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Ino was pacing back and forth, trying to collect her thoughts about what I just had admitted in front of her, Hinata and Sakura. Hinata was bit taken back and Sakura agrees with me.

"Tenten, there could have been other ways." Hinata said on my left.

"But Hinata admit it. It was a perfect moment, they were alone and no one would have heard." Sakura said on my right.

Finally, Ino stopped pacing and gave me a hug, "Thank you Tenten. I feel a lot better." Then she reached for a pillow and hit me on the back of my head. "Next time give me a little hint you two were going to do that!"

"Where was the fun is that?" I whined.

We were at Ino's house and I had reviled what Neji and I did to her and Shikamaru leading up to this.

"To be honest I was mad, but I gave it some more thought and it wasn't that bad." Ino shrugged.

"So something did happen!" I pointed, Sakura and Hinata's eyes lit up.

"But Tenten I will get my revenge somehow." She warned then answered, "And yes, Shikamaru doesn't like Temari."

I smirked, "Please Ino. Don't continue something that you won't be able to finish."

Hinata butt in. "So did you going to tell Shikamaru you like him?"

Ino turned her back to us, scratching her head. "Well…"

"Since we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, why don't you tell him then. You two should go to the roof, while watching the fireworks and confess." Sakura said.

"This isn't going to work." She groaned taking the pillow, stuffing her face in it.

"Fine then!" Ino suddenly sounded confident, "I'll do it but if it does work, I'm telling Sasuke you like him!" She pointed at Sakura then to me. "And you, I'll tell Tsunade you went into her office and took her master key."

I swallowed hard, looks like me and Sakura were in hot water.

"You can't- I mean what if he doesn't like me! Then it'll get awkward between us." Sakura exploded.

"Alright fine," I agreed and ignored Sakura's look of disbelieve. "But if I'm going down Neji has to go down with me."

Ino smiled offering her hand, I took it and we shook.

After that, everything went to normal. Waking up early, going to school, learning, going home, giving Hale his walks, doing homework then repeat.

Soon it was March and four days until the 17th and our celebration.

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