"OH MY GOD!" shouted General Walker. General Walker wasn't your average man and in most circumstances he showed no emotion whatsoever, even hell would find it hard to make him cry. I think that's the reason why most people respect him and look up to him and with his tough Yorkshire accent that just added to the list of reasons to be afraid of him. I wasn't the sort of person to suck up to somebody as you could put it but more or less would at least do things my way which most of the time were right up until 2 weeks ago when the will to live in me died along with most of England.

The alarm clock went off around 5:30 which is where my terrifying day started. Lieutenant General Taylor of the British Army was roughly around 5'8" and his body was pretty built. I always like to go to the gym on the base where he would often work out and play football with some of the troops. I walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out my Jacket and his Khaki and also my military trousers and a blue shirt. i went to the bathroom, took a shower, and brushed my teeth. I went to the bedroom and got dressed into my uniform and put on my size 11 boots. I kissed my wife on the forehead and did the same to my children and locked the front door. I always knew nothing would happen to my wife as I had a gun locker in the wardrobe and also one in the cellar. I unlocked my Mercedes Benz E250 which I had imported from Germany a week ago which made most of my neighbours jealous and I liked it that way. I slowly reversed off the drive as my wife had angled her Audi A7 at an awkward angle which would probably be difficult for most drivers to manoeuvre around it but having been in the Tank corps for 4 years I sure new how to drive and made short work of her terrible parking. I drove down my road and stopped at the end. To my right was a clear street that wasn't really the route that I wanted to take but to my left I noticed something rather out of the ordinary there was a police Ford Focus parked behind a red Vauxhall Astra. This wasn't what worried me but the fact that there was nobody around not even the police who had pulled the occupants over really concerned me.

There was fresh red blood on the drivers side door of the police car and the passenger door was wide open with a police taser and radio on the ground. The Astra was worse, there was blood in the back seats and there was a strange black fluid in the drivers front windscreen, seat and side window. The back door was left open with the taser wires on the ground next to it and that black fluid led off into the woods to the left. My only guess was that the black fluid was probably oil. I took out my Blackberry and dialled 999. The operator came on the line shortly after I pressed the call button. "Hello what service do you require?" "Erm police please" "Dorset County Police how may I help?" "I'm currently parked at the end of my road and I am seeing something very out of the ordinary" "Could you pleased explain sir?" "Well for one thing the is a police car with no officers in sight and the occupants of the other vehicle have disappeared, there is blood and a weird black fluid all over the place". "Sir have you been watching the news lately". Wow when was the last time I watched the news I think it was about 4 months ago because I hate the press they hide quite a bit from the civilians who only believe what the press want them to believe I really couldn't be bothered to explain that to her so my reply was pretty stupid and even made me laugh. "The news well no not really I cant stand the reporters" ouch was that the best excuse I could come up with. "Well sir all civilians are advised not to go to work and to stay home and lock doors and barricade their homes so unless you are a doctor, nurse, Law enforcement or military then you should be at home sir" Wow something serious must be going on if civilians are being told to barricade themselves indoors so this was serious. "I'm a Lieutenant-General in the British Infantry Division do I still go to the Carver Barracks or do I have to go to a rally point?".

The operator paused for a moment then said "Well Lieutenant-General erm" "Taylor I interupted, Lieutenant-General Taylor" "Well Leiutenant-General Tayloryou should still go to Carver Barracks as we have been quarantined by the British Goverment as no other cities are infected so far" Infected? what was she talking about. "What do you mean infected?" I questioned "Lt Gen Taylor there has been a massive mutation of the rabies and it has now been able to interact with human tissue and human antibodies are unable to stop the virus from taking over their blood, once the virus has succesfully enters the blood,cut or the eye or mouth of a human they usually turn within 30 minutes in which they are not human anymore but instead mindless monsters that only have one instinct. The need to feed". Oh my god I had read stories about this but never actually thought an infection would occur but hopefully they were really stupid or we would have problems. "Ok I understand are you safe where you are?" I was actually getting worried about her and wanted her to be safe as she obviously didn't deserve to die if she was still helping others. "I am safe for now we are in the police station and have barricaded ourselves in, the army is ariving soon i think the 28th Infantry Division is moving to Carver Barracks and is coming to collect us on their way if they don't encounter to many infected". That was one of the units that was under my command but I don't understand why they are out of the base in the first place, I never gave them an order to leave.

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