

'So, Riki. What did you do to occupy your time today.' Iason asked from across the table to his wayward pet, who pulled the fork from his mouth and swallowed his food.

'As opposed to be stuck here all day… nothing much. Just watched the birds fly by.' Riki said sarcastically and kept his face expressionless. Something he had picked up from the almighty Blondie. Cal smiled inwardly as he watched Riki shove another mouthful into his mouth and Iason sigh before he too, started eating, not knowing that the food he was eating was actually prepared by his pet. Something he, as a furniture has never seen before.

Riki was defiantly a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma. There were so many layers to this stunning man that he doubted even his master had managed to uncover them all. Maybe no one ever would but at least he got to have a glimpse at the seemly misjudged soul hidden away in the darkness.

The end.

So did you enjoy that? I combined my culinary knowledge with my writing and everything is true. Mixed vegetable curry is an actual dish and its real name is Rasa Kayi in South India. And ginger is a major ingredient in the curry. Also dumplings are really hard to get right. You can either poach them in water or other liquids or deep-fry them. Anyway read and remember to review.