Chapter Seventeen – Epilogue

It was dark. And quiet. She was warm and felt contented. What the hell was going on? Kagome slowly opened her eyes to find herself back at the Western palace and residing in her mate's bed chambers. He was nowhere to be seen. That was when the terrible memories of her daughter impaling her mate with a sword flooded back to her mind. She allowed a few silent tears to stream down her cheeks before she pulled herself up to sit. Her whole body ached. She was exhausted. She needed to see her friends, she needed to know that they were okay.

With that in mind Kagome threw herself out of bed and proceeded to stumble out of the bedroom and to the first floor of the palace where she sensed Inuyasha's aura. She found them in the sitting room, talking casually amongst themselves. Ichiro was the first to spot her, he threw himself at her and hugged her tightly "Kagome, my wind tunnel is gone"

"That's good to hear" She smiled sadly as she gently pried the boy from her

"Kagome" Sango frowned as she stood "You shouldn't be up, you've used up a lot of your power"

"I needed to see if you are all okay" She replied as Sango ushered her over to an empty seat

"We're all fine Kags" Inuyasha grinned "We have no more worries"

"The Shikon no Tama was found in your possession after the battle, it was somehow complete. It is being heavily guarded as we speak" Miroku added

"That jewel have given us far more trouble than it's worth, I'll be glad to see the back of it" The miko sighed heavily "Where's Shippo and Rin?"

"We're here" The two young adults then bounced in an hugged her, being mindful of her weak state

"Kagome, you shouldn't be out of bed" Rin scolded

"Lady Jen will have your head" The kitsune added

"Where is she?"

"Taking a walk in the gardens, she returned from the Northern Lands this morning. Minako has given birth to a healthy girl"

"What?" Her gaze moved to the hanyou "Inuyasha, you shouldn't be here. You should be at your mate's side holding your daughter"

"Chill, I'm leaving tonight. I needed to see if you were okay first"

"You don't have to worry about me Inuyasha, I'll pull through this somehow. You have a mate to be with"

"Minako won't mind my lateness, she's used to it now" Kagome couldn't help but smile at that, he was still the childish hanyou she loved no matter how old they got. With a heavy sigh Kagome began the topic she wish she didn't have to

"Has Jen seen to the funeral arrangements yet? And have the other Lords been notified?" Everyone then looked around at each other, they had completely forgotten that Kagome had no clue about her family.

"Funeral arrangements for whom?" That silky baritone voice...

Kagome stilled with her back turned to the voice. Her eyes widened as a tears streamed down her cheek. No, it had to be a trick of fate. She had seen what had happened; this just had to be her mind playing tricks on her. With a swallow and a shaky breath, Kagome slowly turned in her seat to gaze behind her. What she saw caught her breath and almost caused her to faint. There stood her mate looking as pristine, healthy and handsome as he always did. More tears flowed as her hand covered her mouth from her gasp "S-Sesshoumaru...?" He was leaning against the door frame with his arms folded and wearing an amused smirk

"Is there any other, mate?"

"B-but you're d-dead..." With that Sesshoumaru pushed away from the door and walked to stand directly in front of his mate

"I assure you, I am very much alive" He took her hands in his and hoisted her to her feet "I apologize if I have caused you any grief"

"If? If? Sesshoumaru I saw you die!" She screamed hysterically "I thought I lost you" She thumped at his chest as her emotions went overboard "Don't you ever do that to me again!" She collapsed again him and cried into his haori. His arms encircled her petite form immediately as he let her cry

"I wouldn't be here if you hadn't revived me, Kagome" He kissed the top of her head and inhaled her scent "You've had me worried, you've been unconscious for nearly two days"

"Maybe my body didn't want me to wake, I thought I lost my mate and daughter. Why would I want to wake up?" She pulled back slightly and gazed up into his golden eyes

"Then you have my word that we are all fine"

"Even Jade...?"

"Indeed, you brought her back too"

"I intended to bring her back with the help of your father but I didn't realize I did the same with you. How was that even possible?"

"After you destroyed Naraku you collapsed, my father appeared at that moment and brought you and Jade to me. He explained that you combined your powers with Tenseiga which aided in you branching your spiritual energy out further. You revived me and Jade as well as killing Naraku and Sounga, all in a matter of minutes"

"Where is our daughter?"

"She is walking with my mother in the gardens, she's very traumatised after all of this and blames herself. Apparently she was aware of everything but couldn't control her body"

"My poor girl, I need to see her"

"Then I shall take you to her" He went to pick her up but she stopped him

"Wait, I believe you owe me something" She smirked as she leaned up onto her tiptoes

"Indeed I do" He mused as he tightened his hold on her and met her lips in a passionate kiss. Inuyasha, Ichiro and Shippo all groaned and fell back in their seats whilst the rest awed.

Once he pulled away, he left his mate breathless. An arrogant smirk formed at his lips as he lifted her up and led her to the gardens without sparing the others another glance. They found Jen and Jade sitting under tree having a rather silent conversation, it seemed Jen was doing most of the talking. Sesshoumaru resisted the urge to roll his eyes at this, his mother never could keep her mouth closed for long. "She looks so pale" Kagome commented as he carried her over to them

"She has been refusing to eat, perhaps you could convince her" Jen was the first to notice them approach, she sat up on her knees and waved to them whilst Jade went completely white.

"Kagome, it is good to see that you are awake. I have been most troubled"

"Sorry to worry you" She smiled softly as Sesshoumaru sat her down next to Jade. The miko turned to her daughter and caressed her cheek "How are you feeling honey?"

"Mother!" She threw herself at Kagome and sobbed into her yukata "I'm so sorry, I've hurt you terribly"

"I think I did more damage" She mused as she gently poked her daughter's stomach "I ran you through with a sword and shoved my fingers into your throat"

"You said I killed you when I murdered father"

"Those words were only said as an attempt to rouse you from your mental imprisonment. I admit it felt like I had died but I didn't blame you. What I said to you back then was either to get you back to me or just because I was struggling to cope"

"Do you hate me?" She whimpered as she slowly looked up at her

"No, you should know that. I hate your father though" She mused as she elbowed said youkai in the ribs "He went and died without my permission"

"You did the same mate" He smirked as he pecked her cheek

"You died? When?" Jade gasped. How could her parents talk so casually about it?

"When Sounga ran me through, when he kidnapped you. Your father found me in time and revived me with the Tenseiga. I believe we all owe that sword so much"

"And yet we won't see it again" Jen sighed "Sesshoumaru told me it shattered after it revived he and Jade, it just couldn't withstand yours and my dear mate's strength"

"My mother did most of the work, not that scum bag" Jade huffed as she leaned back an folded her arms "He didn't even say sorry to dad for abandoning him"

"The Inu no Taisho has always been too proud for such things" A tiny voice was heard, everyone looked around but couldn't find the source "Over here!" They looked to Jen's shoulder where Myouga was currently jumping up and down

"How long have you been there Myouga?" Jade tilted her head "I didn't sense you"

"I only just arrived, Totosai is speaking with Inuyasha back inside the palace. He has promised to help him unlock another technique for the Tetsusaiga. I believe he has also brought you a gift, Lord Sesshoumaru"

"A gift?" He raised a silken brow "Since when has that whelp decided to gift me with anything?"

"Sesshoumaru, don't be so rude" Jen scolded "Totosai has been very loyal to this family"

"Take no notice of him Jen" Kagome laughed "He's just throwing a fit because Totosai wouldn't make him a sword, back when he was an evil cretin"

"You fell in love with this evil cretin, mate" He smirked "Or have you forgotten?"

"Shut up" She blushed "Jade, I don't want you growing up like him. You need to be more like me, you will at least get somewhere then"

"If you weren't so human and weak I would throw you in the fish pond" He knew that would get to her

"And what's wrong with me being human?" She summoned her spiritual powers "Do you want to die so badly Sesshoumaru?"

"Calm yourself, mate" He pulled her into his lap "I was only joking"

"Let me go, you creep" She struggled half heartedly "Damn youkai! I should never have revived you"

"Oh? But then you would be so lonely"

"Not likely, I would have just gone and found Kouga. I'm sure he has more stamina than you"

"Wow too much information" Jade covered her ears "You're both so embarrassing"

"That is something you will have to get used to milady" Totosai chuckled as he approached them with his hammer and trusty cow Momo.

"Totosai!" She ran and hugged the old youkai and kissed his cheek "It's so good to see you again, you should really visit us more"

"No, thank you" He mused "Your father's company isn't one I particularly enjoy" He then led the girl back over to her parents when he then kneeled in front of Sesshoumaru with a long thin chest in his grasp "This is from your father, Sesshoumaru. He instructed me to give it to you if you ever changed your ways and finally had someone to protect"

"Then why give it to me now? Why not when my pup was born?" He received the chest from the old man and set it in his lap

"Because I was only to give it to you when your blade Tenseiga was no longer of any use to you" With a nod Sesshoumaru opened the chest with Kagome and Jade peering over each of his shoulders, to reveal a sword in a highly decorated sheath. He pulled it from the sheath and held it up to his view

"Pretty" Jade commented, she reached out to touch the blade but Sesshoumaru caught her wrist

"If you value your fingers pup then I suggest you don't do that" She gulped and nodded

"The fang is called Bakusaiga"

"Unlike Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga, this fang is not from your father but you" Jen added with a self satisfied smirk "I discussed the matter with your father and he agreed to have your very own blade forged"

"And how did you acquire one of my fangs?" Sesshoumaru moved his gaze to his mischievous mother

"Well" She chuckled "I had your father get it when you were growing up, I doubt you will remember since your father went a little too far and had accidentally knocked you unconscious"

"Dad? Unconscious?" Jade laughed "Tell the whole story grandmother"

"Hm, you're just like your mother" She mused "Well when your father had just entered his teenage years his fangs were deemed strong enough to be used to forge a weapon. I told Inutaisho to be discreet and knock one out during a sparring...yes Jade?"

"Who is Inutaisho?"

"The Inu no Taisho" Totosai replied with a chuckle

"Oh, the jerk. Please continue"

"Well, Inutaisho sparred with Sesshoumaru but played a little too rough since Sesshoumaru was rather small for his age. He meant to punch Sesshoumaru with enough force to knock the fang out but hit a little too hard. I believe you were unconscious for most of the day" She looked at her son with a gleam in her eye "Do you remember?"

"No" He growled, if he had known before then he would have sent his father back to the heavens himself

"Well being the proud bastard he was, he didn't apologize" She shrugged

"Mother" Sesshoumaru warned "Watch your mouth around my pup"

"Oh hush Sesshoumaru, her uncle is Inuyasha for crying out loud. She has heard far worse"

"Are you pleased with the blade, Sesshoumaru?" Totosai asked, going back onto the topic

"It is satisfying" He replied as he stood and swung it

"That means he loves it" Jade whispered with a wink to the old man

"Good" Totosai then stood and stretched "Well I best be on my way, I haven't bathed in days and I could do with a good one right about now"

"We noticed" Jen mused as she waved her hand in front of her sensitive nose "I shall come visit you soon Totosai, I have a proposition for you"

"Very well ma'am" And with that Totosai mounted his trusty cow and flew back off to his magma filled home.

"I'm hungry" Jade spoke up whilst everyone else watched Totosai disappear

"Then let's get something to eat" Kagome grinned as she took her daughter's hand and escorted her to the dining room...

The day had continued with celebrations and excitement, so much that it had exhausted poor Kagome out. She collapsed on the bed and sighed heavily just as Sesshoumaru entered the bedroom with a small smile gracing his handsome face "I finally convinced Jade to sleep"

"Why wouldn't she?" She yawned with a stretch

"She's afraid that she'll wake up and find us gone" He replied whilst removing his haori and slipping into his night hakama

"Awe Sessh, you should have let her sleep with us"

"She's a big girl, Kagome. I assured her that all was well and stayed with her until she fell asleep. She's mentally and physically exhausted, she shall sleep peacefully tonight" He got into bed beside her and pulled her into his strong embrace "And besides, I want you all to myself tonight"

"I believe we have discussed this" She giggled as he began to kiss down her neck "You have to learn to share, puppy"

"And I usually do" He answered between kisses "But not tonight" With a swift flick of his claws he stripped her of her yukata as well as shedding out of his hakama

"Sessh..." She gasped as he caught her breast in his mouth "We shouldn't"

"We should" He growled seductively as he dropped her breast and kissed her deeply "We almost lost each other, I shall see to it that will never happen again" Then without warning he thrust into her "Uh" He groaned in her ear as he let his head fall against her shoulder. Kagome arched into his touch as he began to make sweet gentle love to her. Gods she loved this youkai so much

"Ah" She moaned, encouraging him to go faster "More...Sessh, I need..."

"Kagome" He growled as his pace quickened. He lifted her leg over his shoulder and penetrated her deeper "Mine" Kagome gently pulled his face to her and couldn't help but smile when she saw his crimson lust filled gaze. He pinned her hands above her head and went even harder, resulting in the miko choking back a scream. What she thought was once gentle was no longer, and did she care? Nope. Groaning, she threw her head back and attempted in vain to meet his inhuman thrusts. She fell prey to his love making as he crashed his lips against hers in an attempt to keep her quiet. As much as his beast wanted her to scream his name endlessly, he knew there was a chance that she could end up waking up their daughter. And he seriously didn't wish to be interrupted.

His end was nearing and he had no intention of holding back tonight; he could feel Kagome beginning to feel her climax causing him to increase his pace further and thrust deeper into her. He didn't dare to pull his mouth from hers, her moans were getting louder which were sending pleasant vibrations through his body.

With a few more thrusts her inner muscles clamped down around him as she screamed her release into his mouth. He ripped his mouth away from hers as he sunk his fangs into her neck as he finally released himself within her. He licked her wound clean as she continued to milk him of his seed. He quietly groaned into her neck as he released her hands that came to run through his silky silver hair

"" She breathlessly giggled as he continued to pant "You girl a...good...time..."

"Indeed" He chuckled as his eyes returned to their golden shade. Shakily, he then braced himself on his hands and pulled out of her whilst dropping her leg from his shoulder. He then rolled onto his back and pulled her to lay on his chest. He ran his hand up and down her arm as he stared up at the ceiling "I believe we shall finally be at peace"

"Yeah, until males come here beginning for Jade's hand" She sighed "That is going to be troublesome"

"A completely peacefully life would be boring" He smirked as he met her gaze "I believe I will thoroughly enjoy decapitated the vermin who dare to touch my little girl"

"She's not your little girl any more" She laughed "She's a young woman now, it's about time she found herself a suitor and went on to have a family of her own"

"Hn" He scoffed "Perhaps she will, when I am gone from this world. Until then she shall remain untouched"

"Now that's just cruel" She shoved him playfully "You can't deny her that"

"Yes I can, she was born a virgin and she shall die one"

"That's barbaric, how would you feel if someone did that to you?"

"The situation is different" He smirked "I am her father. She shall only bed someone I deem fit"

"Sure sure" Kagome rolled her eyes "Ichiro would be perfect" A deadly growl escaped her mate causing her to laugh "She'd be pupped within an evening"

"That lecher's son will not touch her. I will kill him if I must"

"Protective much?"

"I'm her father, doesn't that say it all?"

"Yep" She mused. She then sighed contently as Sesshoumaru tightened his embrace on her "Maybe we should have had a boy, I doubt you would mind so much who he mated then"

"I doubt it" He snorted "If he was in the monk's company as much as Jade is now then he would most likely turn out to be a lecher and then I would have to put up with females at my door demanding that I choose the child he helped to create as the next heir"

"You think I would allow such?" She raised a brow with a grin

"I can see how much you desire grandchildren, so yes" He then nuzzled her nose with his "Sleep now mate, you deserve it"

"Alright" She yawned as she snuggled up closer to him "I love you"

"And I you" He smiled softly as his beautiful mate was overcome by sleep.

He was exhausted, he had to admit that. But he couldn't pull himself from watching Kagome sleeping finally at peace. It warmed his heart to know that she no longer had to fight, she could finally live the life of peace she had always desired. From now on he'd be the one to protect her, the only thing she had to worry about was raising their soon-to-be ever growing family. He could scent the new life being created in her womb causing a small smile to grace his features. This would please his mate greatly. Family meant the world to her, especially since she could no longer be with hers from the future.

His eyes were finally beginning to feel heavy, he needed to rest. He hadn't slept since his death and the battle between himself and Jade had taken a lot out of him. She was definitely his daughter alright, she was the most powerful of the inuyoukai. In time, he knew her strength would grow further and she would be able to easily overpower him. It was strange, that piece of information didn't hurt him in the slightest. He seemed almost content with it. At least he knew he wouldn't have to wrap her up in cotton wool, she would be perfectly capable of looking after herself. With that thought calming himself and his beast, he let his head relax against the pillow as the much needed sleep finally took him.


"Sesshoumaru, do you have someone to protect?" The Inu no Taisho's voice echoed

Sesshoumaru took in his surroundings to find himself on the very beach where the last conversation between he and his father occurred. "Someone to protect?" Images of his mate, daughter and Rin flashed through his mind "Indeed I do"

"Then now do you understand why I left you to save my Izayoi and Inuyasha?" He turned to the younger youkai who held his stern gaze

"Yes father, I do" He then took a step forward "Though, I do not understand why there was never enough affection in your heart to care for me as much as you did Izayoi"

"I love you dearly, pup. I do not see why you would think otherwise"

"Do you remember the words you spoke to me when you died? When I pleaded for you to live?" His voice was calm and held no emotion

"I instructed you to protect my mate and youngest son, but I also warned you to stay away from them" He folded his arms "Come now pup, do you honestly have to wonder why I would say such? You were such a cold child, you would have killed her and Inuyasha if they came to depend on you. Being around them would have made you angry. I was only protecting them"

"And yet you said no comforting words to me to protect me from your death or myself. I grew ruthless and uncaring because of you, you made me believe love and affection was a weakness"

"Oh? And do you believe such now?"

"Indeed I do"

"You do?" The Inu no Taisho raised a silken brow and let out a heavy sigh "Have you not learnt, pup? You have a beautiful mate and daughter as well as another pup on the way, are you telling me that you do not love or care for them"

"I love my family to the extent that the thought of them injured suffocates me" He then smirked "They are my weakness"

"How can you say that so positively?"

"Because I am not afraid to admit it. One is human and the other was conceived out of bitterness and anger of a father who wished for his son to have an heir; and yet I love them. It is not in my nature to love, I learnt that from you but then that damned miko found me"

"I did what had to be done, it was beneficial to you in the end"

"Indeed it was, father. I am almost tempted to thank you"

"I believe it would be the least you could do"

"Yes, but I also feel that you do not deserve it"

"Hm" He smirked "You are still an insolent pup, if I hadn't witnessed you holding your mate and daughter so closely and filled with worry then I would believe that you have not changed. And even though you love them both they should not be your weakness"

"Come now father, I know you are not this dimwitted" Sesshoumaru chuckled "I have every intention of letting the whole of Japan know that they are my weakness. Even though they are the weaker sex they can still bring me to my knees, especially my human mate"

"Now I understand" He smiled as he approached his son "You have matured, I would happily congratulate them both but there is the slight problem that I am indeed dead" He chuckled "And I have knowledge that your daughter does not like me"

"Indeed she doesn't, mother has told her of some past occurrences and she has also overheard Inuyasha and I when we have spoken of you. She is strong willed, just like her mother"

"That, I can see. She is one female I would most definitely shrink away from" He then set his hand on Sesshoumaru's shoulder "I am proud of you Sesshoumaru; you have succeeded in becoming Lord of the Western Lands as well as falling in love and having a family. You are finally blessed with peace, do not abuse it Sesshoumaru. It may not last forever"

"There would be not entertainment if the world was peaceful all the time" He mused as he removed his father's hand from his shoulder "And with a mate such as Kagome I doubt I will have much peace"

"Nor with such a beautiful daughter, she is gem to behold and a prize to be kept. The male who will have her will be very blessed"

"I believe so"

"Hn" The Inu no Taisho then turned and headed off in the direction where he had once fled to save Izayoi and Inuyasha "Rest now Sesshoumaru, I shall trouble you no longer. Have a happy life with your ever growing weakness" His voice echoed as he disappeared into nothingness. Sesshoumaru took one last look where his father last stood and headed in the opposite direction...


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