Ok so this idea just popped into my head and demanded to be written. I hate those plot bunnies with the tasers... they are not any fun take it from me. Run from the Taser wielding plot bunnies.

Year 2010.

"Has anyone seen my handheld videogame?" Odd asked as he began searching franticly for it. Little did he know that last night when he was sleeping Ulrich had taken it off of his nightstand and hid it. For the last two nights he hadn't been able to sleep because Odd's late night playing had kept him awake. It was currently hidden in his Clean laundry basket. Odd was guaranteed not to find it for about a week.

"Nope haven't seen it lately."Yumi said however she glanced at Ulrich who seemed to find Odd's reaction amusing. She raised her eyebrow and he only smiled in return. They had perfected this way of talking for when they didn't want anyone to know about what was going on mainly Odd. Yumi had to bite her lip to keep from laughing.

"Aww man and I had one more level left." Odd began to pout.

"Hey that's what you said the other night." Ulrich laughed.

"Well yeah that was the other game. This is one that I just got last night." He smiled at the group. They didn't' understand what games meant to him and they wouldn't. Little known fact to anyone was that the games where his way of coping with stuff.

"Geez Odd. You really need to take care of your stuff." Ulrich smiled. "If i were you I would try checking in your laundry." Ulrich spoke quietly.
"I did move around the clothes on the floor. It wasn't there!" Ulrich just shook his head.

"I meant your clean clothes! Jez last night when you went to bed I hide it in your clean clothes." Ok so now the cat was out of the bag.

"Wow. That makes so much sense. The one place that I would never look huh?"

"Why did you do something like that Ulrich?" Aelita asked her friend.

"Simple. He has kept me awake the last two nights with the noise of that damn game. I keep hearing the thing saying ""come help me "" over and over again so I hid it."Ulrich sighed.

"Um Ulrich? The game never says that at all." Odd stared at his friend.

"Not at all?" He went pale. He had been dreaming about something that he had pased off to hearing it from Odd's game.

"No not even once. I was playing tetras (sp?)" Now the gang was looking at Ulrich. Yumi looked a little pale as well for she had heard the same thing the last two nights as well.

Bring. Bring. Bring.

"We will figure this out after class. Let's get going before we get into trouble." Jeremy looked at the others before heading to class. Aelita followed.

"See you guys at Lunch" Yumi called as she headed to her class.

"Come on Ulrich or we're going to be late!" Odd looked at his best friend. Something wasn't right.

"Yea let's go." The two boys headed off two classes hoping for a normal day.