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Chapter 20: The Strange Revenge

Remus was packing up his office. He was sure going to miss this job. Granted it was one of the few he can get ever since that toady under sectary passed all those Anti-Werewolf laws.

He saw Luffy and Sirius enter the room.

"So Remus would you think…" said Luffy.

"The answer is no." said Remus.

"I didn't even ask." Said Luffy.

"I know what the question is." Said Remus, "If you recruit me then I'll have to return and they're be more complaints, beside I don't want to put your crew in danger during the full moon."

"We'd figure something out." Said Luffy.

"No… I'll be fine." Said Remus.

"He's already decided." Said Sirius, "Stop trying to convince him."

"You haven't known me that long." Said Luffy.

"It's not like with Franky you just cant' steal his pants." Said Sirius.

The tow of them stared at Sirius, Remus was wondering just what he was talking about.

"Robin told me the story." Said Sirius.

"That makes sense." Said Luffy.

"Sorry, but I have to decline." Said Remus.

Luffy sighed, "Fine… but only because of the whole school thing."

Meanwhile on the deck of the Thousand Sunny, Haru had recruited all of his friends from school… and Cormac.

"This is an outrage!" yelled Haru, "It was clearly Snape who told them."

"He was the best teacher we've had." Said Dean.

"And he wasn't the most dark." Pointed out Su.

"Oh yeah, Quirrell was possessed, wasn't he?" asked Cormac.

"Why does he hang out with you again?" asked Justin.

"He won't leave us alone…" whispered Ron.

"We need to get back." Said Haru.

"No…" said Lisa looking up from her book, "The best way to get back at him was for him to admit that he's the one who informed the Daily Prophet. This way, any student who liked Pro. Lupin will hate him even more."

"Wow…" said Cho, "That's the most I ever heard her say."

"That might be a good idea." Said Cedric, "We have to make him confess."

"Aren't you a prefect?" asked Fred.

"Yes, I am, but I liked Pro. Lupin like the rest of you." Said Cedric.

"Now we have to figure how to get him to admit." Said Haru.

"I got it! A musical number!" said Su, "It will annoy him to no end."

Everyone stared at Su, like she was insane.

"I'm beginning to wonder why Loony is the only teased." Said Marietta.

"Now's not the time." Said Cho to her drag along friend.

"How about we bother Snape?" asked Hina.

"No, I'm getting tired of that." Said Haru.

"I have an idea." Said George.

"What is it?" asked Haru.

"We all confront him in a large group and then…" said George.

In a hallway, Snape was in a good mood, well until a bunch of students blocked his path.

"What do you want?" asked Snape.

"We want to know if you're the one who told the Daily Prophet that Remus is a Werewolf." Said Haru.

Most of the other students stared at him.

"What? I'm first name basis with him." Said Haru.

"So what if I did?" asked Snape.

"Is that a confession?" asked Haru.

Snape smiled, "I guess it is a confession." Said Snape with an evil smirk.

Hina was holding up a Tone Dial.

"I guess we got him to admit." Said Hina.

"Should we still do it?" asked Hina.

"Well Dumbledore did give us the okay." Said Haru.

"What loophole did you use this time?" asked Snape.

"You'll see…" said Haru.

What happened next Snape would never forget, not even the Marauders would something like this.

Later that day, Snape entered the staff room Pro. McGonagall stared at him.

"What happened?" she asked.

Snape was covered a rainbow of what looked to be slime. He was also wearing a pink tutu.

"Don't ask…" said Snape, "Besides, I doubled checked with Dumbledore, it's okay to cover a teacher in slime while forcing them to cross dress."

Pro. McGonagall blinked, "Is that all they did?" she asked.

"I'd rather not say." Said Snape.

Pro. McGonagall sniffed the air.

"What's that smell?" she asked.

"Don't ask." Said Snape, "I am going to take a bath now."

He left, she was unsure whether or not he meant to come there. Then again she knew he was the one responsible for getting rid of Remus. As he left she couldn't help but to give a small smile. He deserved it that time. Though she couldn't help to wonder where the slime and… other stuff came from.

On the Thousand Sunny, the students were cleaning out the cauldron that were used. Except for Hermione.

"I can't believe that you did that to Pro. Snape." Said Hermione.

"You helped confront him." Pointed out Ron.

"That was because we thought he wouldn't confess so suddenly." Said Hermione.

"Hermione, remember it wasn't against the rules." Explained Cedric, "None of us got into trouble."

Hermione sighed…

"If anything can you help me clean my cauldron." Said Cormac, "I don't think this should be done buy one person."

"I'll help you two." Said Hermione helping Kaien and Nojiko, "Since you can't use any of the cleaning charms."

Cormac grumbled under his breath, after all he had gotten stuck with that one… the one with the unmentionable one…

Okay… it was poo.

However while the thing with Remus was still everyone's minds, because of the news cycle people would be focusing on other things.

The next day, it was one of the last days of school. Percy grabbed a new paper, drank some juice then spat it out when he read the headline.

"Peter Pettigrew escapes Azkaban."

Everyone stared at the head boy. Until Sirius saw the head line as well.

"That bastard!" he yelled.

"What happened?" asked Haru.

Hermione handed them the paper, both he and Haru were shocked.

"Percy never got his revenge." Said Ron, "Maybe that's why he's upset."

"He did have Scabbers longer than Ron did." Pointed out Ginny.

"I am going to use whatever place in the ministry I get to find a way to capture Peter Pettigrew." Vowed Percy.

Unfortunately, for the next year he would be in one of the places where he could tips on Peter's location… but that's getting too far ahead.

Robin on the other hand realized something.

"Did they know he is an illegal Animagus?" asked Robin.

"It looks like they didn't." said Nami.

"Wizards are morons." Muttered Zoro he looked at the Wizarding staff, "No offence."

"None taken, even I agree it was a bad move." Said Pro. McGonagall.

Marguerite looked at Sirius.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he won't do anything that bad and he'll be captured again in no time." She said.

Little did they know was that he was planning to do something… something bad…

As Padma read the news she sighed… she wondered what it meant involving the prophecy.

Eventually the last day came. Before this day came, Sirius bought a new wand (since his old one was broken when he went to Azkaban), in case of emergency. Of course it was time for the annual going along with the Thousand Sunny, approaching Dawn Island (Luffy's home island). It was fine until this happened.

"Straw Hat pirates! You are under arrest!"

A Marine ship was seen in the distance.

"Okay! You need to leave right now!" yelled Nami.

"Don't worry about us… they seem to be losers." Said Luffy with a big smile.

"I'll check back in 10 minutes." Said Haru.

He ushered the students (which now included Lisa, Su and for some reason Padma) as well as the three younger Straw Hat kids and Kaya (being the only none combatant on the ship).

"So I guess it's going to be the first time in a long time I'm doing real magic." Said Sirius.

"Just focus on beat them up… not killing them." Said Luffy.

Sirius smirked, this was going to be fun, the best way to get back into the game.

Sometime later on the Hogwarts Express. Haru just came back after checking up on things, returning to very crowded compartment.

"They defeated them…" said Haru, "Sirius accurately managed to hold a few off with the Full Body Bind."

"That's awesome." Said Hina

"Oh yeah, he also told me to expect a surplice for Ron, Nojiko and Kaien." Said Haru.

That was when two owls fell though the windows. A small grey one and a barn owl, both of them were holding a box that had holes in it.

"Sorry Ron for getting rid of you pet. You get first choice of which one you want (if the twins are there for some reason you still get first choice). Signed Sirius Black."

Kaien open the box and inside was a small orange kitten.

Ron chose the grey owl.

"Okay!" yelled Nojiko, "I call the owl!"

"Okay… fine with me…" said Kaien, "I wanted a cat more anyway…"

"Oh… okay…" said Nojiko with a shrug.

"Well it looks like with a wizard on the crew things are going to be a lot more interesting." said Haru.

"Who are you talking to?" asked Hermione.

"I don't know…" said Haru.

Everyone else shrugged at Haru's behavior and just focused on the train ride home as well as talking about the upcoming Quidditch World Cup.

End of Prisoner of Azkaban

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