Until We Bleed

by: LunarEclipse360

A/N: I know, I know. You're all probably like, why is she starting a new story when she has three she still needs to finish? The answer to that it, for the time being I'm unable to finish them. This story has been knawing at me for the past three months and I've been trying to make it right. So far, I've gotten four chapters done and the fifth one on its way to being written up. Unfortunately, I'm going away Saturday and won't be back until next Sunday, so this short chapter is all you'll be getting from me unless I get a bunch of reviews saying that you really want to read this story. Then I might take some time out and go back over chapter 1, make sure it's all correct and upload it (cause I don't have enough time to send it to my beta but I will send her chapter 2 so that it will be checked over by the time I come back). I'm working hard at chapter 18 of At The Beginning, but I don't have it quite done yet and Pieces is a mental stand still right now. Hopefully some time away from everything will get me back in shape with that story. I will be bringing my laptop with me, so I hope to get in some writing every now and then and be back with something for you to read since I'm taking forever with my stories. Anyway. If you want me to post chapter 1 by tomorrow, please review requesting that I do so :)


It hurt.

It hurt more than anything.

And what was worse? She didn't know what to do.

The painful cries that escaped his throat broke her heart over and over again. She wanted to comfort him and tell him that everything would be all right, but she couldn't. How could she comfort him when she wasn't sure if he wanted to be? How could she tell him that everything would be okay when she wasn't sure if it would be? She couldn't. She couldn't, and that made it even worse.

Since the day she met him, she'd never seen him this way. He'd always been so strong, so self-assured, but now…now he just look vulnerable; he was vulnerable. She made a move to say something, but stopped. What was there to say? I'm sorry? That wouldn't help at all. There had to be something she could do. He needed someone, anyone. Was there someone she could call? No, that wouldn't do. He'd sent home all that she knew could help. He apparently didn't want them to see him like this. What then? What could she do?

Fed up with staring at his hunched over form, she took careful steps towards him, stopping when she was directly in front of him. Slowly, she knelt down, sitting with her legs tucked under her. She watched him for a few seconds, a frown on her face. Reaching out for him, she gasped when his hand shot out of nowhere and grasped her wrist in mid-air. She waited, not wanting him to recoil from her. Neither moved. What felt like forever, he finally moved his hand up her wrist and laced his fingers through hers.

Her heart lurched when he opened his eyes, all the hurt and the pain he was feeling playing on the surface. She wanted to cry for him, but she needed to be strong. Without another word, she wrapped her arms around him and held him close. Not caring that her favorite shirt was getting wet with his tears, she allowed him to bury his face into her shoulder and continue to cry as she stroked his hair.

Words were not needed or wanted.

His heart wrenching sobs were the only sound that penetrated the quiet apartment around them. Though she tried not to, she couldn't help but cry. Silent tears streamed down her face as she continued to hold the broken hearted male in her arms.

She had been right, he had needed someone…her.