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Episode Two

"The Erlkonig"

Atlantis. The very name of the great city evokes the host of legends it has spawned. However, Atlantis was legend no more. The vast city of the Ancients floated serenely in the oceans of Lantea, safe in the waters of its longtime home.

However, Dr. Radek Zelenka was currently not very pleased about that ocean.

"Hloupí předkové a jejich stupidní bouře kanalizace!" he announced, looking through the doorway into yet another waterlogged laboratory. A large storm system had come through the area several weeks before, and, although the city's powerful shield had protected it from the storm surge, it could do nothing about the failed sensor crystal that had caused the west pier's storm drainage system to malfunction and pour muddy rain-water all through the corridors.

"You would think ze Ancients would have ze sense to put better sensors in their drainage systems." Dr. Louise Van Erich said. She was an attractive middle-aged scientist from one of the German teams, and, although Zedeka would have never admitted it, he did have something of a crush on her.

"That's what I just said." Rakek stated "We've spent the last week checking these systems for damage."

"Well, we will spend another week if we don't get these systems shut off before zey further damage temselves."

The two scientists waded into the lab, both silently thankful for the fact someone aboard the Datelus had thought to bring several pairs of hip boots on the last trip. Each went to a console and began quietly shutting down the laboratory systems.

"Kletby!" Radek stated after a moment.

"What's the matter?" Louise asked

"The console won't turn off. It is saying something about 'Security protocol. Can Not Terminate."

"Perhaps it just needs ze the ancient gene to work." she said, moving from her console to peer over his shoulder at the screen.

"It shouldn't. I think it's just some sort of security protocol that needs disabled." He said, connecting his tablet computer to the console. The screen lit up with various ancient commands. He hit a few buttons, and, seconds later, the screen displayed "security disabled" in large letters.

"Alright, that should work now." Radek stated, hitting the power button. A few crystals lit up across the face of the control board, and then it went dark as power to the entire system shut down.

At the same moment, the entire wall opened up. The barrier slid neatly in half, vanishing into the adjacent walls. Behind it, an ancient stasis pod stood on a pedestal above the flood-waters, it's occupant hidden behind a wall of stasis-induced ice.

Which was rapidly vanishing as the pod turned itself off.

The ice vanished, and the occupant fell to the floor before the still-startled Radek could think to catch them.

The person turned out to be a young-looking female human, clad in a sleeveless shirt and knee-length skirt, both of the same forest green. Louise rushed to kneel over her, quickly checking her vital signs.

"She is still alive!"

"I'll get a medical team." Radek offered. He stood up and tapped the on button of his earpiece.

"This is Zelenka. I need a medical team in west pier, level twenty-eight, coridor..."

His mind chose right then to forget the name of the coridor.

He would later both curse and bless the chance that made him forget the corridor number, for as he stepped across the room to read the number off the wall, the unknown person awoke.

She sat up suddenly, screaming out a stream of words in Ancient. Louise moved to gently push her back down, but the girl backhanded Louise in the neck, knocking her backwards with startling power.

Zelenka stood, rooted to the spot by surprise for less than a second. That second was all the creature needed.

A clouding calm filled his mind, driving out his thoughts. It was all he could do to stand, frozen, as the strange girl rushed out the door.

Louise, however, was now facing a far more dangerous problem. As she tried to get up from where she had landed half-leaning on the base of an ancient console, a coldness seemed to grow in her neck, where the strange girl's hand had struck her. She only got halfway up before slipped back, the coldness rapidly spreading through her body. As her mind began to go dim, she was aware of Radek leaning over her, lifting her up out of the muddy floodwaters.

"Are you allright?"he asked "I've already called for a medical team."

" poisonous..." she said, so weakly it was barely audible.

Even as the curtains of this shadowy world were rolling back, something clicked within her mind. A half-remembered story from her childhood came back full force.


"What? What is it?" Radek asked, panicking.


Even as she finished speaking that single word, her soul fled the mortal world. Little did she know that her final words had been exactly true, or that she was only the first to meet their end at the hands of the mythical creature.

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