Fates Conspire: Dreams Evolve.

"Aerrow." Piper broke away from him, laughing hard. "I have to work."

Aerrow grinned at her. His deep ruby hair was ruffled, his strong chest heaving slightly. Piper felt her spine tingle. Her commanding officer has scarily been melting the defensive walls she'd placed around her heart, entrapping her in a circle of freedom, of love. She'd been left alone in the World, with no family to protect her. She knew she'd have to take care of herself.

But she wasn't alone anymore.

"Ah well." He winked cheekily at her before bending down and kissing her swiftly, ignoring her murmurs of protest. Rolling her eyes, Piper put her hands against his firm chest and pushed- hard.

His nose wrinkled cutely as he pulled a hurt, puppy-eyed face that he knew she adored. Piper giggled, cupping his face.

"Hey Aerrow." She sung sweetly. "Aerrow…"

He sniffed and turned away, but she could see a small dimple appearing in amusement, encouraging her to continue.

Nuzzling his cheek, she kissed it softly. "I told you… I have work. But…" She proceeded to slide in front of him, pressing against him and rubbing her nose against his. "I suppose I could finish early…"

She could of burst out laughing at the swift, hopeful expression that appeared on his face. He looked down at her, grinning, his desire for her rising as strong as a river rushing down a mountain pass...

"Oh really?" He raised an eyebrow, leaning closer. "Why would you want to do such a thing? You've never done that before."

"Well," Piper's arms were now tightly round his neck; and his around her tiny waist as she nipped his bottom lip gently. "Maybe it's time for a change."

He smiled his charming smile and finally: claimed her lips, groaning slightly as she pressed herself even harder against him, his need to maintain control breaking...

It didn't matter how many times they kissed. He could never get used to it, never get bored of it. Of her. She always smelt of freshly laundered sheets to Aerrow: clean, comforting, warm sheets. Sheets you want to delve into and roam... to feel protected in.

And Loved.

"Sheets?" Finn raised an eyebrow. "Erm...Dude...That's. Different. And, um, deep…Wait, I get it! Sheets! She smelt of sheets after you two got it on in the beddd!" He finished with a wink at Aerrow.

Aerrow chuckled at his sharpshooter, shaking his head at the dirty mind he carried.

"No, Finn." He stretched, smiling into the glowing sunlight. "She smells of home. Something real, you know?"

After a while of reflecting, Finn nodded. "Totally get you man. I'm real, aren't I? So…that must mean I smell of sheets, cos I'M in bed with the ladies!"

Aerrow shook his head, laughing harder.

Finn was impossible sometimes.

"What?" Piper murmured against his soft lips as she felt him grin. She almost couldn't take the unbearable heat between them; they were stuck together, clawing at every part of each other's bodies, knowing every touch would count.

Knowing, deep inside, that with everything they do: this may be the last time.

"Nothing." Aerrow kissed her again: thirsty for her silky lips. She accepted and kissed him back with the same passionate fervour, feeling his rough hand slide up her leg to grip her thigh.

She broke away to look up at him; he gazed back down at her, his emerald eyes filled with passion, with lust.

She knew her eyes reflected his.

He lifted her leg, still looking at her, and pressed the side of her knee to his hip as he pushed her against the wall. He shuddered as he felt her small hands rubbing the collar of his shirt and running down his crinkled shirt, unbuttoning it as she went. Her eyes never left his as he bent down to pinch her alluring lips with his own. He could never get enough of her. Piper, with her insufferably soft, brown skin that he just wanted to touch forever. He ran his hand up her short top, the material was so thin, he could easily rip it off her body...

Suddenly, Piper's head gave off alarm bells as she heard Finn yelling down to Junko outside.

"Aerrow." She gasped, pulling away from him. "Aerrow, we can't."

He groaned inwardly, but released her slowly and reluctantly, feeling her slide down him. He opened his eyes and saw her beautiful amber ones blinking up at him.

"Sorry," he mumbled, running his hand through his hair. He could feel his cheeks slowly turning pink but felt relieved when her delicate face broke into a smile.

"Don't apologise. I just… we need to find this Terra." She finished firmly, stepping back from him- it was hard to trust herself when she was around him.

Aerrow nodded; work always had to come first. For good reason. Intimate relationships between a Commanding Officer and his navigator were forbidden…his relationship with her would always be on guard, they would have to tiptoe and encircle everyone with their mad dance of dangerous, unacceptable love, and most importantly: she could never be used as a way to get to him.

He glanced at Piper, swallowing her in. She was impossibly beautiful. Her dark hair framed her light eyes; the contrast complimented her warm, beautiful skin…

Aerrow cleared his throat, trying to stop himself from thinking any further. It was difficult to keep control now. He, Aerrow, had always maintained control in every aspect of his life.

But with her… with Piper…

He didn't see how anyone could control themselves when they were with Piper.

"Get to work." He agreed, managing a smile. "And… and then sleep, afterwards, or you won't get enough rest." He added as an afterthought, remembering her habit of staying up late in an attempt to finish her tasks. "Clear?"

Piper's eyes gleamed, trying not to giggle. She stepped forwards again, her face inches away from him.

She heard him exhale and then stiffen, his eyes searing into hers.

"Whatever you say, Captain." She whispered, leaning forward to kiss him quickly before turning around, laughing, and running off towards the lab before he told her off for teasing him. Yet he smiled to himself as he turned to gaze after her petite form, her laugh ringing in his ears. He closed his eyes.

He missed her already.

"You have a new mission." Cyclonia informed the dark figure in front of her whilst casually moving her crystals around.

"And how can such a mission be more important than my current one?"

Her eyes snapped up to roam the man before her. She knew he was looking back.

"I want Piper from the Storm Hawks. And I want her now."

"She is protected, your Highness. My close tab on Aerrow leads me to believe-"

"- I've heard your little theory, Dark Ace."

Dark Ace stepped forward into the light; she could see the puzzled, enquiring look on his face.

"Why Piper?" He knew he was in no place to ask questions, but he waved this away. "What do you seek from her? What can she give you? You tried already to seize her." He did not need- or want- to add how the plan had failed.

Cyclonia ignored his questions.


"You're not exactly misfortunate looking, Ace." Cyclonia stated, picking up a purple crystal.

"My... My Queen?"

"I said: You're not exactly misfortunate looking." She looked at him from underneath her dark eyelashes.

"With all due respects, i heard you. I'm wondering how that's relevant."

"All women," Cyclonia now look bored. "Even Piper, are attracted to good looking men. So, you being a good looking man, Ace: charm her. Lead her here. What she is to me is not your business."

He gazed at her, a worried feeling was sinking down his stomach...

"But the girl… my Queen… How am I supposed to charm her when she is so…" He paused, sniffing in disgust. "infatuated with... him."

Cyclonia laughed, throwing the purple crystal at Dark Ace. He caught it and looked up at her.

"Magic." She smirked.

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I felt we missed a bit of that typical, cliche sort of story, which is exactly what i needed right now. So i thought: write one!

I always felt Aerrow/Piper were an interesting couple, but i wanted to start this with them already being together. It's more of a story of their journey together, and how the relationship develops, rather than the whole "shall i tell them or not" thing. I don't believe couples "love" each other at the start: i think Aerrow and Piper are people that don't trust easily, but their close friendship before lead them to trust each other fully- and thus they stay close, and in love.

Hope all is well! Chapter 2 will hopefully be up soon: depends on the feedback of this. :)