Jace P.o.v: "Hey Jace?" He turned to see Isabelle standing behind him, a guarded expression on her face, "Have you seen Alec anywhere? I've been looking for him for the past few hours, but I can't seem to find him."

"Maybe he's at Magnus's," Jace suggested. Sulking, he added silently.

Isabelle raised a single eyebrow as if she knew exactly what he had just thought to himself.

"Anyway, how should I know? I'm not your brother's keeper," he defended, allowing the annoyance he felt towards Alec at the moment slip into his voice. It wasn't his fault that they looked so alike, with their dark hair and…

…Okay, so they didn't look that much alike. But they were both kind of on his ass right now about things that didn't really matter to him.

"Well," Isabelle looked affronted, "You don't have to be such a huge asshole. I didn't even do anything to you." She remarked, and turned on her ridiculously high heel to flounce away down the hallway.

Jace stared after her in amazement. What was her problem? And she said he was the one being an ass…

He wandered around the halls until he came to the one where Clary's room was. And at the other end of the hall was Clary, standing and talking to the devil incarnate.

No, perhaps that wasn't quite fair of him to call Sebastian a satanic bastard because he was talking to Clary. Jace was just overreacting.

Then something Sebastian said made Clary tip her head back with laughter, her red hair falling into her face as she flipped her head back to face Sebastian. Something red hot ripped through Jace's stomach as the other boy reached to push the fiery curls back behind her ears.

Okay, so the nickname of 'devil incarnate' was completely justified.

He swallowed hard, trying to choke back the brotherly feelings telling him to wrap his hands around Sebastian's neck and squeeze the life out of him, and stepped forward again.

Clary and Sebastian must have heard his footsteps, because they turned to face him as he approached the two of them.

"Jace!" Clary smiled warmly at him, but he barely noticed her.

There was something in his eyes. Jace could have sworn he'd seen a flash of some dark emotion hidden in the glittering eyes of the boy standing in front of him. Yet when he glanced back, whatever it had been was gone, as if swallowed into the depths of the black eyes. No matter how hard Jace searched, he couldn't seem to break through the careful mask of those eyes.

Jace tore his eyes from Sebastian's, and turned to Clary. The concern in hers was plain- there was nothing to disguise the emotions. So why were Sebastian's so hard to read? Clary was still looking at him with a worried expression.

"What?" he asked her, sounding a bit harsher than he had intended. His sister looked taken aback.

"I just wanted to say hi. But fine, if you'd rather be left alone, we'll just be going. Come on Sebastian," She turned her back on him, her red curls whipping over her shoulder and smacking him straight across the face.

The devil incarnate gave Jace the most self-proclaimed-superior smirk he had ever seen before he followed her and they both disappeared from view.

God damnit! Why was everyone acting so stupidly today? Jace gritted his teeth in anger and frustration as he picked up his feet again, realizing he had been left standing outside of Clary's room like an idiot. Unconsciously, he trudged along to the weapons room and grabbed a fistful of long daggers. One by one, he threw them at the targets on the wall furthest from him. Each time he had thrown the lot of them, he had to go all the way to the other side of the room where the targets were to collect the daggers, and unfortunately, this gave him time enough to think.

His thoughts about his so-called family, about his actual family, his whole shitty life, haunted him. Jace didn't want to think. He just wanted to get out and kill a demon or ten, pick another fight with a pack of werewolves, maybe even go back to the Hotel DeMort and kick some bloodsucking vampire ass. Instead, he focused on fixing mental images of the faces of everyone who had annoyed him in the past few days on the targets on the far wall.

That one's Sebastian. That one's Alec, that's Sebastian. This one's Isabelle, and here's Simon. Oh, Sebastian again, Jace thought wryly to himself as he hurled the knives towards the centers of each target with deadly accuracy. He was just about to throw the last one when the door slammed open and Clary walked in. He was about to greet her, as she looked in quite a better mood than before, but then he realized she was followed closely by Sebastian, with Isabelle bringing up the rear.

"Hey Jace," Isabelle giggled, "Are you coming? Cuz Simon should be here soon."

Jace raised one eyebrow at Clary, "One, how much has she had to drink, and, two, am I coming to what? Oh, and why would I care if Mundie's coming?"

Clary smiled, "One, no more than the rest of us. Two, the kitchen, obviously. And Simon's coming over because he's bringing the Chinese takeout. You can't call him Mundie anymore, either."

"Why? It's rude?"

"Nah, it's funny, but he's technically a Downworlder now, so…" She trailed off again, collapsing to the floor with Isabelle in a fit of giggles.

"What the hell is so funny?"

This time it was Sebastian who answered, not surprisingly, since it seemed as if the girls hadn't heard him. "I told a joke, and not even a very funny one, just to see what would happen. And they haven't stopped laughing." He looked a bit panicked, "And then they completely drunk-dialed this Simon kid, who is now bringing Chinese as if that will somehow sober them up."

"No," Jace mused, "But it will shut them up, I suppose." It was easier to talk to him now for some reason. Maybe it was because he looked completely open for the first time since Jace had first seen him. Or maybe the fact that Clary was not in close proximity to Sebastian by any means. It probably was. But that wasn't the point here. "Shall we get to the kitchen before Simon gets here?"

""Sure," Sebastian replied easily, "I'll take Isabelle, you get Clary?"

Jace just nodded. They half dragged, half carried the girls in the direction of the kitchen. When they were almost there, Jace heard the elevator moving slowly up to where they stood. "Simon's here," he muttered, "And a good thing too, for once."

The elevator door opened, and a very pale Simon stepped out. Blood was smeared across his neck and all down his front. The three things Jace noticed next hit him all at once, and he nearly dropped Clary.

Alec was limp in Simon's arms, completely soaked in blood. Simon was looking both queasy and hungry at the same time, holding Alec as far away from his face as he could manage, and his fangs were out. The third, and certainly least important thing that registered in Jace's head was that Simon had no Chinese food with him.

"What the hell?" Sebastian's voice came ringing through Jace's head as he was still trying to figure out how to speak again.

"Why is it," Simon choked out, "that almost every time I come here, someone turns up dying on your doorstep?"

Clary and Isabelle took this moment to stagger drunkenly into the kitchen, occasionally bumping into each other and bursting out into another round of girly laughter. By the Angel, they were way past merely tipsy.

Jace looked back at Simon, and then dashed forward to relieve him of his burden, taking in the pained expression on his face.

"We'll take him to the infirmary," Jace told Sebastian over his shoulder as he turned around, "You go get the Chinese or something." Sebastian didn't respond, but Jace heard the elevator doors close once more from behind him. "So what happened, exactly?" he questioned the vampire walking alongside him. It was still eerie to think that a vampire could come inside the Institute, even though Jace knew it was only Simon, and only because he had drank Jace's blood.

"Well, I was bringing the takeout, and I saw a body on the steps. At first, I thought it was just some homeless dude or something, but then I saw that there was a puddle of blood around the body, and no one on the street around me could see anything there out of the ordinary. Then I realized it was, well, Alec," he jerked his chin at the prone body in Jace's arms.

"So you dropped the Chinese and ran up here."

"Well, yes, but in the elevator I also called Magnus."

Jace looked at him in confusion, "You have Magnus's number?"

"Well, Clary borrowed my phone to call him for some reason a while ago when we were visiting her mom- sorry, your mom- in the hospital."

To be completely honest with himself, Jace hadn't even noticed Simon's slip in calling Jocelyn only Clary's mother until he'd apologized for it. Talk about messed up family dynamics, Jace thought, I'm in love with my little sister, I saw my father die when he really didn't, and I've seen my mother once. While she was in the hospital. In a coma.

By the time they reached the infirmary, even walking as quickly as they were, Magnus Bane was already standing there waiting by the door. Right away, the two boys laid Alec on one of the beds, and sat back as Magnus closed his eyes in concentration and started muttering under his breath, flames and sparks of all different colors flashing about his hands.

No one had given Sebastian's leaving any second thought. So, no one noticed when instead of picking up the dropped takeout and heading back in or going to get a new order, he headed in the exact opposite direction of the Chinese restaurant.

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