Knuckles play's the scary maze game

STORY: Knuckles was in his house bored as ever, so his decide's to play a certain game on YouTube. That's right his playing the scary maze game. Find out what happen's in this story.

Knucles: Okay i'm bored, nothing's good on TV. Well there's this some kind of game on YouTube. What's it called again? Scary maze game or something? Hey what the hell i'm game.

Knuckles goes on YouTube to play the game.

Knuckles: Okay this has to be it. (Click's on it)

The game stared out as just a maze and then a scary exorcist face came up on the screen with one loud blood curing scream.

Knuckles: Holy s***! oh my god. Okay Knuckles relax just keep playing.


Knuckles pov

Once i pasted the face. The entire game's pretty boring, i'm on level4 and that's pretty hard. I feel like i'm gonna past out because i'm tired.

Knuckles: Well this is even more boring but not as boring as when the Sonic was singing Telephone by LadyGaGa feating Beyonce.

( Flashback)

Sonic has a karaoke machine singing telephone.

Sonic: Stop calling, stop calling i don't wanna talk any more.

( Knuckles comes in)

Knuckles: Oh god. Help.

Back to the game

Knuckles: Well i'm done with this crap.

Sonic: Hey Knuckles whatcha doin?

Knuckles: Nothing.

Sonic: Wanna a coke?

Knuckles: Sure.

Sonic: How was your day?

Knuckles: Alright i guess.

THE END sorry it was short. Please review