Author's Note: Short, really short drabble about our certain favorite Flame Alchemist's subordinates. My second fic hooray! IMPLIED ROYAI

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Rating: T, Implied something is implied 'something'


There were only two sounds the guys under Colonel Roy Mustang's command absolutely dreaded to hear.

Well not EXACTLY just two sounds.

What do I mean by that?

Well for example, take Jean Havoc; fail womanizer. He hates the sound of his 'girls' dumping him straight and blunt or voice filled with pity and discomfort.

Heymans Breda on the other hand fears the echoing bark or the seething growl of any canine. (Yes, even First Lieutenant's Black Hayate, poor sweet thing wouldn't hurt a fly so long as it doesn't bother him or his master.)

Let's not forget Vato Falman, oh he's a memory whiz. But, who knew, he hated the sound of the screeching chalk on the board back at the academy and could never forget the ringing in his head as his dope of a professor carelessly wrote on the board. He silently cringes to himself as those alchemists often use chalk on pavements.

Last but not least, there's Kain Fuery. Well, the only sound he really abhorred was the sound of adults' erm… moaning. Poor little Fuery was scarred for life after walking in on the 'rents one night when he was 8. (And it doesn't help since his superiors are Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye, who are known for... cough well, you get my drift.)

How about we narrow it down, yes?

These two sounds were sounds they completely feared when directed to them, they didn't give a damn whether the sounds were for someone else though, they can only pity their soul in silence.

They specifically feared this sound in the office.

Specifically when they were fooling around…

The sound of a gun's safety being clicked off,

The sound of fingers simply being snapped.



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