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Chemistry in Context

They had chemistry. That was undeniable and as a matter of fact neither Tony nor Ziva denied it. It had been obvious since they had bantered the first day they had met and it had grew steadily in the years they had worked together.

Sure it wasn't chemistry in the same way Tony remembered from his days in high school. He had hated the subject when he was younger. They weren't creating compounds or working out complicated equations. They didn't care for electrons or how the chemical processes all around them worked.

But still they had it.

It sizzled under their skin and deep in their bones. The smouldering looks they shared across the office as they slaved away under the watchful eye of Gibbs. It ignited when they touched each other. Even just a brush of fingertips across bare skin, or a palm on a shoulder. The smell of each other wafted around them when they rode the elevator together, or carpooled in the morning.

They fought, their words colliding off each other as they fought to gain the upper hand in the heated discussions they shared. Their blood boiled in their veins as they glared at each other. Stubbornness making both of them dissolve into silence for the rest of the day and forcing McGee to run between them acting as a buffer.

Their position and the foreboding Rule Number Twelve always lingering in the back of their minds made them both unwilling to react to their feelings. Tony wanted nothing more to rip off her clothes and change everything up. Give into the heated charge that crackled when they were near each other. He was ready to confront the sometimes volatile nature of his sparring partner. Ziva however, after everything she had went through wanted stability and that niggling in the back of her mind made her want to throw caution to the wind but something within her held her back.

And finally they snapped and let it happen naturally. They fell into each other one night. Melted together as they shared a drink at his place. It was all lips and hands and hair. Soft skin against skin. Smooth as they slipped around each other and rough when they wanted it.

Ziva herself liked the chemistry. The tension they shared and endured. She didn't know how it would change after their foray in the bedroom. But as she walked into the office the next day somehow she knew they still had it. The chemistry never really goes away.