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Summary: Don't say you love me unless you really mean it, because I might do something crazy like believe it.


Alfred shyly grabbed the Brit's right hand but never took his eyes away from those bright green emeralds staring back at him with such confusion.

"I love you"

This time those beautiful gems glowed in disbelief as the frail hand that Alfred was holding tightened into a fist. Alfred was bothered by this and started rubbing his loved one's thumb softly, asking him to relax and to let those fingers interlace with his.

"W-What are you saying?"

Alfred smiled as he heard Arthur thick accent mold in with the words he just said. This time he reached for the other hand but this one flinched away from his touch, being the American he was, he grabbed the Brit's hand firmly and held both of them in between his own.

"I. love. you"

Arthur hanged his head in defeat as he heard those words once again. What was this imbecile saying! How could he say "I love you" to him so easily after all the pain he had caused him! He shook his head as Alfred held both of his hands up to his lips, giving each one a small ghost kiss.

"Believe me…you don't even my feelings for you"

Tears started streaming down the Brit's face as he let himself be pulled into a gentle yet possessive hug. "You're lying" he whispered as he let his hands rest on the American's chest. Alfred deepened the hug by grabbing the man's waist with his right hand and letting his left hand run up and down the Brit's back comfortably.

"No I am not…I was young Arthur, your love blinded me for so long making me believe that you had everything under control and that I just had to live happily in my country, like a bird in a cage"

"Since when had he learned to use such deep metaphors?"Arthur thought as he looked up at the man who was had now tilted his head so that their foreheads would touch.

"After the revolution" Alfred continued, "I realized that the love I felt for you then was very different from the love I feel for you now. That's why I told every single president about how much we had in common, you and me as countries, and after a few more tries they decided to bring us back together as friends" after this he smiled and kissed Arthur's forehead

"Alfred I-"Arthur started but Alfred stopped him with a finger to his lips, "Arthur, Artie, Iggy, England….please just hear me out" Alfred said as he kissed his nose.

"So what do you say Arthur?"

The Brit gulped, was he supposed to push the man away or stay until he told him what he wanted

"Will you be my lover?"

Arthur stared at Alfred, he stared at how much the little boy he had loved so much had grown and how much stronger and older he looked when he was staring at Arthur with that determined expression of his…an expression he could not even make out


Alfred eyes widened in surprise, he held Arthur even closer

"I…I have always loved you, even when you left me, I still loved you"

Alfred blinked one, two, three times and then smiled his usual 'hero' smile. He hugged the Brit tightly and held his chin up so that he could kiss the person he had longed for all this years.

"Oh God" Arthur thought as he closed his eyes and tried to at least enjoy the moment, "only you know how much I have liked right now"

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