Summary: Based on the Swords of An Honourable Ruler. Inuyasha has been taken over by Sounga so he has to flee from his friends. After the battle he has with Sesshoumaru he runs leaving Kagome unconscious after saving him. Sounga is out to kill the miko to ruin Inuyasha. Sesshoumaru takes her into his care so that he can get Sounga. What will happen along the way? Takemaru? Wait, wasn't he the one who killed Inuyasha's mother? What does he want with Kagome?

Sesshoumaru's Weakness

Chapter One – Sounga

Sesshoumaru followed the scent of the evil and powerful sword that his great father once held in his possession. He had no clue how it had suddenly appeared, it hadn't been seen in over 200 years. Why would it suddenly appear now? He knew inside the sword was the spirit of an ancient evil youkai who could possess anyone, well anyone except his father and now himself. Sesshoumaru was fairly confident that he could take the sword in his hand without it possessing him, the youkai would surely submit to him.

Smirking to himself he continued to follow the sword's aura until he came upon a clearing surrounded by boulders, that was when Inuyasha's scent hit his sensitive nose. "Jaken stay here with Rin, do not disobey me" He then entered the clearing and followed Inuyasha's scent. The hanyou had his back to him, he was overlooking Japan as if plotting. Sesshoumaru cast his eyes down to where his brother held Sounga, it was clearly obvious that he had been taken over. It was almost as if Sounga had meshed his being to his hand "So Inuyasha, why is it that another one of father's swords has attached itself to you?" Inuyasha turned to meet his brother

"How the hell am I supposed to know what happened? I would gladly give this thing to you if you want it so badly" He then raised the Sounga to his brother "Looks like you'll have to take it from me by force though"

"Hn" The young Lord pulled his sword from its sheath "That was my intention all along" The two then ran straight for each other and clashed blades "You are not fit to wield the Sounga or the Tetsusaiga. I despise the fact my father's blood flows through your veins half breed!" He was sick to death of his brother getting everything he desired. He was a half breed for crying out loud, why should he get his treasures?

"You think I care?" Inuyasha jumped back and clashed blades with his brother once again. The two were now face to face as Sounga's evil laughter filled their ears

"Sesshoumaru, do you long to possess me? When our blades clash I will know your every thought, I even know about Inuyasha cutting off your left arm" That hit a nerve. Sesshoumaru growled threateningly whilst Inuyasha just screamed at the sword

"Shut it ya stupid sword, no one's listening to ya" The two then broke away and clashed again. Inuyasha then dived backwards and landing right where Jaken and Rin hid. Immediately the two scrambled away just as Sesshoumaru brought his sword down on his brother. Inuyasha continued to back away from his brother whilst Sesshoumaru threw angry attacks at him, his face betrayed only a frown but deep inside Sesshoumaru was ready to burst and rip his sibling to shreds.

Finally Sesshoumaru had managed to hit Inuyasha hard enough for Sounga to possess him and to take control. The hanyou's eyes bled red as Sounga took over his body. In an instant he was over powering the young Lord until his foot felt the edge of the cliff Inuyasha had pushed him to "Two blood brothers trying to kill each other, your father was just as foolish as you. If he had heeded my words then he would not have met such a miserable death"

"Silence!" Sesshoumaru growled as he pushed Inuyasha back and dropped his own blade. Then using his demonic speed Sesshoumaru caught up to his brother and pulled the Tetsusaiga from its sheath, he grimaced as the blade burnt and pricked at his hand. He tried his best to ignore it as he attacked Inuyasha with the wind scar. As soon as the hanyou was engulfed by the blast Sesshoumaru dropped to the sword and fell to his knees, glaring at the painful burns on his hand.

Once Sounga saw Sesshoumaru's weakened state he took full advantage of the situation. He had Inuyasha pull himself from the rubble and took over him once again "Blood, I need more blood. Give me a human sacrifice" Inuyasha immediately searched around him and found Rin, within seconds he was in front of her and ready to slice her head off. Jaken tried to protect her as best as he could before Sesshoumaru could get to them. The young girl's scream had pulled him from the pain, Sesshoumaru looked up to find his brother towering over his frightened ward. He growled deeply as he pursued the hanyou, he fingers bled with poison as he neared him. No one and he meant no one was going to harm his ward, he refused to allow any harm befall her again. Just as he was about to strike him he heard a fearful scream

"SIT BOY!" He watched as the beads around Inuyasha's neck glow as he was pulled to his knees "SIT!" That was when he saw the miko that travelled with Inuyasha wrap herself around his form and hold on for dear life

"Interfering wench" Sounga cursed as he detached himself from Inuyasha and flew away. The two then collided into the hard ground whilst Sesshoumaru watched where the sword headed

"Oh look at this, it appears Sounga has been driven off" That voice. Sesshoumaru eyes returned to the scene before him to find Totosai and Myouga looking over the pair. Inuyasha stirred from Totosai's words and pulled himself to his knees, he winced as his wounds stretched.

"Ah you're finally awake" Sounga's sheath commented "You owe your life to this girl"

"Inuyasha..." Kagome croaked weakly "I followed you...I'm sorry..." He eyes then slid closed as she fell into a state of unconsciousness

"Dammit, that's why I told you to stay away" Inuyasha snapped as he brushed her bangs from her eyes. Why did she always risk her life for him? He was no one special. Why would she save the person who continuously hurts her? He stood from his spot and retrieved his sword, only to find Sesshoumaru doing the same thing "Don't get in my way Sesshoumaru, I'll be the one to destroy Sounga"

"Heh, you lack what it takes" He approached his brother "You should thank the girl for saving your life"

"Keh" Inuyasha turned from his brother's searing gaze and moved to Totosai "Take care of Kagome, I'm going after Sounga" Then before any of them could mouth their protests he was gone

"He is too reckless" Totosai shook his head as he looked down at Kagome "I don't know why you bother child" Sesshoumaru then approached the old man but stopped by Kagome's dishevelled form

"Explain. How is Sounga here after all these years?"

"He returned with Inuyasha, after they left Kagome's home. I do not know where she lives before you even ask" Totosai raised his hands in defence "We do not know how the sword could end up wherever she lives, we cast it into the bone eater's well where we watched it vanish"

"I see" Sesshoumaru then reached down and grabbed Kagome by her blouse

"Lord Sesshoumaru?" Totosai gaped

"When she wakes, she shall tell me where she lives" He then threw her over his shoulder where Saya and Kagome's pack were still attached to her

"Lord Sesshoumaru, please don't heart her" Myouga begged "She has done nothing wrong"

"If you fear for her safety then you may accompany her, if not then mind your own business" He then turned and began to walk off with Rin and Jaken following

"Sorry Totosai, but I'd rather be with Sesshoumaru right now than face Inuyasha's wrath" The cowardly flea then pounced from Totosai's shoulder and to Kagome's. The old youkai just shook his head as he too left to retrieve Momo and Kagome's bike.

A girl's giggling and a high pitched scream stirred Kagome from her sleep. She quietly groaned as she slowly opened her eyes to find herself laying in a grassy clearing. Funny. She was sure she was lying on a pile of sharp painful rocks earlier. Inuyasha must have brought her back to Sango and Miroku. But wait. A girl's giggling? A high pitched scream? They sounded more like...

Gasping Kagome shot her head up to find Sesshoumaru's ward being chased by the imp. She slowly pushed herself to her knees, immediately regretting it. She held her bruised stomach as she took in her surroundings. Her pack and Saya were leaning against a tree; Rin was now on top of Jaken decorating him with flowers; The two headed dragon AhUn lay in the grass loving the warmth; and...she gaped when she found Sesshoumaru leaning up against a tree with his eyes closed. His hand was laying upon his knee, it looked really sore and could possibly be infected. He looked like he was suffering from a nightmare with that frown on his face "Kagome!" The miko immediately jumped when she heard her name being shouted. She turned to find Myouga on her lap "Thank goodness you're awake. I was beginning to think the worse"

"I'm fine Myouga" She smiled softly "But that's not an excuse to drink my blood"

"He did that to Rin" Rin beamed as she ran over to Kagome "Rin did not like it at all"

"Awe Myouga, that's mean" Kagome winked, getting the flea to play along "You should know better"

"He does now, Lord Sesshoumaru told him not to bite Rin again" The child grinned

"Oh?" Kagome raised her brow "How long have I been unconscious?"

"All day" Rin replied "See, it's night now" Kagome looked up to find it was indeed night, it looked quite late. Too late for a child to be awake

"Perhaps you should get some rest Rin" She offered "You won't to be full of energy to play tomorrow"

"Well okay, Rin will go to sleep and play with Kagome tomorrow?" Kagome nodded and watched as the child skipped over to the two headed dragon and cuddled up to him

"You are good with children" Saya commented from where the sheath rested

"I have a little brother" She shrugged "Perhaps that's why, plus I love children"

"That is a good trait for a woman of these times. I don't know if it is the same for women in your time"

"Your time?" A silky baritone voice enquired. Kagome had completely forgotten that Sesshoumaru was there, she turned when she sat to find his gold piercing eyes staring at her, almost into her soul

"Uh...well...what he meant was..."

"Miko, before you answer me might I point out that I can tell if you're lying" He narrowed his gaze

"I'm not surprised" She muttered "I'm from a different place. No offence Sesshoumaru but it isn't really any of your business"

"How dare you speak to Lord Sesshoumaru like that!" Jaken snapped at her "First you shall address him as Lord and you owe it to him to answer him"

"How do I?"

"He took you into his care after the half breed abandoned you"

"I highly doubt that Inuyasha abandoned me" Kagome snorted "And anyway I'm most probably only here so he can gain from it, am I right Sesshoumaru?" She moved her firm gaze to his. He found her eyes held no fear, he was impressed

"You are correct miko" He replied as he stretched his fingers "I have questions for you and I will have my answer, one way or another"

"I never knew you were one to raise your hand to a woman, Sesshoumaru"

"I don't remember mentioning anything about harming you, and I have a very good memory miko"

"Touché" She smirked knowing he wouldn't know what she just said "Anyway, what is it that you want to know so badly that you would kidnap me?"

"I never kidnapped you, I simply took you off Totosai's hands" He stated "The hanyou left you in his care whilst he ran off to find Sounga, he clearly has no respect to thank you"

"That's Inuyasha for you" She shrugged

"Where are you from? Inuyasha brought Sounga back from there"

"I'll tell you but you won't believe me" She sighed "I'm from 500 years in the future, through time Sounga just ended up there. Inuyasha came back to my time with me and we found it terrorising my home"

"How do you get there?"

"No way, I'm not telling you that!" Kagome stated defiantly "I'm not having you terrorising my time. There'll be a scandal"

"A scandal?"

"Yeah, in my time there are no longer any youkai living. They all died out"

"Are you trying to tell me that weak pathetic humans lived out the youkai race?" Sesshoumaru raised a silken brow

"We may be weak but we have an undying will to survive. Most youkai are mindless or just love to fight, that is their downfall. All you lot do is search for power, humans just want to live a long and happy life...well most of us do"


"Is that all you want to know?"

"For now" He muttered as his eyes moved to Rin's sleeping form

"I was afraid you were gonna say that" Kagome sighed as she stretched. She saw him stretch his fingers again, it was obvious his wound was irritating him "Sesshoumaru, do you want me to bandage your wound for you?" His eyes returned to hers and looked at her as if she was stupid "Look I know you're a youkai and that you heal ten times faster than a human but there's still a risk of infection. Let's be honest, you can't actually afford to lose another hand"

"You are the one who is at fault for my missing limb in the first place miko" He glared at her for even bringing it up

"How am I? Just because I pulled the sword out and handed it to Inuyasha instead of you? What do you expect? I was hardly gonna give it to you after you just tried to melt me" Sesshoumaru ignored her comment and turned his head from her. Kagome rolled her eyes as she pulled herself to her feet and reached for her pack. She then moved over to Sesshoumaru and kneeled beside him. Myouga was practically yanking her hair and telling her to get back but she just ignored him. When Sesshoumaru noticed her next to him he immediately returned his gaze to her and glared daggers at her "I'm only thinking of you here, please just let me treat your wound. Let's just say that it's my way of making it up to you for your missing arm"

"You believe that bandaging my hand will make up for my missing arm?" Was she stupid or something

"No, but it's a start" She then pulled out some disinfectant spray and some wipes from her pack "Look, how about I try to find a way to restore your arm? If I have to stay with you until that happens then that's what I'll have to do" She hated her conscience, it was making her feel incredibly guilty and it didn't help that Sesshoumaru was blaming her. Her healing abilities had increased lately so maybe she could find a way to restore his arm.

"Are you prepared to make such an offer miko?" He raised a silken brow "You may never find a way and could be bound to me for the rest of your human life"

"I doubt that'll happen" Kagome replied as she grabbed his wrist and began to wipe away all the blood, Sesshoumaru was slightly annoyed that she even dared to touch him but since he couldn't clean the wound himself he let her be "My time is more advanced than here, perhaps I can find something there that will help you"

"Why do you want to restore my arm? If anything I will be even more of a threat to you" This woman was so confusing, but then again every human he encountered was. Rin confused him to no end, she would rather be with him than live in a village and be raised by people who would love her.

"Because I have a conscience" She answered simply "You've made me feel guilty; restoring your arm is the least I can do. And you have saved my life before now so I guess I owe you. If you hadn't come that day I would be a poison master's wife"

"Saving your life was never my intention"

"So? My life was saved regardless. It may not have been your intention but you still have my thanks. Oh, this might sting a little" She tipped some of the disinfectant on one of the wipes and pressed it against his hand. He felt his hand stinging but refused to show any pain, he wasn't weak. Showing emotions was a weakness. "How did your father acquire Sounga?"

"Hn, I'm surprised Totosai or the flea didn't tell you" Sesshoumaru moved his gaze to Kagome's shoulder where Myouga was currently trying to hide behind some of the miko's hair

"Well...I...haven't really seen her" The old flea squirmed under his Lord's piercing gaze "I've been with her friends, I haven't been with Kagome long"

"Myouga how long did you serve Inuyasha's father?" Kagome picked the flea up off of her shoulder and set him to sit on top of her pack

"I have served him for many decades, I think it was roughly two decades before Lord Sesshoumaru was born"

"You hardly served my father, Myouga" Sesshoumaru scoffed "Every time he went off to battle you remained in the palace"

"Someone had to keep guard over you when you were a pup, my Lord" The old flea defended "It was my job to keep watch, if anyone attacked the palace then I had to go to your father immediately. And anyway when you were old enough to protect yourself I always followed your father into battle"

"How far though?" Kagome laughed "I'm sure that while he fought you stayed at a safe distance"

"Well I would only get a in the way"

"Oh yeah, 'cause a tiny flea is definitely gonna get in the way of a battle" She rolled her eyes "You're just a coward Myouga, I would have thought that you've grown a backbone after all of this time" The flea's sweat dropped causing Kagome to giggle "I bet you only tagged along with me because you didn't want Inuyasha to beat you senseless after he finds out that Sesshoumaru has me" Myouga didn't say anything "Ha! I knew it" She shook her head playfully and pulled a bandage from her pack. She then gently but firmly wrapped the bandage around Sesshoumaru's hand, she made sure not to tie it too tight otherwise he wouldn't be able to grip his sword properly "There you go" She smiled sweetly. Sesshoumaru flexed his hand to find that it hardly hurt

"Thank you miko" Inuyasha's wench or not he would show her his gratitude, it was how he was raised.

"No problem" She then cleared the wipes and disinfectant away. "So where will you be dragging me to tomorrow?"

"I didn't battle Inuyasha out of a whim today, miko. I desire the Sounga"

"So we are going to run around Japan until we find the Sounga, great" She sighed as she stretched, she soon regretted it when she pulled her bruised stomach "Why is it that I always get hurt when I save Inuyasha?" She winced as she rubbed her stomach

"Well you do get involved in youkai affairs" Myouga stated matter of factly

"I'm not gonna just sit there and let my friend get killed Myouga" She rolled her eyes

"I thought you looked at the half breed in a different way" Sesshoumaru spoke up "I assumed you two were lovers"

"No...we're just friends"

"You desire him though" He looked into her eyes "Do you love the whelp?"

"Firstly he's not a whelp and secondly that's none of your business" Kagome huffed as she pulled herself to her feet and took her pack and Myouga with her "I never knew the great and mighty Lord Sesshoumaru was so nosy" She threw her pack down by the fire and lay down beside it

"I believe curious is the term" He corrected, knowing it would only anger her further

"And do not speak to Lord Sesshoumaru in such a lowly manner, wench" Jaken snapped

"Shut it you" Kagome glared at the imp "No one asked for your opinion" She then wrapped her arms around herself as she attempted to get some sleep...

The next morning Kagome awoke to a voice calling her name softly. She slowly opened her eyes to find Rin crouched down in front of her "Good morning Kagome, Rin is happy to see that you're awake"

"Good morning" She tiredly replied as she pulled herself to her knees "Did you sleep well Rin?"

"Yep, Rin slept like a baby. What about you Kagome?"

"Yeah, it was alright" She shrugged. She had slept better other nights

"You better get up now Kagome. Lord Sesshoumaru is getting ready to leave" Kagome nodded and turned to find Jaken strapping up AhUn but she couldn't find Sesshoumaru

"Ne Rin, where is Sesshoumaru?"

"Oh, Lord Sesshoumaru has quickly gone to scout the area"

"I see" The miko then pulled herself to her feet and threw her pack over her shoulder "Has he mentioned anything about where we are headed?"

"Nope, that's why Lord Sesshoumaru isn't here at the moment. Rin thinks he's trying to find Sounga's scent" Rin cheerily beamed. She then ran over to AhUn to pet each of it's heads, as she did so Jaken waddled over to Kagome

"Listen here wench, you had better not speak poorly to my Lord again today. Your manners were absolutely disgusting last night, I'm surprised he didn't kill you"

"I don't have to listen to you Jaken" She stated as she bent down to meet his gaze "It's not like you can hurt me. What are ya gonna do? Bite my kneecaps off?"

"Why you!" Jaken then swung at her with his staff. Luckily Kagome saw the attack coming and jumped up so that the staff swung right under her feet "Staff of two Heads" He screamed as he shot flames at her. She quickly managed to dive out of the way where she then landed on her backside

"Hey! You tried to kill me!" She then gathered up some of her spiritual energy and shot him with it. The imp began to scream as he was purified "Try to blast me again and I'll make sure that you're purified to a crisp" She then withdrew her powers just as Sesshoumaru made himself known again "Good morning Sesshoumaru" She smiled sweetly, pretending as if nothing had happened. The young Lord just raised a brow at her and then at Jaken who was currently trying to pick himself up off the ground

"What transpired here in my absence?"

"Master Jaken tried to hurt Kagome" Rin spoke up from AhUn's side "Rin saw everything, Master Jaken was being very mean, he tried to set Kagome on fire Lord Sesshoumaru"

"Jaken do not cause needless fights, I do not wish to be slowed down due to either your injuries or the miko's. If you're wise then you won't attack her again, she will likely kill you" He then turned to look at the sky "Sounga's headed towards the Eastern Lands, we're going" He then headed in the same direction. Kagome quickly pulled herself to her feet and followed after Sesshoumaru, but not before she sat Rin upon AhUn. Once she was sure that Rin was secure she ran up to walk beside Sesshoumaru

"Can you scent Inuyasha at all?"

"The fool is travelling in the opposite direction from where Sounga is, he clearly has no clue in what he's doing"

"Idiot" Kagome shook her head "Is there anything specific in the East that would draw Sounga there?"

"I have no knowledge of such" Before the conversation continued Rin spoke up

"Lord Sesshoumaru, Master Jaken isn't following"

"Don't worry sweetie" Kagome grinned as she turned back to look at the child "I'm sure he'll catch up sooner or later, I highly doubt he'll give up on finding his Lord so easily" She then turned back to the path in front "I don't know why you keep such an annoying creature with you in the first place"

"He keeps Rin entertained"

"Yeah, but you had him long before you had Rin. You had Jaken with you when I first met you"

"He is my retainer and nothing more" He stated bluntly

"I bet you keep him around because you love his praises" She teased "Or is he just your punch toy?" When he didn't answer she rolled her eyes "You're not one for jokes, are ya"

"You are clearly not one for speaking proper Japanese either"

"Whatever" She huffed "I just speak the same as everyone does back where I live, I'm not gonna change my manner of speaking for your benefit"

"I never mentioned such"

"...good" Damn, he had her there. Knowing that she wasn't going to get much out of him, Kagome slowed her pace until she was walking beside AhUn and Rin "Are you hungry at all sweetie?"

"No thank you Kagome, Rin is fine" Rin beamed as she petted one of AhUn's heads. Kagome smiled back at the child when suddenly a horrible feeling coursed through her

"W-what was that...?"

"That's Sounga's evil aura" Saya spoke up as he flew out of the sheath "He must have found himself a new host. A one with vengeance"

"But I only sense Sounga's aura, I can't sense another one"

"Then that means..." Myouga's eyes widened "Sounga has possessed a human. Saya what on earth are we going to do?"

"Wait I don't understand. What's wrong if Sounga possesses a human. Won't it be easier?"

"I'm afraid not" Saya shuddered "Humans are far more greedy and selfish than any other living creature, when a human possesses the Sounga they go on a killing rampage and won't stop until every living being is destroyed. This happened many years ago, humans continued to kill each other for the Sounga and then go on to kill others"

"Then how did the rampage stop?" Kagome asked. Sesshoumaru listened to the conversation but kept his eyes on the path in front

"The great Inuyoukai stopped the endless rampage" Myouga continued "Lord Inutaisho was not about to sit by and let Sounga destroy his lands. Especially when Sounga attacked..." He trailed off, he'd spoken a little bit too much

"Attacked who?" Kagome tried to urge him on

"Ugh Myouga you're such a coward" Saya rolled his eyes "Sounga attacked Lord Sesshoumaru when he was only a pup, the sword itself never managed to harm him severely as Lord Inutaisho arrived just in time. I was with the great Lord at the time so I saw exactly what transpired. I believe he would not have killed Sounga's host so brutally if Lord Sesshoumaru wasn't harmed, that is the most terrifying thing for an Inuyoukai. If a loved one is harmed then they go on their own killing rampage until the one responsible is killed."

"So what happened then?"

"Once the host was destroyed, Lord Inutaisho took Sounga into his hand who immediately bowed to him. He knew that he couldn't overpower our master, only mock him. He laughed in his face because of the fact that he managed to harm his son, Lord Inutaisho's anger was now back in check so he simply silenced Sounga with his aura and placed him inside my sheath. He then took Lord Sesshoumaru back to the palace"

"From all the stories I have heard it seems that Lord Inutaisho has always got to the scene just in time, he's never failed"

"Heh" Kagome attention was now on Sesshoumaru's back after she heard him scoff. She was about to ask him what his problem was when Saya and Myouga strongly recommended she didn't, it was clear they knew what was troubling him and that it was obvious they weren't going to tell her any time soon

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