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It was a Saturday afternoon, the weather being extremely hot and humid. Finn and Jake were going to go sneak into the Ice King's dominion to cool off, but decided they didn't feel like battling that big nerd. So our two heroes were playing in a stream, not too far off from Princess Bubblegum's castle.

"Take this Jake!" Finn exclaimed. He leaped out of the water, taking a water gun and squirting water right at Jake!

Jake twisted his body around, dodging the water, then spit water out on Finn! He laughed, "Ha! Nice try man!"

"Ew you spit on me dude!" Finn laughed. "I'll get you for that!"

"Can't do much damage man, I'm already soaked!" Jake replied, shaking his butt teasingly at Finn.

"You guys are being lumping IDIOTS!" sneered a voice.

Jake and Finn turned around to see Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) floating a few feet away, her hands on her hips (or erm… lumps). "Hey LSP," Finn greeted casually, "What's the haps?"

"I sun burn easily," LSP replied, "I need you and Jake to like, shade me while I float over to Bubblegum's castle."

"Actually, I think I want to go eat some hash browns," Jake replied, getting off subject.

"No hash browns! You need to come with me to Princess Bubblegum's castle and shade me so I don't burn," LSP repeated.

"Why do we have to do it?" Finn asked.

"I lumpin' asked you to, that's why," LSP replied. Finn looked at Jake and the two shrugged, then started walking with LSP to the castle. Jake extended his body over LSP and Finn, so he blocked the sun. While walking, LSP turned to Finn and said, "Check it out Finn, my new phone has GPS."

"Sweet! So you can locate anyone in the Land of Ooh and you'll find them?" Finn asked.

"Cha. It's like, so amazingly cool. I've been tracking my ex boyfriend Brad."

"Why would you track him? I thought he's dating your friend Melissa and you were trying to avoid him and stuff," Jake said.

"I am avoiding him. With this GPS I know where he is, so like, that's where I know not to go. Lumpin' get with the program," LSP replied.

"Jeez somebody is moody," Jake huffed.

"Humidity brings out my nasty," LSP shrugged. The three came to the castle gates. "I can float my way from here," LSP said. "Thanks guys."

"No big dealio," Finn replied. "Tell Princess Bubblegum I said hi."

"I'll also tell her you love her," LSP teased.

"What? NO! You'll destroy me!" Finn cried.

"I'm like, kidding. Gosh you two." LSP went inside the kingdom.

"Let's avoid Lumpy Space Princess for a few days," Finn suggested.

Jake nodded, "Agreed."

"AUGH!" a random high pitched voice screamed.

"What was that?" Finn exclaimed.

"My stomach crying for taters man," Jake answered.

"No, this sounded serious! Do you know what time it is?"

"It's certainly not time to eat potatoes."

"Right you are! It's ADVENTURE TIME!"

Finn and Jake ran towards the high pitched scream, which led them to a shady forest. "Hello? Is anyone here?" Jake called. "Any dancing babes here?"

"Lady Rainicorn better not have heard that," Finn smiled, sticking his tongue out. The same scream happened again, and this time Finn and Jake could pin point the noise.

They ran and found a girl in the middle of the forest, her knees tucked in toward her chest and long blond hair covering her face. She didn't move or make anymore noises. "Hello?" Jake asked. "Are you okay?"

"I think we need to get closer to her dude," Finn said softly to Jake. The two adventurers stepped closer to the girl and-


"Ah! We're trapped!" Finn exclaimed. He and Jake got caught in a hidden net, and now were hanging from a tree!

"Ahaha! Long time no see weenies," the girl said. She stood up to her full height and took off her blond wig- revealing she was Marceline the Vampire Queen.

"Marceline? Why'd you trap us?" Finn demanded, yelling loudly.

The Vampire Queen flung her head back and laughed. "Because it was fun. I trapped Ooh's best travelers."

"We're adventurers," Jake corrected.

"Whatever. But believe it or not, I actually need both of you to help me," Marceline said, her voice becoming serious.

"Why should we help you?" Finn asked, still upset he was in a net.

Marceline didn't reply, instead she floated up to Finn, putting her face close to his. "Because Finn the human," she said softly, "I might just get hungry, and drink some blood."

"We'll help you!" Jake exclaimed, scared as always when it came to vampires.

"No!" Finn cried, "Not until you tell us what you need help with! Then we'll decide if you help us."

Marceline's smile turned to a small frown. "I wasn't planning on doing explanations… but I suppose I could tell you two why. It's just like a story, and you love being told stories, don't you Finn?"


She giggled, then snapped her fingers, releasing Finn and Jake from the net. "Okay listen up weenies…"

(To be continued. Don't worry you won't wait too long ;) Reviews and ratings mean a lot to me =3)