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Chapter 12

It was dark...Too dark for Sam to make out anything when he first opened his eyes, but surprisingly he wasn't in the massive amount of pain after his terrifying flight out of Dean's pocket that he was expecting. Somehow he had survived his human canon-ball without a scratch, though he just wasn't sure how yet.

For a moment he just lay there on his back trying to catch his breath and waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. While he still couldn't make out much after a minute of motionlessness, he knew that he couldn't stay where he was, he had to get up and find his way back to the house and Dean.

Carefully he tried to sit up and was at once caught off guard by a strange crinkling noise that issued from beneath his legs when he moved. Upon becoming fully upright, he finally understood how he managed to survive the fall just when a bright ray of moonlight peeked out from behind a cloud and suddenly illuminated his landing zone.

He would have laughed at seeing that he had been spared serious injury by falling into a small pile of leaves if it weren't for the fact that to him, this particular leaf pile was more like a small mountain.

Standing up cautiously, Sam wavered slightly on the unstable leaf. It creaked under him and its smooth surface was slippery underfoot as he moved very carefully to its edge to take a look down and get a bearing on his position.

Thankful that he could at least see clearly now that the full moon was no longer obscured by any clouds, he was equally disappointed that it didn't really help him much. It was plain to see that he was in a jungle and surrounding him on all sides were tall blades of grass and even taller weeds that arched over his head. He couldn't even see the house from his vantage point and he wondered just how he was supposed to get out of this one.

It was as he looked down that he heard Dean's voice and hope sprang throughout him that he might be rescued.

"Sam!" Dean yelled.

Sam looked upwards. He couldn't see his brother through the thick foliage, but his voice was loud and thunderous, meaning he was close.

"Dean!" He screamed back at the top of his lungs, praying that he could hear him. Sam heard his name being called yet again just after that, dashing his hopes of being heard.

"Watch your feet, Ray." Dean called out. "You squish my brother and you're toast."

"I'm being careful." Ray defended himself, but even as he said that, Sam felt the earth begin to vibrate and the leaf shake under him.

"Oh no! No!" He yelled out, seeing what was causing the earthquake. He lost his footing just as a gigantic Nike hi-top came into view, snapping the tree-like weeds near him as it loomed near. The shaking grew in intensity and he fell to his knees, feeling himself slide down the slippery surface of the leaf towards the edge.

Suddenly everything shifted and Sam was grabbing hold of the leaf's edge for dear life as the pile began to move and collapse, falling towards the ground.

"Shiiiit!" He exclaimed as he fell. Sam expected a rough landing and was not disappointed as he and the leaf crashed, causing him to let go and flip over. Landing with a hard thud on his back, air rushed from his lungs and for the second time in only the space of minutes, he fought to bring his breath back.

Still wired with adrenalin, Sam didn't have time to take stock of any injuries he might have from this latest fall as gray treads and a white Nike swoosh from the bottom of Ray's shoe filled his vision, descending upon him. Without a second thought, Sam rolled to his side and out of the way just when the shoe thundered to the ground mere inches from him, shaking the ground again before it kept going.

Sam panted in relief, but it was short-lived when he felt a sharp pain flare in his right shoulder, making him realize that he hadn't come away from his near-squashing unscathed. Sitting up with a massive groan, his good hand grabbed the painful joint, feeling the odd placement of it. From experience he knew right away that it was dislocated and the arm completely useless.

Gritting his teeth, Sam set about trying to place the ball of his shoulder back into the socket by himself, pulling on the arm with his good hand with a massive yank, but the pain was too intense and he nearly passed out. Giving up on trying to pop it back in, the shoulder remained unhinged as there wasn't going to be any way he could fix it on his own.

Defeated and weary, Sam just sat there for a moment wondering what to do next. Thankfully, Ray didn't seem be coming back to his position, but Dean's voice was getting fainter as he grew farther apart from him, most likely searching for him on the wrong side of the porch steps. Sam's only hope in rescue depended now on finding his own way back to the steps where Dean might be able to see him. The only problem with that was the fact that he was completely surrounded by grass and massive weeds so tall that he couldn't even see the top and he was utterly lost that he could only guess at which way was the right way to go in this forest.

Despite all of that, he had no desire the just sit there and wait for the spell to work and for him to grow bigger. Who even knew if it was going to work anyway? So, steeling his nerves against the pain that was guaranteed to come when he tried to stand, Sam grunted and swore heavily as he made his way to his feet, swaying a little as black spots sparkled across his eyes. He panted, breathing away the dizziness that the sudden change in position brought with it.

In the distance he heard Dean say "Get me a flashlight, will ya?"

Sam turned his head in the direction Dean's voice was coming from and bid his feet to move towards it. He weaved between tall stalks of grass and walked over the dried and crumbled remains of leaves holding his numb and limply hanging arm with his hand.

It was slow going dresses as he was in only his sock-dress and without the protection of shoes on his feet. Adding to that, his shoulder was threatening to kill him with pain each time his moved it in the slightest, but eventually he spied a clearing where the grass and weeds began to thin out and he could clearly see the solid wood that had to belong to the side of the porch steps. Following his brother's voice, he let out a whoop of relief when he could see the beam of a flashlight dancing and bobbing around straight ahead of him. He knew for sure now that he was at least heading in the right direction.

Sam was about three-quarters of the way to the steps when a sound behind him caught his attention and sent the hairs on the back of his head standing on end. Stopping cold in his tracks, he heard the sound again and spun around, gulping audibly.


Coming out from the shadows of the weeds, the massive head of a garter snake burst forward, it's tongue darting and waving from its mouth. Startled and stunned, Sam was frozen for a fraction of a second while it hissed again. It took a moment after seeing the collossus approach before instinct kicked in and the next thing he knew, he was running. Unfortunately, it was following him.

Try as he might to out-run the snake closing in on him, he tripped over some broken twigs on the way and stumbled, landing on his knees and then on his injured shoulder. He cried out in pain and rolled onto his back. The snake was already upon him and in a flash of horrible imagination, Sam saw himself being swallowed whole and slowly digested by it.

Looming over him, the snake reared up, ready to strike and pounce on him at any moment. Sam couldn't think of a more ridiculous way to die; being eaten by a garter snake, but he wasn't about to let that happen. Practically without thinking, Sam's good hand reached out and grabbed the twig he had just tripped on. Though normally, the twig would have been the size of his pinkie finger, in his present form the thing was massive and it would have been far easier to wield had he the use of both of his hands, but the huge amount of adrenalin coursing through his veins and increasing his strength turned it into the perfect weapon. Swinging it wildly, Sam aimed for the snake's eye.

Sam couldn't have hoped for a better strike as the twig hit home and knocked the snake on the side of the head. The only problem was that it didn't seem to make much of a difference except to make it angry. The snake merely shook off the beating and focused again on making Sam its dinner.

"Crap." Sam muttered as he scrambled backward and swung the stick once again, hoping it might ward off the snake's advancement, but feeling his energy wane, Sam knew that he wouldn't be able to hold off the snake much longer with his one-handed swings. He would have to think of something else soon.

Struggling to his feet, Sam's only option was to run away again. He didn't have much of a chance of escape seeing as how the snake moved much faster and easier over the rough terrain than he ever could, but he didn't have much of a choice. His only hope lay in making it to the steps and it was going to have to be the sprint of his life.

Gripping the stick tight, Sam hefted the weapon and this time around instead of just swinging it, he threw it as hard as he could at the slithering beast, hoping that it might at least distract the thing long enough for him to get a head start.

The twig flew from his hand and struck the snake once again, causing it to knock its head to the side. Sam wasted no time after that taking off into a dead run, desperately making a break for the stairs that now seemed so far away.

His chest heaved as he panted and ran, his lungs burning and his leg churning lactic acid into his muscles until they screamed and tightened with pain, but he was unwilling to give up. He was nearing his goal and was almost out of energy and strength to make it much further when he felt a nip at his ankle that upended him. Falling forward, fangs sank into his leg and he felt himself being hoisted upward until he was hanging suspended upside down.

No matter how much he flailed and twisted, the snake held him tight in its mouth. Sam knew it wouldn't be long now before the animal finished the job and swallowed him completely. Seeing how fruitless it would be fight any longer, Sam squeezed his eyes shut and prayed that the end would be quick.

Abruptly, he felt and heard a strange and sickening crunching noise. At first, he was certain that was the sound of his own bones being noshed on by the snake, but when no pain followed the sound, he realized that it wasn't coming from him, but from the snake.

In that same instant, a confusing and baffling array of events occurred in the space of just a few moments. From upside down, he caught sight of the lower half of the snake disappearing under a giant leather boot followed by an enormous hand reaching down and grabbing the snake by the back of the head, squeezing the sides of it jaws in order to get them to open them up.

"Let him go, you bitch." A voice boomed all around him.

"Dean?" Sam shouted to his brother and rescuer.

At once the snake released Sam and he was falling yet again, this time mercifully landing on something soft which he immediately recognized as a hand. Though his descent was rather gentle this time around compared to his last two falls, it didn't stop him from jarring his injured shoulder again. Sam felt the joint shift, click then slam back into its socket, causing him to yelp out in blinding pain.

"Shit, Sammy! You okay?" Dean asked, lifting his hand with Sam in it to his face in order to get a better view of his little brother.

Panting and whimpering, Sam had no air left in his lungs to respond with anything other than a shake of his head. Looking up into Dean's massive, worried face and feeling his hot breath hit him like a gale force wind, Sam took a moment to let the pain in his battered joint subside and his heart rate to fall before he found his voice and could show his brother that he was okay now.

"Dean...breath mints...they're your friend."


Bobby sighed heavily yet again as Lizzie wiped tears from her eyes and sniffled. Honestly...he didn't see what the big deal was. He knew she was still upset about the animal sacrifices they had to make that night, but the spell had gone as well as they could have hoped and there was a good chance that by the time they got back to his house, Sam would be back to full size, so he figured the crying would have stopped by now.

However, she was a civilian and a city dweller, he reminded himself. Most likely her only experience with animals were cute,0- fluffy kitty cats and puppy dogs. She never had to wring a chicken's neck or kill a cow if she wanted meat on her table like he had when he was growing up on his daddy's ranch.

Even so...the carrying on was getting to Bobby and he just wished she would get over it already.

Heaving another sigh and rolling his eyes, Bobby took a little pity on the girl and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, handing it over to her.

"Here." He offered. Lizzie looked at the small square of cloth as if it carried the plague, her face unable to conceal her disgust which only made Bobby's irritation increase. "It's clean. I promise I haven't used it to blow my nose."

"No thanks." She declined.

"Fine." Bobby whipped the thing back and stuffed it in his pocket. "Suit yerself."

Not another word was spoken between the two until the reached his place and for that Bobby was glad. He didn't care for small talk and he was anxious to get back and check on the boys and see for himself whether the spell had worked or not. Plus, he didn't much care for this girl and her brother. They had both dared to mess with Sam and even though the kid wasn't his own son, he and Dean were the closest he would ever come to having children and he would do anything to protect them, especially now that their father was missing. They might both be grown men and capable hunters, but they both still needed guidance and if John wasn't going to be there for that, then he would.

Pulling into the salvage yard, Bobby stopped the truck in front of the house and got out, heading directly for the door. Lizzie followed after him close at his heels.

Bobby had really hoped that when he opened the door, a towering Sam would be greeting him. Instead, he found Ray racked out in his lay-z-boy, snoring noisily while Dean sat in front of the couch with the coffee table pulled up in front of him folding a tiny piece of cloth.

"Hold still, Sam." Dean ordered and Bobby had to look closer in order to see a still shrunken Sam sitting on top of a pile of books with Dean trying to maneuver the cloth around his shoulder. Dean huffed in frustration when he tried to tie the corners of the cloth together, his fingers too large to get the job done properly.


Bobby couldn't hear Sam clearly, but he could plainly see the kid's own irritation as he gestured and frowned.

"No. It's not 'fine'... you dislocated it and I need to make sure its stabilized. So, will you just let me do this?"

Dean must not have heard Bobby and Lizzie walk in, but Bobby wasn't about to let all of this go unexplained. "What in the Hell is going on?" He demanded to know. "What happened to Sam?"

Spinning around, Dean looked surprised to see him as if he had forgotten that he and Lizzie had just gone out to an abandoned cemetery at midnight to perform a crazy-assed spell that might grow Sam back to his original size.

"Bobby...you guys are back alread-" Dean's face dropped in disappointment just before he flipped his head back to his still tiny brother. "Awww...dammit all."

Bobby could almost feel the mood in the room drop, all except for Ray, who snorted in his sleep. Seeing Sam's head fall however, was the most heartbreaking and Bobby didn't have a clue as to how he could make things any better.


Sam couldn't cover his emotions as they overwhelmed him and he let his disappointment show. Bobby was back with Lizzie, they had performed the spell, but he was still as small as ever and quite possibly, he was going to be like this forever. Sam could feel a pit opening up in his gut that physically turned his stomach and made him feel nauseous.

"Hey now...it ain't over, kid." Bobby stated as he walked over to the coffee table and crouched to his level. "Just because you didn't poof back to your enormous self the second the spell was finished doesn't mean that it still won't happen."

"I know, Bobby." Sam replied dejectedly when Bobby was close enough to him where he could be heard. "But you would think that I would feel something by now or I might have grown an inch or two...I think we might just have to face it... I'm stuck like this."

"Don't even go there..." Dean interjected sternly. "We'll figure out a way to fix this, okay?"

Wearily Sam nodded his head, but he couldn't force himself to believe in his brother's conviction. His shoulder ached, his head pounded and now his stomach was doing back-flips just thinking about living the rest of his life the size of a thumbtack and there wasn't anything he, Bobby or Dean could do about it.

Dean once again took up the piece of cloth he had cut up to use as a sling for Sam's arm and made to give wrapping the appendage one more try, but Sam shrugged him off.

"Don't bother, Dean."

"Sam..." Dean sighed in exasperation, but Sam was so tired of all of this; sick of being so small and needy.

"No...It's fine. Just leave it alone, okay? I feel fin-" Sam's rant was cut short by a sudden and unexpected wind filling the room that caught everyone off-guard. Chaos erupted, books flew off the shelves and loose papers became airborne, swirling throughout the room.

"What the-" Bobby began while at the same time the growing wind blew the hat off his head, causing his and everyone else's hair to whip around their faces. Lizzie shrieked as she ducked for cover behind a chair when a book came sailing towards her but failed to dodge a flying newspaper to the face.

Sam jumped to his feet, but was almost unable to remain upright when the wind seemed to focus all of its energy on surrounding him. He couldn't hear anything beyond the roar of the wind in his ears, but he could see the fear on everyone else's face that undoubtedly had to mirror his own.

A strange sensation then began to swirl about him starting from his toes and working its way up to his head. A wave of nausea that only grew with every breath took hold after that and in the space of seconds, that nausea became pain and he was doubling over, crashing to his knees. Fire burned along every nerve, his muscles screaming as though being stretched apart on a rack. Instincually, he curled into a ball and writhed, unable to stop the moans that turned into shouts of agony seconds later.

"Sam!" Dean exclaimed, scooping him up in his hand, but unable to help his little brother beyond just holding him. "What do we do, Bobby?" Dean turned to the older hunter, desperately frightened and looking for a way to ease his little brother's pain, but the older hunter had no clue.

In Dean's hand, Sam's body started to grow hot...very hot... to the point where he was nearly burning Dean's palm. He had no choice but to lay Sam back down on the coffee table and as he did so, Sam body actually started to glow. Dean's jaw dropped in shock while Sam grew brighter and brighter, filling the room with a blinding light.

Sam screamed a blood curdling wail. Helplessly, Dean squeezed his eyes tightly shut when the light became too intense. Just when he thought his corneas might melt from the inescapable and penetrating light through his eyelids, it was suddenly gone. The wind disappeared, books fell from mid air to the floor and all that was left was silence. Cautiously, Dean opened his eyes, afraid that his first sight might be of Sam laying dead on the table.

Instead, he was greeted with the best possible outcome. On the coffee table, long arms and legs dangled over the sides and a floppy-haired head started to lift up with a groan.

"Holy crap!" Dean muttered, stunned but feeling a smile starting to spread across his face.

"Dean?" Sam lifted himself up to his elbows and looked around in confusion. He stopped cold then looked down at his large hands, lifting them up in amazement and wonder.

Grinning broadly now, Sam looked up to Dean, who was still trying to pick his jaw off the floor.. "Wow...I almost forgot how ginormous you really are. You okay?"

"Yeah...I feel fine. Pain's gone...even my shoulder feels fine." Sam glanced back down at his body, his elation and relief evident, but short lived as he realized he was completely naked. In a mini-panic and reddening like a tomato, he looked around anxiously for something... anything to cover him. All he could find was a book which he managed to strategically place just as Lizzie and Bobby's heads poked out from behind the places where they had ducked for cover.

In that moment there was a snort that reverberated across the room from the direction of Bobby's recliner. Ray opened his eyes and glanced about blearily before stretching and yawning, stopping suddenly when he caught sight of the room and everyone's stunned faces and mussed up hair.

"Dude...what'd I miss?"



Easing the Impala into a parallel parking spot next to Lizzie and Ray's apartment, Dean killed the engine and turned his head to look into the backseat.

"Well...this it guys." He told Lizzie and Ray. Sam also turned his head to watch as the brother and sister opened their doors and stepped out. Lizzie walked around the back of the car and joined Ray on the sidewalk where he approached Sam's open window.

"Thanks for the ride back." Ray started and Lizzie nodded in agreement.

"Well, we still have a job to do here in town." Dean came back. "We didn't exactly get to check into it before you two came along."

"Yeah...sorry 'bout that." Ray apologized yet again somewhat glibly. "But hey...at least you're huge again." He pointed out to Sam.

Sam's only response was a roll of his eyes.

Lizzie took that chance to step forward. Since becoming big again, she'd been stealing long, appreciative looks at Sam that frankly unnerved him, but this time she took a bold move and put her hand over his arm. She may have cleaned up her act, gotten rid of the goth makeup and clothing and showed that she was sincerely sorry for casting a spell on him, but Sam wouldn't ever be able to like her back in that way. He shifted uncomfortably and cleared his throat hoping that might show her that he wasn't at all interested in her in that way. She sort-of took the hint and pulled her hand back.

"You know...you guys could stay here with us while you're in town..." She offered.

"Uh...thanks but..." Sam started, but let Dean finish for him after he turned to his older brother with a pleading look that said 'help-me'.

"Yeah...that would be a hell-to-the-no." Dean answered frankly, leaning slightly over Sam to look Lizzie and Ray in the eyes to show them both that he was serious. "No offense, but we need to move on and to be perfectly honest with you...we just don't like you two very much."

Lizzie and Ray both looked a little taken aback by that, so Dean continued. "I mean, c'mon...you shrunk my little brother and we've had to drag you two to South Dakota and back to fix him. So, sorry if we don't add you to the Christmas card list." Dean still wasn't finished, focusing the next part of his rant on the smaller of the two siblings.

"And here's another thing. You know, Ray...maybe the reason you have trouble finding a steady job isn't because of your size, but because your as dumb as a bag of rocks...so, go back to school, man. Quit smoking dope, then maybe you can get some meaningful work." He then shifted his attention to Lizzie. "And you...look, I know Sam may be good-looking and tall... maybe even almost as good-looking as me...but he ain't interested, sister."

"Yeah...But you can't blame a girl for trying." Lizzie looked down at her feet and Ray looked equally as abashed at Dean's brutally honest opinion.

"But hey..." Dean added, taking some of the edge out of his voice and starting the car's engine. "It's not too late for you two if you stay on the straight and narrow. I'm sure you'll both find happiness without casting anymore spells on people if you put your minds to it."

"I suppose this means we won't be seeing each other again." Lizzie sighed with resignation in her voice.

Sam offered her a quick, small and apologetic smile. "No...but you guys will be alright."

"Yeah..." Lizzie looked back at Ray with a little smirk. "we will." She took a step back from the car as did Ray then lifted her hand to wave good-bye while Dean revved the engine and put the car into gear, taking off.

As soon as they were on the road and blending into traffic, Sam turned to Dean. "Boy...you were a little harsh with them, don't you think?."

"Sam...one thing you need to learn about people is that they all need to hear the brutal truth about themselves before they'll ever change. Now, I may not be the biggest fan of those two, but if we ever have to come back here because they slipped back into witchcraft or hurt someone else...well, let's just say that I like them enough that I wouldn't want to hunt them."

"Yeah...guess you're right."

"What's that Sam? Did you just say that I was right?" Dean turned his head to him with a big smile while Sam huffed and rolled his eyes. "Man, do I love to hear that from you. Say it again."


"C'mon...say it."

"No. It was a one-time fluke, ya jerk. I'm sure it won't happen again."

"Fluke? No way...I'm always right, bitch."

Dean gunned the engine and reached over to pop in his favorite Metallica cassette in the tape player, turning it up loud enough to make Sam wince while they drove on to their next destination. Not once did either one of them look back.

The End