(written for Val on LJ...since I know you like Jo, here is some angsty dean, directly aft 5.10)

The open road was all that Dean needed, all that he wanted. He had been telling himself this since he had gotten back from Hell. All he needed was his brother, his car and a monster to kill. As he put town of Carthage grew smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror he couldn't help but drag himself up in his seat. Taking in the Angel and his brother who were both focused on getting out of town and making sure the devil wasn't following them. Dean knew he wasn't, he got what he wanted. Death was raised, and the side of good had lost two more warriors today.

Dean wished that all he wanted was the open road, it would have made everything easier, but really what he wished for the most was more time with Jo. Real time, time he could have spent telling her that how he felt, that he wanted to be with her. He wanted to give her the normal life she should have, and now. Now he couldn't even give her the funeral she deserved.

"Dean!" His brother called again and he turned his head slowly to look at him blinking, wiping the blood that he felt still dripping from his wound.


"You okay?"

Dean didn't know what to reply, he hadn't been okay for a long time, tonight, hell, his deal, Sammy dying, Ash dying, his father selling his soul, his fathers dying words. Caleb, Pastor Jim, his dad leaving, Sammy leaving. He wasn't even sure if he had ever been okay. So he gave the only answer he could.

"I'm always alright."