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All I could remember was falling, into blackness, and then awakening with a horrible headache. I was in the Fal'Cie again, and sure enough, their on my left wrist was the L'cie brand. I had faint memory of home, and how I got here, yet I wasn't afraid, I kind of understood my purpose, and being around Lightning when I first was branded, helped me not be afraid.

Silently I exited the Fal'Cie, the same way me and Vanille, had entered the first time, only this time when I didn't have a vehicle, I just walked out, to discover that I walked onto land once I was out. What was most confusing about it was that I had no clue where I was. There where people fighting and killing people who had porcelain skin and red rimmed eyes, and looked dead.

I was spotted by one of the people, who had just killed a red eyed one. He had short, cropped black hair, and he was taller than me, about Snow's height. He moved quickly towards me, and looked at me before yelling out." Found another moroi."

I wondered what a moroi was, never before had I heard of one. Quickly he grabbed my arm, and pulled me towards the entrench of the cave. There was a group of people who like the guy who was guiding me away, had silver stakes on them. As soon as we bought up with the group, I was pulled towards a building, that was beautiful with the Gothic flair.

There was a lady who looked older who came independently towards the group I was with. She told the person who had taken me their, that she would handle me now, before looking at me and telling me to follow her. She led me quickly into what appeared to be the main building, and then into a office room. She smiled nicely, before another lady entered the office and looked at me.

" Whats you're name?" one of them asked me.

" Hope" I replied silently, before waiting to hear what they would say next.

The lady who had brought be to the office smiled silently before whispering something to the other lady, when then nodded and faced me.

" Welcome to St. Vladmir's academy then Hope." the other lady said before handing me a paper and calling for someone named Christian.

By the time the person named Christian had arrived, they had finished explaining to me, the classes I would be in. I looked at the one named Christian, and noticed, his black, hair and blue eyes. He talked to the two ladies for a bit before looking at me.

" Hi Hope, I am Christian." He said in a sorta calm voice, before motioning for me to follow him.

I got up, and had to run to keep up with him, he explained that we where going to the moroi dorms and that I would be his roommate, and then after he showed me the room, that we would be going meet up with his girl friend Lissa and her best friend Rose.

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