Jacob's Imprint

It was like a blind man seeing the sun

And I knew I had won

The most beautiful girl in the world

With her hair naturally curled.

Then she looked at me with those big brown eyes

And I knew I couldn't tell her any lies.

She had me wrapped around her finger

But I knew I was the winner.

I had found the love of my life

But it would be a while till she was my wife.

Her Name is Renesmee

But I like to say


When she first went hunting it was messy

But I don't care

Even though she has that leeches' hair.

When I looked into those eyes

I knew I would cry

They were happy tears

Ones that I would be crying a lot over the years.

She looked so stunning

She would even after running

I wanted to keep her warm

And protect her from harm

Even though her parents would kill me

For imprinting on Nessie.