Pairs: NejiTen, ShikaIno, SasuSaku and NaruHina

Pairs you may want: SaiIno or KibaIno and KibaTema or ShikaTema

"Remind me why? I had agreed to go to high school, I fucking hate this uniform"

Tenten was in the passenger seat in a car looking out the window while Hinata, Sakura and Ino were in the back seat talking and Temari on the wheel.

"Cause last year you wasn't around at all and it was like living hell also it's good for you"

"Yeah but you guys mange through it"

"But the thing is it wasn't the same without you"

"We're here" Temari parked in front of the school.

"We had just entered through the gates of hell" Tenten reported as they went through the doors and headed to the auditorium.

"Weclome back, my lovely students" Tsunade the principal was standing on stage next to her was her assistant principal Shizune "and it's good to see some people that didn't last year"

"In the main hall your schedule is on the board"

"Now I would like to explain the two rules of this school: there will be no cursing to no teacher and for people who hate this school DON'T EVER TRY TO ESCAPE, IF YOU WILL THEN YOU WILL HAVE A WEEK IN Detention"

There were mutters and whispers through out the auditorium.

"Detention, my ass, you bitch" Tenten slouch down in her seat, giggles were hear around her.

"Who said that!" Tenten slouch even more, 'nobody better point at me'

Everyone around her pointed at her, including her friends. Tenten glared at them "What great friends you are" Temari, Ino, Hinata ans Sakura shined a smile at her.

"You, come to my office after school"

"You all are assholes" she conituned muttering.

"As I was saying if you leave or try we will have our pervert security guard take he or she to my office"

Everyone turned their heads facing Jiraiya, "hey I'm not a pervert you know!"

Tsunade ignored him "you may leave now"

All the students rushed out to the board to see where they go.

"Let's see........."

English - Kakashi

Science - Asuma

Social Studies - Gai


Health - Shizune

P.E. – Anko

"Isn't Shizune the assistant principal?"

"Yeah but she is also a teacher, come on Tenten Health class is fun"

"Yeah what ever but I know Social will suck dick"

"Well at least we're together"

"Where the hell is the fucking teacher"

"Shut up dobe" Saskue slapped the back of Naruto's head.

"I'll shut up once the teacher gets his ass here"

"What a drag, just sit down this is so troublesome"

Naruto mumbled and sat down.

Tenten ripped out a paper in her notebook rolled it into a ball and threw it at Temari, hitting her head.

"What the hell was that for?"

"You wanna go to McDonald during lunch"

"Are you stupid, we can't leave school, remember"

"I got a plan duh"

"I would like to see how that goes"

"Oh, don't worry you will" she gave her a evil grin.

"Sorry class I'm late" the teacher walked in the classroom.

"I'm Kakashi Hakate, your English teacher"

Naruto jumped on his desk "why in the hell you were late!"

"You know it's rude to point"

"Just answer my damn question!"

"If you must know, I was helping out an old lady with some stuff and it happened to last longer than I thought it would"

"Yeah, whatever" he sat down.

"Now class, we are going to do a progect - a group project, writing a four page essay about how do you think the school year will turn out?"

Nobody in the class was insterested in writing some stupid essay about school.

"Thank, you're dear classmate Naruto Uzumaki for saying hell because I'm making a five page essay"

Everyone started saying boo to Naruto, some where throwing paper balls at him and other where throwing spit balls. Naruto was trying to keep control of himself before he would go berserk.

"The project will start tomorrow, bye-bye"

Everyone left going to their second class.

Everybody else will come at the next chapter