It was the next day at lunch, and it had come to that part of the day when I got to pick on an unsuspecting bunch of kids to sit with. I scanned the cafeteria, looking for my next victim. However, my eyes landed on Naveen sitting by himself, so took it upon myself to accompany him. I'm just that kind of person.

He didn't even acknowledge my presence when I sat down. I smiled. "You know, Naveen, I'm starting to think this is going to be the start of a beautiful relationship."

He looked at me, really alarmed and I laughed. I didn't want to get emotionally attached, and he didn't want anything to do with me. It was great.

My attention was stolen when the man who has been on my mind constantly walked through the hall.

Mr. Clearwater.

Holy crap.

I just stared at him, in total awe as he talked to some sophomore. He was just so genuinely lovely. I'd never known for a teacher to be as nice as that. I thought it was a main characteristic in the job description to be a total wanker.

I couldn't stop thinking about him. It was crazy. I was so angry at myself. I shouldn't let myself be thinking about him. How is it going to feel when I have to leave? I shouldn't get attached, I know this.

But I couldn't help it. There was just something about him. I was so unbelievably drawn to him. And the thought of not seeing him made my hurt so badly.

I should not be having these feelings for him. Shit. What even are my feelings for him?

Oh, dear god no.

Please, no.

This cannot be happening.

No, no, no.

I have a fucking crush on my teacher.

I'd met girls who had stupid schoolgirl crushes on their teachers. And I thought it was pathetic. And now, I was exactly like them. Although, to be fair, the teachers are usually old and ugly so it's gross, but with Mr. Clearwater, it's not that bad. He doesn't even look that old. It's fine.


Yeah. It's totally fine. He doesn't have to know. I'll just carry on, having these stupid feelings, but ignoring them, and then we'll move to somewhere else. I don't have to tell anyone. It'll be fine. Just because you fancy your teacher doesn't mean anything's going to happen. It's not like he'd ever return the feelings. Nope. He is not a paedophile. And he wouldn't risk his job for a stupid schoolgirl. It's illegal for him to have sexual relations with an under eighteen-year old student.

Not that I was thinking about have sexual relations with him…

I just mean that we wouldn't ever be able to be together.

My hands clenched into a fist under the table when I realised that I was upset about that. Why should I be upset? It was impossible for anything to happen. And yet a little bit inside of me died because of that revelation.

I shouldn't be like this about him. I don't get emotionally attached to people. It just makes moving away harder. Yes, I said I don't like being peoples new 'thing', but also, I've met some super wicked people in my life. I don't like meeting fantastic new people, who I come to get emotionally attached too, and then I have to leave and get really cut up. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to leave sometimes.

So for the past three years I have been completely unemotional when I come to a new school. That's just how it is. So why now? Why him? Why do I suddenly feel such a- a pull towards him?

Mr. Clearwater turned and caught my eyes on him. A massive smile spread across his happy face and I found myself smiling back at him. Even as he continued to talk to the dude next to him, he didn't deter his eyes from mine, and it seemed physically impossible for me to look away from him.

Well, then the bell went and someone stood up, blocking my view of him. Bastard. I could have killed them for making me stop drooling over Mr. Clearwater.

Argh. I'm such an emotional wreck.

I had to spend at least three hours on the Harv Junior last night. I was very angry at myself. It's been one day and already I can't stop thinking about him.

Seth's POV.

It's been hard, aging and watching all those around me find their soul mates while I stayed completely alone. I was happy, yeah but that was it. There was never anything better than just 'okay' and 'happy'. I wanted to feel absolutely joyous like my brothers when they held their wives, or their children. I had a great family; my pack brothers, their familes and my sister, Leah – but I was so lonely. I really craved to have what they have. Some to hold, to kiss, to just be with and love. I'd tried so hard to find the person I was going to imprint on. Hell, I'd gone to college and everything. Most of the guys weren't ever gonna leave La Push but I'd been desperate. It was common knowledge that I'd wanted to imprint since the moment I found out that it wasn't an irregular thing, so none of the guys questioned me going to college. It was hard; to be away from the pack after being so close to them all for so long, but it was better than staying here. To have it constantly thrown in my face, such explicitly happy couples completely perfect for each other everywhere I turned while I stayed single and alone, waiting for the one… it's been hard. I mean, Paul didn't even want to imprint. But he did fifteen years ago, this nice girl name Louise moved back to look after her grandma and bam, Paul found his soul mate. It was unfair. Paul had been saying since he first phased that he'd forever be a 'lone wolf' because he was content on having sex with random girls. And yet he imprinted before me! How is that fair? It's not like he doesn't love her, he does, a hell of a lot. She's a really lovely girl, and she's strong – she can even control Paul! That was a shocker.

It's not like Paul doesn't deserve it, or that I deserve to imprint more, but I just felt like god was staring down at me, waving his big godly middle finger in my face. All I wanted was to imprint. That's it. I didn't care if I lost my job, my house, everything. When Paul hadn't even wanted it in the first place. I just wanted to be in love, and have someone love me back. I know my family love me, but they all their loved ones. I don't come at the top of anyone's list. Even my sister would chose her husband Mark over me. It was a shocker when she got married. Sam had been a little angry, he still loved her slightly, even though he hurt her so badly. It wasn't enough for him to do anything, though, and now my sisters happily married. Mark's a really great dude. He wouldn't dare hurt her. If not because he's so in love with her, because the whole pack went and threatened the moment Leah gave away she was seeing someone while we were on patrol.

Anyway, everyone's had their happy ending. Apart from me. But I hadn't given up waiting. The guys thought I was stupid to be constantly waiting for her. But they didn't understand. I had been the oldest wolf imprint-less. They didn't know what it was like to constantly be celebrating birthdays alone. To go home to my empty house when I knew they'd all be with the person they loved. I know I don't sound much of a werewolf, but I don't care. I wasn't going to give up waiting, because I knew eventually that I would find the one.

And I did. And hell, she was worth the excruciatingly long wait. Much more than worth it.

I didn't even know her that well (a fact that didn't please me well) but I knew she was special. She wasn't like most girls her age, I could tell. I don't dislike the children I teach, but kids can be cruel, but she didn't even seem to care about not being liked by the other kids here. She chose Naveen even though she knew it would instantly give her zero popularity. I felt proud. She seemed a lot more mature.

But it didn't matter how mature she seemed… she was still only seventeen.


That was very, very young. She was illegal.

Not that I thought about her like that – no, no. She's much to young to me to think of her like that. I couldn't possibly have thoughts like that about her. Nope. No way. All I want is to be her friend. Yup. No dirty thoughts about seventeen-year-old girls in my mind. Nope.

Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? She was damn fine. She's got to be the most jaw-droppingly beautiful person I've ever seen. And she was sexy.

I admit it. I find her incredibly sexually arousing.

Argh. I'm such a pervert.

It's not my fault, though. She most definitely doesn't have the body of a seventeen year old.

Jeez – those legs…

They alone should be illegal. Girls her age shouldn't own legs that long or shapely.

Damn it. I'm going to hell.

I went to Jacob the moment I got out of school. He says it's normal for me to feel attracted to her in this way. He said things started to change towards Nessie when she was near seventeen/eighteen physically, and she hadn't even been alive that long because she was a half vampire, half human hybrid. It didn't work though. Still makes me feel like a paedophile.

But I couldn't stop thinking these things about her, no matter how hard I tried. She was just so… Francesca.

It was such a beautiful name. Frankie. My gorgeous little Frankie.

Was it wrong? To be so attracted to her? Because I'm more sexually attracted to her in jeans and a jumper than I was to any woman I've ever seen in my life. I shouldn't. I'm a teacher. A teacher! This is totally wrong. But yet it felt like the most right thing ever.

Jesus, I've only known her for a day and already she makes me happier than I've ever been.

I caught her eye in the cafeteria – I'd really just been looking for her – and she smiled back at me. Already I'm in love with her smile. It's captivating.

But then the damn bell went and people got in my way of her and I had to go back to my classroom to teach.

Stupid school.

I was ready to quit. All I wanted was her and this job would only get in the way and I didn't really fancy being locked up because I'm a pervert – because then I'm away from Frankie.

But Jacob said it's best if I stay here. One, because I need the money, and two, because if I suddenly quit it might scare her. Too much too soon, you know? I can understand, I suppose. I didn't like it, though. I mean I've saved up enough. Teachers salary is really good, so I have enough money to be able to get a worse job and still be well off. Although, I want to be able to give Frankie the best. She deserved it. Yeah, okay. Maybe I should keep this job.

This is so hard. All I want to do is run at her and take her in my arms, carry her away with me and live the rest of my life with her, just us alone. I didn't want to have to deal with all of this messed up stuff. I mean, for the love of all things holy, I don't even know her knowher. I don't know her favorite color, her loves, her hates, her dreams, her wishes, her habits, her hobbies, her opinions, why she moved here, why she's so god damn perfect, where she comes from – I can't place her accent, it seems to have a little bit of everywhere in it and her skin tone seems a little too pale for her to be from La Push originally – why she tries not to smile too much, why she seems to reserve herself, why she always seems to have her iPod on her – and while on the subject – what her favorite genre of music is, her favorite band, album and song.

Francesca Lee Morely is just one big old mystery to me.

So then I spent the rest of the day trying to come up with a way that I can start talking to her, get to be her friend, without anyone finding out, or her getting freaked out.

But then, the end of the day came.

And with that time came the wonderful, beautiful Francesca.

She walked through that door and I couldn't stop my heart from beating madly at the sight of her, or have to use a huge amount of restraint to stop myself from jumping on her as my eyes raked over her body. I felt like a damn teenager again. I was way too old to be feeling stuff like this. But with being a werewolf my body hasn't aged and I guess I still feel the same stuff I did when I first phased because I still had the same hormones whizzing around my body.

Her brilliant eyes met mine and I couldn't stop from smiling brightly at her, letting out a sigh. She is so stunning. And she doesn't even know it. She doesn't come off as cocky as someone should for the looks that she has.

"Frankie," I breathed, instinctively stepping closer to her. But I regained control and took in a breath, standing back behind my desk.

"I, umm," she said, her eyebrows pulling together as she looked down at the floor. "Need some help with the history stuff…" She seemed kind of angry – maybe at herself? I don't know, it seemed like it. I don't know why. That seems absurd.

"I can tutor you!" I kind of shouted at her, much, much too eager than any teacher should ever be.

She looked back up at me, her eyes conveying her innocentness. She didn't have any idea about the dirty thoughts that I had about her. She seemed so confused, like it would be weird for me to want to tutor her. Her eyes were so soft, like she'd never even think I'm so sexually attracted to her. Which is about right, I suppose. I am a teacher. But, seriously, with her body I'd expect her to at least think that I was excited about getting close to her. It wasn't like I was going to take advantage of her – hell no! I wasn't going to get physically involved with her for a long time, I was going to make sure she was over a hundred percent ready. But I did just want to be close with her, emotionally, and it didn't hurt her if I looked, right?

That doesn't make me a bad person, does it?

Yes. It does. I'm a teacher. When I became a teacher I sort of swore that I would never feel attracted towards a student. I definitely wouldn't be thinking some of this funky shit that I wanted to do to her.

My body burned with want.

No. I need to stop thinking about her like that.

But anyway, her eyes show how young she is. Mentally she may be very mature, and her body may be the age of a sexy goddess, but there's still an air of innocence about her.

For some sick, sick, vile reason, it turned me on.

"When do you, err, have time to, umm, tutor me?" she said, pushing her hair off of her face, her heartbeat accelerating a little. Hot. That's so hot. I can't believe she's excited about spending time with me.

"I have some free periods I can cram some work into and after school or during your lunch breaks we can have some," I gulped, trying to regulate my breathing, "one to one."

Her heartbeat sped up too. Oh crap. Is she thinking what I'm thinking?

She better not be. She's too young for that.

She nodded quickly. "Okay, cool. Thank you," she said quickly before hurrying back towards the door.

"Starting after school tomorrow?" I asked, not at all liking her leaving so soon, I wanted to know more about her.

Her eyes snapped back to me, her hand on the door handle, while she bit her lip.


No, no, no!

That girl does not need to start biting her lip in my presence. That is not helping this situation at all. Here I am, using all of my energy on restraint, trying to control myself, and she goes around doing things like that? It's inconsiderate. Next she'll be walking around in short skirts and shorts. Oh god. I hope she doesn't wear skirts. She doesn't seem like the skirts type. I don't think I could control myself if she wore a skirt. What if she wore a skirt and bit her lip? Oh god no!

I unconsciously licked my lips and her eyes fell to mine, her own juicy, red tongue peeking out of her lips, rolling over her upper lip. I was upset that she missed out her plumper lower lip, and felt the strong urge to go lick it for her. I gripped my desk, begging myself to stay were I was.

This is not going well. This is only day one of me trying to hold myself back, and already I've imagined making love to her on my desk countless times.

"Erm, sure, okay," she said, nodding so her dark hair fell down, framing her face. She had very long hair. It curled slightly as it came down around her face, past her shoulders and over her sexy collarbones – which stood out, even through her jumper – and curved over her breasts. It was really shiny… all I could think about was running my hands through it, tugging it, having it fall like curtains around her face as we had sex with her on top and – oh my god no! Stop it, you dirty, dirty asshole! She's too damn young for this!

You're sick, Seth! Sick! Get your head out of the gutter!

Everyone thinks I'm just 'nice little Seth', hell, I even thought that till I met Frankie. Everyone was so pleased for me when they found out I'd imprinted. They were all so excited to meet her. Emily even said that out of everyone they were glad that I imprinted on a teenage girl at this age because I'd respect her more and be able to be a gentleman for her and continue to wait while she's still a teenager! But she doesn't know that I'm probably the worst out of everyone! Fuck, Collin didn't even have sexual feelings for Mel until she turned twenty!

I am going to hell.

"See you later?" she said as she opened the door and I smiled up at her. She's adorable. She's probably not what most people would class as adorable, because she seems to try so hard not to be, but she is. She's nervous and she's trying to act like she's completely nonchalant, but she cares.

Frankie's POV.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

This is shit. Total, fucky shit.

I'd made a complete bellend out of myself yesterday by going and being so completely schoolgirl-with-a-crush like and asked for tutoring, when I don't need it. How clichéd is that? It always happens in movies to get the guys attention. It will blow in my face, because, really, history is the only subject I like and actually try in. I've come up with a plan though. If he finds out I'll just say I'm very interested in history and ask for tutoring in every school I go to because I love it that much and I'm such a nerd.

Think it'll work?

Nah, me neither.

So, anyway, I was such a fucking girl and did that. It was stupid. I'm going to just sit there, drooling like a fool while he tries to comprehend why he's even doing this. I mean, it's not like he would enjoy it, would he? That's just stupid. He gets nothing out of it. I'm so stupid. Aw, hell. I bet I bloody well give it away. Oh fuck. That would be so embarrassing.

Well, anyway. After I went through the excruciatingly cringe-worthy moment with Mr. Clearwater, I then got into a 'fight' with these girls and ended up hitting one of them, which then resulted in me getting detention, which means I won't be able to go to see him after school. So I went through all the mental stress for nothing!

I said 'fight' because it wasn't really a fight. These girls were terrible. My mum would have been better to fight, and Tiffany once cried out of guilt because she told her sister that she thought her haircut wasn't as good as the previous one. Oh yeah. I'm thoroughly surprised how I turned out to be the way I am when my mothers such a kind-hearted person.

Anyway, so now I'm stuck with stupid bloody Mr. Jenkins. Yes, I know. Fuck my life. I could have been spending time with the beautiful Mr. Clearwater, but instead I'm with Mr. Jenkins. This is only my third day and I have accumulated a great hate for him.

I got to his classroom and begrudgingly opened the door. He said I wasn't to be even one minute late or else I'd get detention for the rest of the week, so I didn't have time to go tell Mr. Clearwater I wouldn't be coming.

It really sucked.

I don't know why Mr. Jenkins has taken such a dislike for me.

"Ah, Francesca," he said as I entered and I glared at him. "It appears I double booked. I've got a meeting with the principle." Hopefully talking about him being fired. "So I've got another teacher to cover."

I let out a groan. "Can't I just have the detention tomorrow?" Why should I miss time with Mr. Clearwater when Jenkins won't even be here! This is stupid!

"No," he said hotly and I sighed. This is terrible.

Oh well. At least I don't have to spend time with the devils spawn.

The door opened and I felt a tug in my stomach, so I turned towards it. Again, I felt all of the oxygen leave my body as my eyes rested on the god-like beauty.

"Frankie?" he asked, confused and I just stared back into Mr. Clearwater's soft eyes. How is it possible that someone is that beautiful?

"Yes. This is the girl I was telling you about," Jenkins said and he rose an eyebrow at me, a smile tugging at his lips as Jenkins walked out the door. "Thanks again."

The door shut and I stood there, in silence, staring at him, trying not to smile like a goon.

"Shall we go to my classroom?" he said and I nodded.

Don't fuck up. Don't trip over on your ass. Don't say something stupid. Don't let him know you like him. Don't get attached to him. Don't act like a weirdo.

He held the door open and I waited for him to walk through, until he waved a hand in front of him and I realised he was opening it for me. "Oh!" I walked through, bending my head. "Thank you." Shit. Good one. He already thinks you're stupid.

He laughed, "It's okay."


He has such an amazing laugh. He smiled down at me and I caught myself from smiling, looking down.

Rule one is not to make friends. If I want to survive, I have to abide by these rules. And ways to stop making friends is to not talk overly nicely, to not smile too much, to not be funny or let anyone know you find them funny, to not take up peoples offers, and to be kind of mean.

If you do these, people don't want to know you. Yes, it's lonely and tiring but it's the way things work. No friends, no pain.

Mr. Clearwater seems to be bending part of that rule though, I asked him to spend time with me. That's just not on. He's definitely fucking things up for me.

"You were gonna stand me up for Mr. Jenkins?" he said and I quickly started to apologise and explain about the weeks detention.

He laughed, cutting me off, his hand on my back. "Frankie, Frankie, chill. I'm just kidding."

I glared at him and he laughed again. "I'm sorry." My glare softened considerably. Damn him and his bloody cuteness.

How can a teacher even be cute? Surely when guys get older than at least twenty they lose that element?

"What did you do to get a detention, anyway?" he asked.

I let out an annoyed breath, my anger already soaring. "Because your colleague is an absolute bastard."

"Francesca! Watch your language," he said through a laugh and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm real sorry, but he is. These senior girls were making fun of this freshman, and he just walked past! The girl is so short, she came up to my hip, and she was practically in tears she was so scared. You really need to sort out the bullying in your school."

He raised an eyebrow. "I don't see how this results in landing you in detention?"

"Oh, I, err, kindly asked them to leave the small girl alone. They refused, said some things, made the small girl cry and we ended in a sticky situation. And then, and only then, did Jenkins decide he was going to intervene. And the girls got off bloody scot-free!"

"What a bastard!" Mr. Clearwater said and I laughed loudly. Wow. That was weird – hearing a teacher swear. Well, hearing him swear. He seemed much too lovely.

We continued to walk all the way to his classroom. It was the furthest away from the main part of the school, out in a separate block with only a couple other classes. I'm too tired to walk that far. I'm a very lazy person.

"Where do you come from?" he asked and I looked down at the floor.

Tell him? Change the subject? He's not like other people though. I won't get emotionally attached to him, right? He's just a teacher. It's fine to just have a conversation, right? What else was I planning on doing? It's fne.

So I told him where I came from and about how I've moving about for a while.

He raised an eyebrow. "That must be really great." I nodded. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah, well, most of the time. It's… different. But I'm really lucky. There are loads of people who'd love to be able to do what I do, so it's not like I take it for granted, but…"

He nodded, staring at me as he opened his classroom door. This time I didn't stand there for at least ten minutes, acting like an idiot. I walked through, thanking him again. He's such a fucking gentleman.

"It gets lonely?" he offered and I stared into his eyes for a while.




"No, I'm fine," I said, and I took my seat.

I lied. It gets very lonely. So, so, so lonely. But I've never admitted that, so why now?

"Oh?" he asked I nodded, not looking at him. There was just something wrong with lying to him. It made me want to crawl into a hole and die.

"So… how does a family afford that? I mean, it would be great to go travelling, but isn't that really expensive?" he changed the subject, but I could tell he knew I was lying. I felt so guilty. So guilty.

I nodded. "Yeah. My dad owns this housing holiday thing, which covers all the costs. Everywhere he goes he buys a couple houses, does them up and adds them onto his little deal thing. It's like a club, you pay into the business monthly and each year you could pick a different place for a couple of weeks."

"That's really great. Is it just you and your dad?" he asked, sitting on his desk, facing me.

"No, my mum too. I have a brother but he doesn't come with us."

"Where's your bother?"

"He's in the army," I said. Tom's twenty-one, he left for the army as soon as he was old enough. It was just what he wanted to do. My mum went mental when she found out what he was planning on doing. She worries so much, and she never wanted to have a child in the army. It's a big risk.

"You miss him a lot," he stated and I didn't answer him. Why was he asking so many questions? Probing so many topics? I don't even really know him.

If felt like I did, but I didn't.

"It's okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that," he said. I just nodded, still not looking up at his eyes. "So, what brings you to La Push, then? You're not from here and not many people come here. Not even travellers."

I shrugged. "Don't know, the move was pretty sudden, as well. I guess it's just 'cause you have that tribe here."

"Oh? So what do you do, research the tribe?"

I shrugged. "Sort of. There was this other Native American tribe we saw in Utah. It was so lovely there. The Navajo people are so fascinating, and they were so open to tell us about their stories. There's no written down record, they just pass on the things that happened to their people orally. It's so fascinating to hear them tell their own stories, because they put so much emotion into it. Did you know during the 'Long Walk of the Navajo' over two hundred people died? It's really horrible. But they're so fascinating, some of the things they say… they're very spiritual. They have these 'skinwalkers', they –"

"Skinwalkers?" he asked, his voice short and confused but excited.

"Yeah, they're 'wer-animals'. It's a type of witch craft which allows them to change to look somewhat like an animal, and –"

"Do you believe in it?" he asked suddenly, his face serious. "Does it scare you? What do you think?"

"I'm not sure. I'm definitely not scared. I've talked to man who said he encountered a skinwalker. They really believe in it. And when you're around so much of it, you can't not start to believe it."

He was breathing heavy, his eyes wide.

Oh crap. I freaked him out.

"Oh, sorry… I shouldn't have gone on like that… just tell me to shut up the next time I start to ramble. I just carried away with that sort of stuff… sorry."

He grinned at me. "No, no. I really love that you're interested in that." I stared back at his happy face. He really kinda did look like he loved it. "Err, I'm a history teacher, after all. You'll have to come and tell me more about it. You know, my friend does these bonfires where they share the Quileute legends. You could – I could see if you and your family would be able to come?"

I smiled brightly. "Really? That would be fucking brilliant!"

He laughed. "Yeah. I don't think it will be too much trouble."

We spent the rest of the evening, talking, laughing and asking questions. Mr. Clearwater's such an amazing person.

He doesn't belittle me, either. Usually teachers always act like I'm stupid.

I'm not. And I don't like to be put down. It's not like I'm an immature little girl. Even if I do seem to be acting it whenever I think about him. It's not my fault he makes me so damn gooey.

I can't believe I just described myself gooey.

That's disguisting.

He told me about himself and what his life had been like. I hadn't asked if he was married or if he had children. I just couldn't deal with that at the moment. He was so damn perfect, of course he'd have someone. I just wanted to keep pretending and putting it off.

I know it was stupid and immature of me to be thinking this, but I wanted to be with him. I shouldn't be wishing for such impossible things. It will never happen. I don't get my hopes up, ever. So why now? This doesn't make sense. I was just going to get myself hurt. But I wanted desperately to be older. Why was I so damn young? This sucked.

I mean, I was only seventeen last month! He asked me when my birthday was and I told him, I shouldn't of. I should have just lied, I could have pretended to be older and – oh shut up! I need to stop acting like such an immature little girl in love.

It will never happen. Ever. He's amazing, yes, but that just lowers my chances. Never, ever, ever. There was no way in hell that I would ever deserve him. I shouldn't be thinking about lying and shit like that to get him. Stuff like that never works. I'm just going to have to deal with the fact that he is my teacher and he is forbidden to me.

Argh. This is terrible.

"Oh, shit!" I shouted when I realised the time. "Can I leave now? My mum's going to kill me."

He looked at his watch. "Oh, god. Yeah, I'm so sorry. I completely lost track of time."

"Thank you," I grabbed my bag and started out the door. It was past seven fucking o'clock. I was dead meat.

"Here, let me give you a ride home, you're late," he said, quickly grabbing his stuff.

"Oh, no, really it's okay I –"

He waved me off. "It's raining like there's no tomorrow, it's getting dark and you're late. I don't want you walking home like this, plus you'd much rather get home quicker rather than slower, right?"

I hesitated and he smiled as he made his way to his car. "I'm now heading home, anyway. La Push is so small your house won't be much of a detour."

I went to refuse again, feeling rude and he just laughed. "Come on!" he shouted and I groaned as the water pelted down on me, but I got in the car.

He started the car and music started blaring. "Oh crap, I'm sorry," he said, going to turn it off. I slapped his hand away.

"Holy shit! They're my favourite band! You are not turning them off!" he turned to me, eyes wide and a massive smile on his face.

"You're kidding, right?"

I shook my head. "They're so beautiful."

He smiled as he pulled out, his eyes flickering over to me every other second.

"How do you even know about them? They were around before you were even born."

Now I feel like I'm about four.

"My friends granddad got me into a bunch of bands," I said and he winced at the 'granddad' but smiled at me.

We talked some more about bands. We have the same music taste. I smiled at him. Damn. Why is he so perfect? Usually everyone thinks I'm weird for the music that I like. Even the friend thought I was weird for liking the same music as her granddad. I was just telling him about a few new bands that I'd found which were inspired by that sort of music when he pulled up at my house.

"Aw shit."

"Go on, you have to go in."

I shook my head. "She'll kill me."

He laughed, reaching over and opening the door. I tried not to gasp at his closeness. He's really warm!

"Go on," he said, smiling warmly at me.

I glared at him but got out.

"Um, really, thank you," I said and he smiled up at me.

"Anytime, Frankie. Oh! And remember to bring in those CD's."

I nodded, smiled slightly and with another thanks I shut the door and ran inside. It's probably weird that I got a lift off a teacher, isn't it? Oh well. It doesn't feel weird. And if it doesn't feel weird to me, then I don't care.

I braced myself at the door, taking a deep breath. I opened and turned to where Mr. Clearwater was watching, I nodded again and waved and when I heard the door shut behind me I heard his car start up again.

I let out the breath.

"Where the bloody hell have you been!" My mothers screaming voice came to me before she strode out of the kitchen, a rolling pin in her hand.

Aw shit.

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