Okay, after updating a True Covenant I have decided to get this story updated as well.

So here it is, Chapter three of Alone. A father's memories.

Peppy Hare sighed silent as he finished organized all off papers and placed them to one side, glad that it was all over with it. Leaning back on his chair, he snatched his personal organizer from the desk and flipped it open, ticking off 'Do paperwork' with immense satisfaction, he then scrolled down his personal planer to see what was next…

And jolted when he saw what was next. 'Meeting with Star Wolf and Star Fo- Falco' abruptly, he flipped the planer closed and tossed it onto desk in front off him, a desperate attempt to escape what it was to come, a futile effort as the flood off memories still came.

Every time. Every single damn time he heard mention off Star Wolf or Star Falco, he remembered Star Fox. He remembered his times there the fights and wars he took part in as a member off the team… he remembered the easily scared yet brave and reliable mechanic Slippy, the arrogant hotshot pilot that was Falco, and off course, the leader off the team, his near son – Fox… but there was one he had been remembering off late, more then even Fox… he was remembering his father, James McCloud…

This time around, he remembered the first time he ever met James, not knowing that such a chance encounter would change his life forever, in ways he never had ever imagined.

'Peppy was down in the academy shooting range, holding a blaster in his shaking paws, as he pointed it down towards the range, desperately trying to hit the targets, but almost every single shot he fired missed the target, and when they did hit another target, it hit a target on another range, which was worse then missing his target at all. Peppy was the only one in the shooting range, having snuck into here after curfew to get some practice in. Peppy was a horrible shot and always had been, but to his horror he found out that unless he got at least a score of 125 out off five shots – an average off 25per shot – during the end off year exam, then he would get kicked out off the academy and if that happen… he couldn't bare to think about it.

As every shot missed, Peppy began to get more and more desperate, and as a result, his shots got more and more wild. Time passed on and Peppy realized that he was improving one bit, and most likely wouldn't improve no matter what he did. This realization meant that he panicked, starting to hyper ventilate.

"Easy there." A voice said out off nowhere, an orange furred paw appearing out off nowhere and wrapping around Peppy's trembling paws. Peppy jerked away with surprise, turning his head to see who had spoken.

To the side and just behind him stood a fox the same age as himself he was well built for his age, but to Peppy's surprise, he wasn't wearing the academy's uniform. Instead he was wearing a set if clothes that in the future, his son would as well. Smiling kindly at Peppy the fox said. "You've got to calm down, if you just shot and panic when you shoot badly, you won't ever improve."

"W-w-who are you?" Peppy managed to stutter out, surprised at this vulpine's sudden appearance and how accurate he was in guessing what he was doing, and fear that he had been caught and was going to be escorted to the head's office, where most likely after receiving the bollocking off his life, he would get thrown out off the academy.

"James McCloud, a name that everyone will know when I become the best fighter pilot in the entire system." The fox replied confidently, but not arrogantly or cockily, and then he grimaced. "Well I would be if I was a member off the academy, but because I'm just a builder's son, I don't have the class to join, nor do my parents have the money to pay the fees." Peppy was mute at this point, partly because off fear, but partly because he had no idea what to say – here was a kid who by no means was part off the academy, yet he was teaching him how to shoot! Part of him said that he should feel offended and angry, a part off him wanting to put this low-class scum into his place… however this part Peppy squashed instantly, he swore he would never be like his father, and to help this young boy to achieve his dream.

"So… any more tips?" Peppy asked calmly – as if the entire situation had gone. James grinned in reply before moving so that he was standing behind Peppy's shoulder, looking down his arm and the barrel off the gun.

"You've got to be steady and calm." He said, as he gently moved the Peppy's aim. "I'm pretty sure you know all off the 'look down the barrel of the gun, line up the sights with where you want to hit' etc etc. But honestly? The main thing you need to do is be confidant in yourself. Don't try to hit the target, tell yourself 'I am going to hit the target' and pull the trigger." After saying this, James pulled the trigger, and to Peppy's amazement is shot down the range and smashed into the centre off the target. With a small smile, the vulpine stepped back and gently slapped the hare on the shoulder. "Now you have a go."

Peppy quickly got nervous again as James watched him, but remembering what the vulpine had said, forced himself to calm down. "I will hit the target." He told himself firmly as he looked down the sights off the gun. After he spoke, he pulled the trigger.

The blaster bolt shot down the shooting range and hit the target clearly on the 30-point area.'

Peppy smiled at the memory. His shooting improved remarkably after this, but he kept it hidden, pretending to be a bad shot… so much in fact that a betting pool off what he would score would get was created. James heard off this, and bet heavily on him hitting the 225 mark – through he didn't tell the Hare. Everyone laughed at him when he placed the bet, but no one was laughing when Peppy got a total score off 245 – almost top marks. It was with this money that he won that secured himself a place in the academy – that and his help with Peppy had not been missed. Peppy told his dad that he helped him improve his shooting and was shocked when the old hare roared at both him for needing help off such low class scum, then at the headmaster for letting such low class scum join the academy… then even more surprisingly he feel silent… when James knocked him with one punch. The event was covered up, and the old hare transported away, and Peppy was more then glad that he never had to go back and see him again.

Peppy sighed before turned to the picture he had on his desk – a picture off both him and James after they had graduated from the academy. "So long has it been hasn't it?" He said softly. "And so much has happened… you made me promise that if anything would to happen to you during our last fateful mission I would look after your son… and I am afraid I have broken that promise my friend… I am sorry…" Peppy then looked to the time, and jerked in surprise when he was the meeting was in five minutes. Sitting upright, he hastily wiped the tears from his eyes and stood up, moving to the exit off his officer, before he left however he stopped and turned, looking back at the picture on his desk. "Funny isn't it James? I have a family like you did, in fact I have a granddaughter who was the same age as when we both met now… and yet, I am completely Alone…"

And done! So, I have covered Fox, Krystal and Peppy, and next up with be another member of Star Fox, one who has always said to be a person that enjoys being alone… but has he really?

And who is that reptile who saved Fox's life? What role does he have in this? And what has happened for Fox? Why is Peppy calling this meeting with both Star Falco and Star Wolf? What could be some important to call them both in?

wait, just you wait until these questions are answered…