The TARDIS was quiet. The Doctor had put the orb back in the cathedral, and lead his tired companions back to his time ship. There they had changed out of their soaking, dirty clothes, and into ones provided by the TARDIS wardrobe. The hour they had spent in the wardrobe room was one of the most fun they had ever had.

Now, they lounged on the captain seats on the console platform, while the Doctor flitted around, pulling levers and knobs and pressing buttons in an idle fashion.

"Well that was fun," he said.

"It certainly was interesting," Jenna agreed, cradling her mug of tea in her hands to warm them.

"It is always like this?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yeeeep," the Doctor said, drawing the word out. "Mostly. Find trouble. Run. Hide. Save the world. That sort of thing."

"What are you going to do with the book?" Elizabeth asked. "The one we got back."

"It's gone into the TARDIS library for safe keeping," the Doctor replied.

Both girls looked up sharply.

"The TARDIS has a library?" Jenna asked, excitedly.

"Sure does, little bookworms," grinned the Doctor. "Although you might want to watch out. There's a swimming pool in the middle of it."

"Why is there a swimming pool in the library?" Elizabeth asked. "It might damage the books."

The Doctor shrugged.

"The TARDIS knows best," he said.

The TARDIS hummed in agreement.

The Doctor leaned against the console, facing his two companions.

"You had a good time, though, didn't you? Makes up for blowing up your library?"

"Yeah. Some parts," said Jenna, thinking of Jean.

"It certainly was bracing," said the Doctor with an overly cheerful smile.

Jenna appreciated his attemps to cheer her up.

"It was kind of cool to go back in time. And the dragon was neat," said Elizabeth.

"Yeah, except for the part where it almost killed us," Jenna reminded them.

"Well there is that."

"What say we go somewhere nice and safe this time, eh?" the Doctor said, turning to the console to press buttons. "Somewhere non-life threatening where we can just be tourists?"

"That sounds nice," Elizabeth said, taking a sip of her tea.

"Alright. Somewhere nice and safe. Hmmm..."

"You do know nice and safe places, don't you, Doctor?" teased Jenna.

The Doctor's eyes lit up.

"Ahah! I have just the place. What would you girls say to a vist to my old friend Jane?"