Chapter 1

It all happened way too fast. The busting glass, the squealing tires, the honking horns. It moved way too fast for my mind to comprehend, but somehow it did. It happened, and I couldn't avoid it. I just didn't remember Teddy being there. But I thank god he was. I'm sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. My brain's a little mushy these days. I'm John. John Hennigan, known to WWE fans as Morrison. You know, the Monday Night Delight, the 'Shaman Of Sexy' and all that shit. To my Twitter followers, I'm TheRealMorrison. This is my story. It's got drama, romance, sadness, anger, regret, pity and love. Most importantly, love. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the view, kiddies as we look back over the six months that changed my life the most.

Six months previously….

This was a big match for me. I was facing my friend, John Cena for the WWE title. I mean, come on, it's the WWE title. The biggest title in the company, no, not just the company, the world. The freaking WWE title! And I won. I was riding high from the victory against him when I extended my hand. Cena took it and hugged me in the center of the ring and whispered in my ear.

"It's your time now, Johnny. Make it count."

And I would. I would be the best fucking WWE champion on this side of the Mason-Dixon line. I got back towards the locker room area, and saw my friends clapping for me. It was still a sight to see, knowing my friends respected me enough to stand here, cheering for me. Recently retired Mark Callaway and his wife, Alison stood there. I was shocked seeing Ali, because she had recently bought TNA Wrestling and was weeding WWE talent left and right, and was public enemy number 1 around here, no matter if she was Shane and Stephanie's sister. Ali grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I'm no slouch at six-one, but Ali, at almost six-seven made me feel like a dwarf.

"You sure you don't wanna defect?"

"No, I'm good."

"Well, then congratulations sweetie, you deserve it!"

She said, letting me go. I shook Mark's hand and moved on. My former tag team partner, and newest Straight Edge Society member, Adam Birch, also known as Joey Mercury was there. He was always up the ass of Phil Brooks you never knew where Adam ended and Phil began. We embraced quickly and then I moved on to Stephanie McMahon and her husband Paul Levesque.

"Damn Hennigan," Paul said, shaking my hand. "I didn't know if anyone could defeat Super Cena, but you did it."

He said in a very disgruntled manner. Someone obviously had a jealousy issue, and I wasn't going to goad him. Not tonight. He'd be coming after me soon enough, and I didn't want it to be personal and professional. Stephanie elbowed him in the ribs, hard and hugged me warmly. Only a select few people got Stephanie McMahon hugs, so I consider myself lucky. And then, standing off to the side all by himself, looking dopey carrying around the Million Dollar Belt was Ted DiBiase, Jr. Behind him was his now ex-fiancee and walking train wreck Dr. Traci Hodges. A world renowned psycho-analyst for the New York Times. He saw me walk towards him, and angled himself between her and I. It had come to blows a few times between Traci and I. The scar on my chin…yeah, that was Traci. I'm man enough to admit it.



"Great job against Cena, man."

He said, extending his hand. I shook it casually and smiled. Ted and I came up through OVW together, and that friendship just stayed with us. We were on separate shows, but we made sure our friendship withstood everything.

"Thanks Teddy man. Means a lot."

"We still on for drinks later?"

"Totally. Let me shower and change, and we'll meet up."

"Will do. Be careful though, Traci's wandering around."

"10-4 Captain."

I said, clapping his shoulder. I continued on my journey towards my locker room. The last three years have been a journey let me tell you. First, breaking up with Melina then getting in touch with who the real John Hennigan was. I'd been Morrison for so long, that I'd lost touch with who the real John Randall Hennigan was. It was then I discovered that for the last 31 years, I've been in the closet. I opened the door and sighed. Home sweet home. I put aside the belt and grabbed my clothes for tonight. Tight black jeans and a tighter black t-shirt. It was standard for me, and more importantly, I felt comfortable in them. I was going cruising for chicks with Ted tonight…or so he thought. I wasn't taking any of them home. Not when the person I wanted to take home was my companion tonight.