Warrior of the Omnitrix


Story Start


The latest visit of this summer vacation was none other than the nation's capital Washington D.C. Many monuments and other things pertaining to history were situated there. The White House along with the Washington Monument, and other historical monuments.

Six days had passed since the incident at camp site. Everyday Ben had been extensively practicing with each of the alien forms learning their strengths and weaknesses. Working on and timing the duration of which he could maintain each form. Though as expected there was always some sort of crime going on.

'Was it really necessary for you to change your form so many times?'' Gwen asked as Ben assumed his 'normal' form. He had just finished stopping some bank robbers.

''Maybe...XLR8 for speed to catch up, Four Arms to halt their vehicle, Diamondhead so they would use up all their bullets, and Savage (Wildmutt) just to scare them. I say that's a nice usage wouldn't you?'' He asked as she gave him an acquiring. ''I thought nicknames would suit them.''

''Definitely sounds like something you would come up with!'' Gwen countered with a shake of her head.

''Something tells me that wasn't exactly a complement.'' Ben dryly remarked. "Anyway I don't know about you Gwen but I'm getting kinda hungry.'' He said as the Door of the Rustbucket open.

''Just in time...I'm planning on making Sushi tonight.'' Max happily announced.

''Eel and Octopus surprise right?'' Ben dryly asked.

''I think I'd rather go with a salad tonight,'' Gwen said, not wanting to hurt Max's feelings, but not wanting to have to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped all the same.

'Come on...just try it, it's not going to kill you to broaden your tastes.''

''Well some of us have normal appetites and aren't bottomless pits,'' Gwen said gesturing at Ben.

In the outskirts of the city in a makeshift lab under a warehouse an open space was filled with numerous caged animals. All screeching and roaring as they fought to escape their confines. An older gentleman type with long white hair was working on a helmet. This man with lime green skin was wearing a black undershirt and pants. He had weeks ago been kicked out of his apartment because he was unable to pay his rent. Said rent he was putting into his research. He moved over to one of the cages containing a Frog. He said it on the ground and turned a dial on his helmet as a beam hit the frog. The creature started to grow several times it's size. The creature also grew extra eyes and horns.

''Aah yes...the Transmodulator is complete. Now to test run my DNA Rearranger/reanimator." He mumbled to himself.

One of the things he had taken with him from the apartment was a TV. A commercial flickered to life that drew the golden eyed man's attention.

''Get all of your electronic supplies, and whatever other needs, at the Mega-Mart! We have low prices on everything today!"

"Well, that's convenient. Just what the doctor ordered."

The next day at the Mega-Mart there was an assortment of all sorts of things. Video Games, Electronics, Furniture, Food, and just about everything at low prices. In other words that dimension's Wal-Mart. Ben was currently examining a Single Lens Reflex camera. The camera was quite sophisticated with full manual control of exposure and focus. Not to mention it accepted interchangeable lens.

He thought with a mischievous grin. Suddenly a large boom came from the direction of the electronics store.

From the side of the wall emerged Animo on top of his giant mutated frog. The clerk of the countering who was cowering for some strange reason asked who he was.

''I am the world famous Geneticist Dr. Animo!"' He proclaimed pompously.

''Ben wha...'' Gwen had run up to Omnitrix bearer hearing the disturbance. ''What in the the world?'' She cried out in shock.

''No time to explain. Go get Oji...I mean grandpa and tell him we have a situation. You two get the civilians to safety while I take care of this freak!'' Ben declared as he activated the Omnitrix and took on the form of Diamondhead.

''Just be careful okay,'' Gwen told Ben feeling unease about the situation..

''Aren't I always?'' He responded with what Gwen assumed was a smirk.

''Do you really want me to answer that?'' She dead panned as Diamond head took off. The mutated frog continued to leap around as it crushed carts and anything else in its path. People were screaming and running in all directions and children were crying. There was a mass hysteria.


''Oh my god what is that thing!''

''Dude we got to put this on Youtube!'' One dumbass teen said taking out his camera phone and tried and film only for one of the mutated feet of the creature's striking him and sending him flying through a glass window. The frog left into the mall's sizable fountain to suck up some moisture much to the scowling Scientist's dismay.

''Blasted Amphibian. Maybe I should have gone with a Mammal instead.''

''Yo frog freak! We could do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way it looks like I'm having frog legs tonight.''

''Who dares insult the...'' Animo stopped in mid rant taking in the sight of the Diamond head. ''A diamond humanoid? My word? What sort of manner of experiment could bore such a being?'''

''One you won't get to find out!" Diamond head declared shifting one of its arms into a crystal and firing shards. The Frog jumped out the way. It attempted to latch onto the diamond humanoid only to have its tongue slashed by a sharpened crystal blade. While Diamondhead was dealing with the mutation Animo took the opportunity to sneak off to the Electronic section. Browsing through the devices of the selection until he came across a dial. Using tools from his belt set he added to his helmet.

''At last… with this dial I can reanimate creatures that have long sense become extinct.''

Meanwhile Ben decided to change tactics. With a switch he went from the Petrosapien to the Pyronite. Using a series of eat blasts he quickly dried up the moisture of the fountain and bombarded the mutant creature until it began to retreat.

'There's no telling who could be harmed if I let that thing go. I have no choice!' Tapping the Omnitrix symbol he tried to exert the need of a necessary alien to stop this creature to the Omnitirx through his will.

In a flash of green light he transformed into his darkest alien yet. A shadowy ghost like being with gray cloth like skin though that was only in appearance. In the middle of his face was a black iris with orange sclera. Ben felt a certain rush of coldness. A pale uneasiness. It was like there was a voice in the back of his head. It was just like before. Shaking away the thoughts he chased after the creature. Charging into it he phased right through the creature's body, shredding it's insides before phasing out and becoming tangible. The creature in mid hop had crashed to the ground as its body immediately shut down, following by death.

''First a Diamonoid and now a Wraith? That won't stop me! Nothing will stop me!"' The Geneticist declared. ''My pets! Come to me!"' He commanded as two giant mutated snakes and parakeet appeared. ''Destroy them!'' He ordered the snakes as he made his escape with the Parakeet.

One snake was dark brown with light brown sides and dorsal blotches. Its belly was a cream color with black markings. When the Ghost alien got closer the creature coiled into a tight ball with its head and neck tucked away in the middle.

''Ben the Ball Python isn't that dangerous! Watch out for the Elapidae!'' He heard Gwen shout from behind one of the pillars.

''Gwen!'' The alien creature exclaimed more menacingly when he attended to. ''What are you doing!?''

''Grandpa Max is still evacuating civilians and I was making a last round!'' She exclaimed as the Ghost Alien dodged another strike from the other snake.

''What were you saying before?''

''That's an Elapidae. It's a highly venomous snake from the Tropical and Subtropical regions of the world. It has fangs that can inject venom located from the gland located towards the rear of the upper jaws.''

''Right...I better finish this in one-shot then!'' Shooting forward the alien attempted another strike only for him to turn tangible. ''Shit!"he thought as the creature reared it's fangs.


Twisting at the last second he was able to avoid the fangs and collided with the body, falling to the ground with an audible thud. He wasn't sure if the venom of the fangs could hurt him in its current form, but he was ready to find out. Ben hadn't spent any time training in this form because of the uneasiness it brought him. The creature used its body to encircle the Ghost alien a sit prepared to strike. Before it could it was shot several times around its throat area by WPD.

''Scan the perimeter for Civilians!'' One officer ordered over the bangs of the shot. An officer screamed when it was struck by the other more docile snake.

Using the distraction the ghost alien floated above the poisonous snake. Not wanting to take a chance his tangibility would wear off he transformed once more back into Diamondhead as he shifted his arm into a lance, using the force of gravity to drop down and pierced the head of the creature. Slamming down upon the head he caused an audible crack causing some of the officers to fall over.

As the other snake reared its mouth Diamondhead took aim and fired several shards into its throat. The creature flailed about as the sharp diamonied tore and sliced its throat. It fell to the ground as it slowly bled to death.

''Animo could have covered a lot of ground by now!''

''Freeze!'' One of the officer's exclaimed as they all pointed their guns at the Petrosapien.

''I'm not your enemy. You're looking for a man named Animo.''

''Don't move! I don't know what you are, but you're coming with us!''

''Look at me! I'm made of diamond and if you shoot me there's a good chance those bullets would bounce off and hit you right back so...'' Diamondhead started to explain while he moved.

''Don't move! This is your last warning!''

"There is no reasoning with most peopl...''

Several shots rang out and true to Ben's words the bullets bounced back and shot the officers who fired.

'Dumbasses!' He thought as the Omnitrix started to beep. 'Shit! Not now! Come on Omnitrix! Don't fail me now!' He changed once more into XLR8. 'Yes!' Using the alien's speed he scooped up Gwen and shot out of there. When he arrived outside at the Rustbucket where Max was waiting it was obvious that Animo was wreaking havoc by all the destruction and mayhem outside.

''A warning next time would be nice!'' Gwen said with a groan. Suddenly standing to going to over 100mph wasn't good on one's stomach.

''Any news on...'' A flash of green Ben appeared. ''Animo?'' Ben finished as the Omnitrix went into recharge mode.

''There are a number of places where he could go. There's several genetic labs stationed in D.C., not to mention there's a meeting of several scientists are coming together for the Lasker Awards.'' Gwen concluded.

''Lasker Award? How do you suppose it relates to Animo?'' Ben responded as Max began to explain.

''The Lasker Awards have been awarded annually since 1946 to living persons who have made major contributions to medical science or who have performed public service on behalf of medicine.''

''Hey Gwen could you pull up something for me on your laptop?''

Normally Gwen would be hesitant because of the numerous pranks that Ben pulled in the past such as him making her a fake face book account and such, but in this instance she assumed it was an emergency.

''Pull up the latest information you can on the Lasker Award...''

After going through several articles they found one that was promising. 'Dr. Kelly Falkow is being honored for his discovery of the Statins-Drugs with remarkable LDL-cholesterol-lowering properties that have been revolutionized the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease.'

''Can you pull up more on this Dr. Kelly and see if he has any connection with Animo?''

After skimming some more articles they found something promising.

'Dr. Kelly, former partner of Dr. Animo was saddened of his longtime friend and partner's arrest some odd twenty five years ago. The promising geneticist and scientist Animo was known for making several small breakthroughs in genetic and veterinarian scientist. This was cut short when an accident left the doctor with altered DNA and tinted green skin. He was arrested on the conspiracy of theft, skimming funds, illegal experimentation on animals and humans, along with other charges of attempted murder. Animo swore that he would show the world his brilliance one day by bringing back creatures of another time.''

''Bringing back creatures of another time?'' Ben murmured to himself. That explained those strange creatures he was commanded.

''Think about it Ben? The meeting of scientists and attacking the mall...'' Gwen started thinking about the clues.

''Which he did to get some dial.''

''Which means he's going to try and reanimate extinct creatures...''

''And only one place comes to mind.'' Ben added to Gwen's statement.

''The Natural History Museum!'' Max concluded.

''And the Omnitrix is still on recharge.'' Ben murmured to himself. If it was activated he could have easily got there in no time.

''Hop in the rust bucket. We have to get to the Museum and stop Animo before he animates any extinct creatures and harm anyone.'' The three piled into the Rustbucket as Max took the keys out of his pocket and turned it on. They took off at nearly break next speed. The streets were relatively empty with the exception of some cops that were heading in the direction of the disturbance.

It didn't take long for them to reach the museum. Luckily enough the Omnitrix had recharged.

''I'll become XLR8 and scan the lower floors.''

''And Gwen and I will search for Animo on the upper floors.''

Ben nodded in response as he transformed and was gone in an instant.

Gwen and Max went up a flight of stairs.

''Remember Gwen, becareful and cautious. There's no telling how many creatures Animo could have animated in the time it took us to get here.''

''I hear you Grandpa!'' She said as she scanned the room. A squawk alerted them to the presence of the Parakeet that was purchased on a chandelier. Jolting from its perch it shot down and attempted to swoop at the two Tennysons whom rolled out of the way. Catching sight of a Bo staff Gwen picked it up and skillfully twirled it around. Since age seven she partook in martial arts, with her being a recently earned black belt.

The parakeet gave another squawk as it flew around and came around for another strike. Using the staff Gwen struck several points in its body, flustering the creature and causing it to retreat.

''Good going Gwen but we still need to find Animo.''

XLR8 stopped in its track when he spotted the green skinned scientist. ''The game is over Animo! You might as well give up you won't win this fight.''

"Ah, my shape-shifting friend how are we doing tonight?" He asked as he turned around.

''Unless you want to experience a beating at 300 miles per hour I suggest you surrender.''

"And why should I surrender? With this device I can not only change the DNA structure of animals, but it can also reanimate them!" Animo spun and turned on the ray just as XLR8 shot forward and knocked it away.

''Damnit!'' If there was one thing that annoyed Ben about these forms was that even simple actions proved to take some time to get used to. It didn't help that he hadn't even partially master ten out of who knew how many forms.

''And now I can finally reclaim my revenge!''

The animated Mammoth began rampaging. ''All the speed in the world means nothing against something like that. Looks like I have to change tactics!''

Elsewhere Animo had set his sights on the next creature. A Tyrannosaurus Rex.

''Aah so the shape shifters friends have arrived. You've pest have stuck your nose where it doesn't belong!''

He declared animating the beast. Before it could attack the Mammoth burst through the wall and collided with the beast.

The Tetramand readied his four arms. ''I'll handle the two beasts.''

''You seem cocky shape-shifter. Let's see how cocky you are when I animate for beasts under my command!''

Twirling the staff some more and picking up Momentum Gwen sent the stick flying, causing it to smash against the Transmodulator.

''Blasted girl!'' He cried out picking up the device. ''T-Rex! Knock down that wall!'' He ordered as the creature in mid rush changed his direction and knocked down a wall. The mammoth meanwhile continued his path only to be halted by Fourarms. The continued tried to crush the Tetramand who used his strength to halt the creature. Tightening up his muscles and arching his back he hoisted the creature and slammed it down on the floor. He repeated the action a few more times until he sure the beast wouldn't recover from his injuries.

''Ben! Animo is getting away!''

''Trust me grandpa! He won't this time!"' The Tetramand stated as he followed through the whole the T-rex made. Building up a running start he leaped and cleared a decent amount of feet causing a small five feet wide and few inches deep crater. He continued, building up more speed each time as he followed the wave of destruction. When the Tetramand had caught up people were screaming and fleeing from some building. Exiting a giant T-rex shaped hole he spotted Animo and the T-Rex as they had a group of scientists and other people cornered.

''Kelly! You traitorous bastard! You framed me! You all threw me to the wolves!'' the mad man raved.

''Animo for god's sake you were experimenting on Fetuses! You threw yourself to the wolves!''

''Don't act innocent! You were the one who planted all that evidence on me. You all took everything away from me. My money, my achievements, my life; you took everything from me. And now I'll take your lives!'' The T-Rex gave a roared as it reared his teeth. The tetramand dove forward and yanked its tail. The creature let out a roar of pain as Animo toppled over and fell to the ground with a sickening thug. Tightening his grip he spun around several times as he launched a creature through one of the large glass windows. The creature landed into one of the large artificially created body of waters.

The Tetramand dove after the creature and swam over its emerging head. Using his lower left arm he punched the creature in its left eye as he used the rest to dip into the creature's tough skin. Trying to shake him off and catch him in its teeth the creature flailed about and slipped causing it to submerge once again.

'I thought Zombies hated water.' Ben thought in annoyance as the clearly zombified creature with parts of its body exposed. ''Damnit! I don't think that phasing trick with the Ghost is going to work. How the hell am I going to stop this creature?' The Tetramand was flung off as the creature prepared to strike. Ben started fiddling with his watch.

'Danger levels rising...situation level Moderate. Proper choice of action will be presented.'

A silhouette of an alien Ben never seen before appeared. It was a cross between a fish and iguana. Deciding that the situation couldn't get any worse he transformed. The blue skinned hybrid like all his forms was wearing his clothes tailored to fit his form. The blue skin hybrid was also fitted with three dorsal fins reaching down his back, and gills on the sides of his head. He also has small spikes around his face.

Launching out of the water with the T-Rex right behind him the new alien froze the body of water instantly. Just in time as that familiar beeping sound was occurring. Hurrying back to where the Animo was the new alien launched an icy blast from his mouth destroying the Modulator. And of course the authorities showed up late when the situation was dealt with. Thankfully enough the scientists and such took off leaving no one to witness the detransformation.

The Rust bucket pulled in as well, but from the opposite side.

''Get in!'' Gwen exclaimed as Ben jumped through the open door. With that they began driving off before they could be stopped by the authorities.

''The Boys in DC are going to have their hands full trying to explain all this.''

Elsewhere in a building not too far from there another development was occurring. Two men in black suits walked into a room carrying folders. Behind the desk was a man in their sixties wearing a crisp dark blue suit. The folder was placed on its desk with pictures of the battle at the mall and museum.

''Sir?'' One of the two men asked as the man behind the desk focused on the pictures.

''Contact Magister Xina and tell her we have a problem!'' The man said as he dismissed the two suits.