Forbidden Fruit- Clary and Jace don't want to be just brother and sister. They have to deal with their feelings for each other, Shadowhunting, and keeping their forbidden relationship a secret. Will they succeed or crack under the pressure? Rated T for Fiori Omega (hey, that's me!) 's extreme paranoia.

Authors note/ disclaimer: Unfortunately, the Mortal Instruments belong to Cassandra Clare, not me. *sob* :(

Jace p.o.v- "I'll just be your brother from now on. That's what you wanted, isn't it?" The only lie Jace had ever told, he had told to Clary, the love of his life, the only one he would ever want, and also, his sister; and it was killing him to do it. He would never be just her brother. Brothers didn't look at their sisters like he looked at Clary, didn't feel the same way about their sisters. How much he wanted to tell her how he really felt, how- instead of telling her that he wanted to be her sibling, he wanted to kiss her- he loved her. 'It's for the best,' he told himself, 'Clary needs to be able to have someone who can love her, who's supposed to love her.' Sitting in his room in the institute, he stopped pacing his bedroom floor to swear loudly and kick the wall out of frustration, leaving a dirty black mark on the immaculate stretch of white. He doubted anything could make him feel whole again, when lying to Clary, pushing her away, had ripped him so completely into pieces. Everything he had known, thought he had known, was turned upside down. A world without Clary. The thought was absolutely unfathomable to Jace, and he immediately sat on his bed cupping his face in his hands. A world without Clary would be horrible, cold without her warmth, dark without her light, ugly and worthless without her priceless beauty.

A knock at the door interrupted Jace's moment of angst. He looked up as Alec popped his head around the corner. "Hey, Jace? We got a demon at Pandemonium. You up for it?"

Jace nodded slowly. Pandemonium. That was where he had first seen Clary. He remembered feeling truly alive for the first time as soon as their eyes had met. Jace shook off the thought and grabbed a Seraph blade from the small stand by his bedside. He followed Alec out of the room to get their gear and weapons.

They had been waiting for Isabelle for over an hour. When she finally appeared, she was wearing a long black dress made up primarily of lace, and somehow managed to cover her marks while exposing large amounts of her pale skin. Jace supposed to anyone else, she would look absolutely stunning, but he was pretty much dumbstruck when he turned to look at Clary. She had on black boots with a deadly heel, skinny dark wash jeans, and a low-cut top in a color not unlike that of blood. Jace wanted to run to her, scoop her up into his arms and kiss her, but he forced himself to tear his eyes off of Clary and say stiffly, "So, we gonna go now or what?" On the way to Pandemonium, no one said anything, but the Jace felt like he was going to explode if he didn't talk to Clary. Entering the club, Clary and Isabelle melted into the dancing crowd. Instantly, several boys came up next to each of the girls, and Jace had to tense every one of the muscles in his body to stop himself from ripping them all to pieces. 'By the Angel,' he swore angrily at himself, 'Jealous much? Ugh- I'm so pathetic. Pathetic and selfish and jealous. No wonder I'm Clary's brother- she could never be allowed to end up with someone as useless as I am.' He looked up to see Clary run her hand over a demon boy's cheek, and had to concentrate on why they were there, especially when the other boy wound his arms around her. He would get to kill the demon later, Jace promised himself, and it would make him feel so much better. In the back room, Isabelle wrapped the demon boy with her gold whip, and Jace took immense pleasure in the fact that he was slowly shoving his Seraph blade into its throat until it died. It wasn't enough to squash the horrible feeling that something was still missing.