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I want to go to Austria

"Roderich, oh I cannot believe you haven't told me before!"


Austria was stunned to see his comrade Hungary clad in pajamas while clutching on to what seemed to be a map of Austria. She interrupted his thinking time late at night on his glorious grand piano, dressed only in his nightwear underneath a robe.

"Hungary-san, what do you have there?"

Hungary sat beside him on the piano stool.

"Why it's a map of Austria itself of course!" Hungary smiled as she laid the map in front of the confused man.

"Yes but what I mean is… Why do you have that and what haven't I told you?" Austria stared blankly into his friend's eyes.

"Well you see Roderich, I've been looking through my almanac lately, doing a bit bit of light reading before bed and I seem to have stumbled upon the wonders of Austria!" She said looking into the map with wonder.

Austria could feel a blush creep up his face, 'no' he thought, 'must not blush, she might think I'm gay.'

Hungary rambled on and on about how breathtaking the nature of Austria is.

"Oh and I'm absolutely dying to see the Countryside of Schröcken, Roderich-san, can you take me there?" Hungary looked at him hopefully.

Austria smiled "I can take you there in my sleep, ha-ha."

Hungary hugged Austria suddenly

"Yay! I get to see more of Austria!"

Again, Roderich couldn't help but blush at her statements.

Hungary glanced at Austria's face and smirked.

"You want to know where else I want to go in Austria, Roderich-kun?"

"Sure, name any state or all the mountains, I can take you anywhere in Austria"

Hungary smiled seductively

"I really wanna go to Fucking, Austria."

Author's Note: Haha! Fucking, Austria's a real place you know :.

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