Warrior of the Omnitrix




''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, Musical Lyrics, or reading passages from books and scrolls.

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Possessions, Demonic/Angry characters speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


After the incidents with the Charms of Bezel the Tennysons were enjoying a nice break from the Summer Weirdness. Max began relating a story from his old plumber days. One detailed of Vilgax's previous attacks on the Earth at a nuclear missile facility for reasons unknown. Back then Max worked with another Plumber by the name of Phil. Long story short Max used an adhesive substance to stick Vilgax to a nuclear missile and launched it into the sky seemingly killing him.

''So what are you looking for?'' Ben asked as Gwen seemed to have been glued to her laptop ever since the incident with Hex. The five charms were displayed on the table as Gwen looked up.

''I'm trying to fine more information on the charms,'' she replied as she handed Ben a notepad.

''What's this?'' He asked as he skimmed over the list of words that he was trying to make sense of.

''A list of spells.''

''What you mean like the one Bones was using?'' Ben asked as he flipped through the pages.

''The same ones or the ones I remember hearing him using.'' She answered as she continued her search for any information referencing Bezel and magic.

"Gwen you should really be careful. There's no telling what these charms can do and even if you can use the rest of them.''

''Well I was able to use the Luck charm right? Maybe the residual magic energy will...'' She was cut off as the Television which was on the news was interrupted by an emergency broadcast.

"And the bank is under attack by some sort of strange creature. It's already harmed a dozen civilians and highly dangerous...all civilians are warned to stay away from...''

As the whereabouts of the attack were being narrated Ben stood up and prepared to get in action. ''I'll be right back...'' Ben said transforming into XLR8 and zipping out of the RV.

''Wait Ben hold on!'' Gwen cried out after him shutting her laptop. She pulled open a door and took out her Lady Luck outfit. She paused remembering that Grandpa Max still hadn't returned with the groceries so she quickly began writing up a note.

Meanwhile XLR8 had arrived on the scene in mere moments. Dashing past the officers he arrived inside, his visor being shifted away as his face became visible. ''Alright now where is the creature?''

The creature then made itself known. It was a Reddish-brown color with sharp craw like claws and gill like protrusions on its chubby form. It also had razor sharp teeth and black hollow eyes and was hardly any taller than Grey Matter. ''This little shrimp is what everyone was throwing a fit for?''

The creature ran towards XLR8 whom whipped it away with his tail sending it flying. He then picked up the little creature with his tail which futilely tried to hit him.

Just then a flash of light blue caught his attention, distracting him enough to where the creature bit his tail. XLR8 hissed and flung him away.

''Freeze Kineceleran!'' The man in question looked to be about his late forties or early fifties with short raven hair with the exception of grey side burns and wearing what looked like a plumber's suit.

''I guess the Lady Magister wasn't kidding about you guys catching up on us soon!?''

''What was that!?'' The man demanded only to be cut off for the alien creature to have knocked over a book case causing it to collapse on the man.

''There you are you little pain,'' Ben said going from the speedster to Inferno and hitting the creature with a fireball causing it to yelp in pain. Using it's distraction to slam one of the empty carts he happened to find trap on it trapping it. ''And that's that!''

''Oh come on,'' Gwen said in dismay as she and Max arrived on the scene. ''You didn't even save me any?''

''The creature was all but three feet tall. Trust me you didn't miss anything.''

Ben reverted back to normal in time for the man who was trapped under the book case during the attack to free himself. ''Max?'' He asked, both surprised and startled upon seeing the man.

''Phil!?'' Max mirrored his surprise and then they both hugged.

''You know this guy Grandpa?''

''Well you can say that,'' Phil answered. ''We used to be partners.''

A few minutes later everyone was outside where Phil's ride was waiting. ''She's not much but she's better than that Rustbucket of an RV you used to drive.''

''So...how are you?''

''Plenty good all considering I just bagged a havock beast. Just like old times.''

''Like the one we encountered back in Denver?''

''Well good thing I was around once a plumber always a plumber.''

'I see he's a real modest one,'' Gwen whispered to Ben.

'Meh! It could be worse. He could be a complete Jerk ass.'

''Ever think of getting back in the game Max? You know, relive the glory days?''

''No thanks...I'm retired. And so are most of the branches on earth.''

''Yeah thanks to you once you took Vilgax out most of the activity seemed to have dried up on Earth.''

''I was just doing my job.''

''Yeah,'' he responded with a sigh. ''Anyway, looks like things are picking back up again. In fact I've been going into freelance work.'' he said as his eyes then fell upon the Omnitrix. ''Wow...cool watch. Looks kind of familiar.''

Then Max suddenly changed his tune. ''Well it's getting late and we should be getting out of your hair,'' he said ushering Gwen and Ben along. ''Happy plumbing Phil.''

Soon the RV was traveling down the freeway. ''So what was with the change of tune?'' Ben asked as he was fluttering around with the Omnitrix.

''I have no idea what you're talking about?''

''When Phil took notice of the Omnitrix you seemed quick to get us out of there. Something is telling me we don't know the whole story.''

''What happened in the past is going to do us no good now. Besides the less people who know about the Omnitrix the better.'' As Max finished explaining that the dashboard opened up to reveal a computer screen. Phil's image came to life.

''Max are you reading this? If you're out there I need help. Two Vulpimancers are tearing up a meat processing plant on highway 44. ''

''Vulpimancers?'' On that note Max did a U-turn and went back into the city.

Arriving at the Meat plant everyone was geared for battle. Max had a Plumber's weapon cocked and energized.

Gwen was dressed up as Lady Luck inhaling and exhaling as she relaxed and prepared for battle and Ben had the Omnitrix ready.

Two feral growls echoed from inside. They walked inside the dark hallways readied for an attack.

They entered a room where an injured Phil laid on the floor.

''Phil!'' Max exclaimed as he went over to help us his ex-partner.

''Max! Thank god! I thought my message didn't go through! These two Vulpimancers are particularly fierce! We're going to need some of that old magic...'' he explained then caught sight of Gwen. ''Eer um...were you guys on your way to a party or something?''

''Hey!'' Gwen cried out as her face went red.

Out from the steam the two snarling Vulpimancers appeared one a lighter shade of orange and the other a darker shade, both quite larger than Savage.

''Maybe I can dissuade them and solve this peaceful,'' Ben murmured as he changed into Savage. He knew Max wanted them to keep a low profile, but no point in trying to keep a secret if that meant unnecessary danger.

''So the Omnitrix does exist.''

''We are not your enemy!? What is it that you two want?''

''Out of the way changeling!''

''Unless you want to become part of our next meal!''

The two creatures snapped, one of them slamming it's claws into the ground and attempting to snap at Savage with its claws causing the latter to jump back.'

''I'm going to assume that talking them down is a no go?'' Gwen asked in response to the Vulpimancers response.

''Vulpimancers were never big on small talk even with their own kind.'' Max explained as Savage snarled.

He then took off as the Two Vulpimancers chased after him. Once attempted to leap and sank it's teeth into him, but he leaped up, grasping on a chain and swinging around colliding into one of the creatures using his body.

Right as the other prepared to strike, ''Berdi Morado Mata!" Gwen chanted as the charm of Fire began glowing and she launched a stream of fire. The stream shot forward the creature, but just fizzling at just right as it hit the creature burning it slightly. ''Crap! I need more practice!'' she mumbled as the Vulpimancer turned its attention towards her and began charging only to be fired upon by Max and Phil.

Meanwhile the other Vulpimancer was hurled into the wall courtesy of Four Arms. The creature quickly recovered and launched itself at the Bruiser again only to get a knee to its jaw or what the bruiser assumed was his jaw. Grabbing it by its hind legs he began spinning and picking up speed and let it fly into the other Vulpimancer.

Though despite the beat down both creatures remained intent on attacking. Taking out a card from her pack Gwen called upon luck and let it fly as it hit a switch causing a chord to drop and let loose a bound set of steel pipes fell unto the creatures burying them.

''Way to go Lucky! For once your luck did not screw me over.'' The bruiser graduated as Gwen didn't know whether to be annoyed or thank Ben. Though with a grumble both of the creatures shifted through the wreckage. ''I take back everything I said!''

The two creatures began to charge when Phil miraculously materialized the one thing that could stop them. Activating the device the creatures came to a halting stop and roared in pain.

''Lucky for us you had a sonic pitch whistle.''

''By the way Ben those were some pretty good moves you got out there. Remind of your grandpa back in the day.'

Though, that didn't last long as one of the Vulpimancers knocked Phil down and crushed the device.

''Why don't you two pick on someone with more meat on his bones?'' Max challenged as he boarded a forklift and crashed into the two creatures. Leaping off the construction device the two were sent flying into a storage containment unit where they were trapped.

''Just like old times Eh? This is going to be the beginning of a new partnership,'' Phil said extending his hand, albeit Max looked a bit reluctant.

The Tennysons found themselves at quite a swanky place. Apparently being a plumber paid somewhat well. The two cousins after enjoying some popcorn shrimp found themselves in the library.

''Find anything interesting?'' Ben asked as Gwen was sitting at a table with numerous books.

''Yeah read this. Magic can apparently be used through either spells or rituals. Some of the books I said that there are some aliens that can use magic from a source called Mana. It says there are certain spells and objects, but they required certain charms and objects to use them. So as long as I have the charms I should be able to use spells. Where's Grandpa Max by the way? ''

''He said he had to go check up on something. Now that you mention it I haven't seen Phil around either. The only place I can think of is that Plumber base near Mount Rushmore.''

''But why would either of them be there?''

''I don't know, reminiscing about the old days or something. Now that I think about it they must have had some weapon or object they used once they caught the aliens. I mean it's not like they could arrange and cover up that many pick-ups, secret organization or not. Then there is the fact that Phil guy happened to have the one weapon those Vulpimancers were weak against.''

''You don't think Phil is behind those attacks do you?''

''There's only one way to find out,'' Ben suggested as he transformed into XLR8. ''Let's go!''

Gwen nodded as she climbed unto his back. After about ten minutes of high speed travel they arrived at Mount Rushmore and sure enough the RV was parked there.

''Gawah...'' Gwen groaned as she held her stomach. ''No more popcorn shrimp for me...ever.''

''Come on let's go...''

Sure enough to Ben's suspicion something was indeed occurring inside. ''So you stole the Null Void projector and have been releasing Aliens we caught from back then?''

''You always were too smart for your own good Max. But not wanting to join up with me is plain dumb.''

''Why are you doing all this!?''

''Job Security! I release an alien then some hotel manager or mayor or whatever contacts me to catch it. Easy Money! And if the other Plumbers get too close on my trail I let loose a few aliens here or there to keep them off my trail.

''I'm not going to let you get away with this.''

''Yeah...I figured you might say that,'' he responded readying the Null Void Projector. ''Too bad...we could have made quite the team again.'' Phil fired the Null Void projector, Max ducked under the beam as a portal opened and a large green creature with four legs, sharp claws and teeth along with a cylinder shaped body struck.

''And don't worry. I'll tell Ben your last words were how you wanted him to follow in your foot steps as my new partner.'' It missed as its prey disappeared. ''What the?''

''So that's your game?'' The Speedster voice as his face masked rose up. ''Releasing dangerous aliens and putting lives in danger for your own greed. A disgrace like you isn't fit to be a plumber.''

''It's a shame! You would have been useful!'' Phil replied as he took off.

''I'm going after Phil! '' Before Max could finish a rather audible thunk proceeded. Phil was knocked out cold courtesy of Gwen and a fire hydrant? ''Uum never mind then...''

Ben all the while was dodging and ducking the alien creature's attempts to skewer him. ''A little help here!?'' He asked as he ducked under a Null Void beam sending the creature back from where it came. ''Thanks!" With that the situation was solved.


Chapter End


A little anticlimactic sure, but you work with what you can and try not to make it a carbon copy of what's been done. So Gwen has kept the charms, but is doing research and is having a bit of trouble, but obviously to show reasonable development over time.