sorry that I haven't been updating. But my uncle just died and I'm taking it hard. So this is a short one-shot about how I feel. I feel like crying right now. I don't own Shugo Chara!.
Ikuto: You should be updating I'm Special or Amuto One-shots!
Amu: Koneko is in a bad place Ikuto! Just let her do what she has to do.


I will always miss you.
Never will things be the same.
Life will be totally diffrent.
I will be lonely.
I will be sad.
I will cry more.
I will try to be strong.
I will be visiting you even more.
I will see you soon.
I will always love you, Hinamori Amu.

So thats it. I hope that my uncle will live in peace and I hope he knows that I love him. R&R.