Ok so this idea just popped into my head and demanded to be written. I hate those plott bunnies with the tasers... they are not any fun take it from me. Run from the Taser weilding plot bunnies.

Year 2035.

"Uncle Jeremy you want me to do what?" The 18 year old girl asked. She had long black hair with neon red highlights her eyes were a rare viloet. They were in the factory or well what was left of it now these days.

"I want you to go back into the year 2010 and help us stop XANA. About this time that Xana was beging to rise to power. If we can stop them then we can change all of this. We can save them. We can save your parents." Jeremy looked at the young girl. She was Jessica Naomi Stern the daughter of the late Yumi and Ulrich Stern. It was only the last past year that her parents had been killed leading the resetance against Xana. Aelita had fallen to Xana 2 years before and Odd has been missing in action ever since Ulrich and Yumi died.

"How? Xana is watching everything that we do? He will know what we are up to before we can do anything?" The thought of saving her parents was to much for her to pass up. Besides she missed Aelita and Odd as well they were like her family.

"Simple, Xana has forgotten about this little factory. So i'll use the super computer and send you." He smiled. It had been so long since he had even operated the Super Computer that he hoped he remembered how.

"Okay. I'll do it. Just do what ever you have to ok?" Jessica Looked determined. This is what the Junior resitance leader was like. So much like her mother and so much like her father. A true Lyoko warrior down to the bone.

"Head down to the scanner. Once you are on lyoko it will be 2010. You'll be in a coma like state until you are relised from the gaurdin. Only one of the Lyoko Warriors can free you." With a quick wave Jessica did as she was told even though she wasn't sure that this was going to go well.

"Scanner Jessica" Jermey begain typing. Everything began coming back it was like ridding a bike once you knew how its hard to forget..

"Transfer Jessica"


The young girl was no longer in the year 2035. Instead she was heading back 25 years into the past where Xana had not taken control yet. Where her parents were alive and the only problem was that she was Older then the Lyoko warriors. Almost everyone would be 16 while Yumi was 17 she just didn't know it yet.

They young girl hoped that this was the right thing to do. No this had to be the right thing to do. If it wasn't well what could be worse then living in a world controled by XANA? Nothing that came into her head right away so she slept knowing that she woud soon be found.