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Chapter 1: With a Wild Desire

It had been three years to the day that he received his first ever gift, a bag of hard candies, from the old man and woman who ran the candy shop that the other children frequented. He had gone there one day at the tender age of five with some change he gathered up, and purchased a single caramel piece. That had started a love affair with candies of all kinds; he would search tirelessly for fallen coins to feed his addiction. In truth it wasn't only the fact that the candy was great, so much as he was allowed to buy it. The old woman at the counter even smiled at him and asked him his favorite, to which he replied that he had never had candy. Since then every time he went by she would have something new for him to purchase, stating that once he had tried enough he was sure to find one he liked best. He ate taffy, licorice, gummies, sour candies, hard candies, and more never finding one that he didn't like just as much as the next.

They treated him well, better than most ever would; they cared for him and smiled at him. While all throughout the village he would receive glares and harsh words, at the candy shop he only ever felt a sense of warmth and belonging. He only ever got such treatment from the kindly orphanage matron. For some reason when mothers and fathers came to adopt, she would take him to the back room, after buying him a bag of candies, and just sit by his side on the couch. He would eat his candy and tell her about his day, and she would listen resting a hand on his head affectionately. He once asked her why he couldn't meet the parents like the other kids it was the first time he saw the sweet woman cry, and he regrets his asking every day.

"There is nothing wrong with you," she said through her tears," you're the sweetest thing, and none of them deserve you."

He dropped the subject, he wanted to have a mother and a father, but not if it made the matron cry, he owed her too much. It was from that day on that he called the matron "Kaasan", she seemed so happy the first time he said it so it stuck. He was content with the life he led, spending adoption days with his Kaasan, and eating candy from the best shop in Konoha.

Sadly, people took notice of Naruto frequenting the shop and began to avoid it; the old couple lost a lot of business and began to have trouble keeping the place afloat. Eventually they were forced to close down. Naruto was crushed; he blamed himself having noticed other children's parents sending covert glares at the old couple's way, the same glares he received. The old couple, who Naruto came to know as Kompeitō-Obaachan, and Ojiichan respectively, knew they had to leave the village in order to open their shop again. They told Naruto that he reminded them of their son who they'd lost during the Kyuubi attack, and promised to see him again one day. The day they left by wagon from the villages front gates, Naruto, the Sandaime, and the matron of the orphanage were there to see them off as Naruto clutched tightly to the matron's dress trying to hide his tears.

"Thank you for being so kind to him," the Third had said, "It meant so much to him."

The old couple nodded then knelt before Naruto, holding out a one pound bag of multicolored spheres. Naruto's eyes lit up as he launched himself into a hug crushing his bag between the three of them. Once the hug ended the couple boarded their wagon and began to leave, as Naruto watched them depart all that the adults present could think was how much more he deserved then what they could give him.

Now eight years old Naruto lay on his bed tears stinging his eyes he had just wanted to buy a piece of blueberry licorice, he had never had it before, and the shop owner had chased him out with his broom. As Naruto sat on the ground outside he made a show of handing a free piece to all the children who passed, grinning evilly in Naruto's direction every now and again.

Naruto's watery eyes stared down at the small red orb on his palm, a smile gracing his disheveled features. If there was one thing that could lift his spirits it was the thing he held in his hand, the day had taken its toll on him, he needed the comfort it provided. He opened his mouth and popped it in.

"Cherry," he thought as he enjoyed the treat, "it's the last one though, so I will have to grow up, I'm starting the academy tomorrow I have to be strong. Strong ninja don't cry and they don't need candy!"

As the candy worked its magic Naruto savored its sweet taste he drifted off to sleep dreaming of the day he can see them again.

" Maybe," he said with a yawn, "it's okay for a ninja to need candy every now and again…"

Tomorrow he began the academy, the first step on the road to acceptance; everyone in the village respects the ninja that protect them.


Naruto ran, he ran as fast as he could from the academy gates as the mocking laugher of the villagers followed him down the street. Tears stung at his eyes as her made his way swiftly home. What had he done? It was the first day he just wanted to go to his classes, but that villager said he could never be a ninja. He told him he had no chance, and that he personally would not allow a "monstrosity" such as him to step foot in the building. Naruto would have just gone ahead anyway, but then more and more people began to gang up on him with cried of; "Yes!" and "We can't have it getting stronger!"

That wasn't what did it for him though it was what he heard below the yells, the whispers they thought he could not hear.


"Should have been killed…"

"Doesn't belong…"


And so he ran, as fast as his legs could carry him, to the little apartment the Hokage had bought him a year before when he left the orphanage so that the other children would have a chance at adoption. He missed his Kaasan every day, but once one of the villagers saw him words spread, and he didn't feel right keeping the other children from having families. She said she would come to his birthdays, but wouldn't be able to visit because of her responsibility to the orphanage.

Falling to his bed side he began to convulse, heaving sobs shaking his body as he cried out in utter despair. Why him? What had he done to deserve this punishment, to be damned in the home he loved despite himself!

He reached for his only comfort, his bad of candies only to recoil in horror when he remembered that he had indeed eaten the last one. He punched the tiled floor so hard it cracked and his knuckles bled, but he didn't notice. He curled into a ball next to the bed tears pouring from his eyes as he yelled; "Why Obaachan, Ojiichan? Why did they force you to go? Why do they hate me? Why can't I have my mother? I try and try, but no matter what I do they still look down on me! Why?"

He gripped his stomach tightly, muttering to himself not noticing the faint glow there.

~Within the Seal~

Naruto's intense emotions had allowed for Kyuubi to release some of his chakra into the boy, he concentrated on making it feel warm, hoping to comfort the boy who seemed to be suffering from a mental breakdown. It had no effect; the boy lay there mumbling to himself Kyuubi strained his senses to hear…

"It's okay to need candy," the boy said in a silent crazed voice," every now and again."

Kyuubi sighed, of course, the kid had always eaten those sweets when the weight of his burden fell on him hardest, but that was just the problem. There was no candy, not anywhere in the house, and the kid was on a downward spiral, his mind seemed cracked. Kyuubi racked his brain for a solution, and then it hit him like a sack of bricks the boy's bloodline, on his mother's side, the blood of a recon specialist. The ability to take trace amounts of vitamins, and multiply them within the body allowing them to go long periods of time in less than friendly environments, chemically removing toxins from anything they eat and amplifying its nutritional value. Manipulate naturally occurring bodily chemicals such as adrenaline to increase reflexes and perception at will. The Uzumaki were known for being survivors, the boy did his ancestors proud living in this village, living with its hate. The part of the bloodline that neutralized toxins, also kept the bearer from harming themselves with excess of anything, it's the only reason Naruto hadn't died of sodium intake due to all that ramen. His bloodline took the excess salt and stored it away in a clan specific organ on the off chance his body needed a dose of sodium on the spot, while it also amplified the effectiveness of the proteins in the meats, and the nutrients in the vegetables. His bloodline was a passive one, but could be manipulated with training.

Then there was his father's bloodline.

Kyuubi smirked, if he manipulated the kids blood he could get him a sweet treat, whatever else he does with the gift is up to him. He got to work.


Naruto grit his teeth as a sudden pain erupted in his stomach, his body felt like it was on fire his insides where melting. He ground his teeth together so hard he felt parts chip off, surprisingly sweet parts, they melted his mouth as the pain receded. The sweetness calmed him taking him back to a time when he felt cared for. He licked his teeth finding them jagged, they tasted sweet to the tongue; it was the strangest thing. He went to the mirror in his bathroom and opened wide only to gasp in shock. There at the tips his teeth where pointy clear crystal like protrusions, they made his mouth look like that of a shark. Naruto came to a decision and bit down hard, crushing the faux jaws and coating his mouth in its sweet remains.

He had no idea what had happened, but he couldn't wait to find out, all thoughts of the villagers left his mind as he savored the sweet taste.

~One Year Later~

A nine year old Naruto sat alone in his apartment; he had secretly been experimenting with his strange new ability. At first it was hard, slowly he began to feel it, so far he can only concentrate it on two areas his mouth and arms. When concentrated to his mouth it forms those crazy crystal jaws, which he found were sharp as honed blades. He called this technique "Sweet Tooth" but has no idea when he will ever need it.

The second skill is what got him exited; he called it "Rock Candy Protection." It coated his arms in an inch thick layer of super hard crystallized sugar, he tried stabbing it with a kunai and it held firm. The best part was that if he focused hard enough he could lengthen some pieces into spikes; he figured it would work for close combat, as even when blocking he could deal damage to his opponents fists. As of now though it took too long, more than five minutes, for him to do it so he couldn't rely on it in battle.

He heard a knock at his door and immediately rushed to the door, expecting a visit from the Hokage that very day to discuss his grades at the academy; it was Sunday so he didn't have any classes. When he opened the door, however, he was greeted by a forceful palm strike to his forehead, and then darkness.

As he began to slip back into reality he heard what sounded like a heated argument, he tried in vain to concentrate on the voices but only came up with a few broken sentences.

"Hand ove…you have already taken…just a boy."

"…never hurt him…slaves to our families…a place of honor."

Naruto began to come completely back to reality in time to hear the end of the verbal bout.

"No matter how good your intentions, this is still a crime, now I will say it again; give us the sample!" Growled out the Hokage, Naruto had never heard him so angry.

"It's too late Hokage-sama," came a calm female voice," before you left a hawk carried the sample away, you would have to overturn the entirety of the Hyuuga clan complex to find it."

"You do realize that this is a transgression that I cannot allow to go unpunished Hyuuga-san, let it be known that I will no longer stand for the main house pushing you all to such desperate measures."

"It warms my heart knowing that even in death I have done all I can for my family, may the branch family raise up into new glory with Naruto-sama at its center, by your leave, Hokage-sama."

"Dog," the Hokage said, voice laced with sadness," she is to be executed; Cat, take Naruto to the tower."

The two masked nin went to their assigned duties, Cat removed Naruto from the bed holding him tightly in her arms. Naruto remembered this Anbu, she watched out for him as a child saving him from a pack of rabid dogs once.

"For what it's worth," the dog masked Anbu whispered into the Hyuuga's ear, "You tried to do more for my sensei's son then this entire village combined. You went about it the wrong way, but at least you tried, for that, I thank you."

Cat disappeared in a swirl of leaves just in time to shield Naruto's ears from the wet squelch of Kakashi's blade piercing the Hyuuga's heart

"This is getting out of hand…" Sarutobi sighed.


The Hokage was feeling every bit of his sixty years; he puffed his pipe as he stared across at the demanding face of one Uzumaki Naruto. He was never one to kowtow to another's demands; he had stood his ground against some of the most powerful people in the world without a hint of fear. Yet he could not deny this young boy the answers he sought, not after the life he has led thus far, and the incident that had just occurred.

He sighed; yes, this horrid incident, born of his own ignorance, and the terrible practices he allowed to go on in his own village. The Hyuuga branch family had been oppressed for far too long, they were bound to rise up and defend themselves, but their means of rebellion surprised him. It was a little known fact that the Uzumaki Clan developed earlier than other, it was even lesser known in the leaf that the clan existed. He was once told by Kushina, Naruto's mother, that Uzumaki developed, matured, and married young. At age thirteen you where considered an adult within the clan, it had something to do with their bloodline, which Kami be praised, Naruto inherited.

So when a young nurse of the Hyuuga branch family ran Naruto's physical and realized this, they immediately believed it may be his prisoners influence. The branch family held Naruto in high regards, they thought of him as a kindred spirit, forced into a lower station by those he is meant to protect. Looked down upon, treated as less than human, as less than their very family. So when the opportunity presented itself to rise above the oppression and give Naruto the family he needed, they took it. They had the very same nurse steal him away and extract his "baby batter" they arrived in time to stop her from continuing, but too late to stop the sample she already sent. Enough for one sure fire pregnancy, she had said. Sarutobi decided to keep that information from Naruto; he didn't need that kind of stress at his age. He would keep an eye on pregnancies within the branch family, and once Naruto was strong enough to protect the possible child, he would be told.

"Naruto," the he began gaining to attention of the boy who had drifted away during his prolonged pause, "I am sure you are wondering why you were taken, in order for you to understand I must ask you a question; what do you know of the Kyuubi attack?"

Naruto took up a thoughtful pose, "It happened on my birthday, and they have a festival for it that I am not allowed to go to. We haven't covered it in the academy, and I never thought to ask Kaasan, because she would always bring me candy and spend the festival with me for my birthday."

Sarutobi had to reign in his anger, how dare they deny him even the knowledge of his father's glory, and the chance to enjoy the festival that should in all actuality be dedicated to him. He sighed puffing at his pipe to calm his anger.

"The Kyuubi was a force of nature; we threw everything we had at it, to no avail. Many died, many more would never be the same again, but in out darkest hour your father came to the rescue."

"My father…" Naruto gasped.

"Yes your father Naruto," Sarutobi smiled, "and I will tell you all about him, but first I must finish the tale."

Naruto nodded wanting to know all he could.


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