Author's Note: This part goes between Dimitri's POV and Rose's POV. Hopefully it isn't confusing. Thanks for all the great reviews!


Rose stirred quietly in her sleep when I touched her, running my fingers down the side of her perfect face. How could I have ever wanted to cause pain to this beautiful creature? "Beautiful, Roza." My heart was aching inside it's caged cell - the slow thud, thud, thud ringing in my ears. She would never know how badly I'd wanted to kill her once - it had been my obsession, the one thing that fueled me when I had been Strigoi. Those type of memories plagued my every waking thought - kept me less than what I once was.


She turned to her side and faced me in the bed, wrapping an arm protectively around my waist - closing the space between us. Our bare stomachs were touching and though I tried so hard sometimes to portray the calm, collected one in our relationship - I couldn't help it when my breathing became a little less controlled and my own hands began to roam her exposed skin. "Beautiful, Roza."

Those words would never grow old to me - seeing the way her face lit up when I whispered them to her - I would say them every second of the day if I could. Anything for her. Anything to make her happy. I'd caused her so much pain ever since my... return. Being Strigoi, killing so many innocent people - trying to kill her. It was nothing compaired to the look on her face when I'd told her we couldn't be together. When I pledged my life to Vasilisa and completely ignored Roza. I had told her that love faded but that wasn't true - not true love, not what we had. The look she'd given me that day was worse then losing my soul. I thought I had lost her.

"What are you thinking about?"

Her hands trailed my bare chest as she spoke - not meeting my eyes. She wanted to know everything I was thinking but she knew there was probably a cost to that kind of knowledge. My thoughts, nowadays, were mostly of my time as one of the Strigoi. After a moment I smiled, finally catching her dark eyes with my own. "You, Roza. Always you." Her eyes were like two stone onyx gems in the dark - looking at me with compete trust and passion. Definitely passion.

Our lips found each others in the dark - her back arching into my arms as we kissed, hard and passionate like most of our kisses were. I wouldn't have had it any other way. She was passionate in everything she did - everything she touched. It's what made her the person she was. It's what made me love her. The fire in her heart surpassed anything I'd ever known - it's what I had longed for when I hunted her...


Dimitri pulled away from me with such a start that I cried out in shock. His once calming expression had changed drastically - looking at me with wild, fearful eyes. "Dimitri? What's wrong?" Dhampirs had excellent senses - sight and sound - but with my hormones raging and the darkness surrounding us - I couldn't quite make out his emotions. Some guardian I was going to be. "Dimitri?"

"We should go."

"What? No!" I tried to push myself up in the bed and go to him. He was sitting on the edge by now. "What happened? Did I do something wrong?" I touched his shoulder - causing his eyes to turn to me slowly. Pain. A deep sorrowful pain swam their now. "Dimitri? I'm sorry... I didn't mean to-."

"It's not you Rose! Can't you see that? I'm the one that's seriously fucked up!"

His words had startled me - causing me to sink back into the bed as he moved. Dimitri was standing above me now - towering down with a very angry expression on his gorgeous face. "I'm trying Rose... I really am but I lay there with you and I think about how amazing you are and then without even realizing it I'm reminiscing on times when I wanted you dead!" He was nearly screaming now. "...and trust me Rose. I did want you dead."

I didn't speak - didn't even swallow the lump that had formed in my throat. "Roza.." He leaned towards me now, climbing into the bed again. Even insane-crazy Dimitri took my breath away. I tried to stay calm - to listen to him and not upset him further but the way his hair fell into his face, brushing against that strong jaw and those eyes. I finally swallowed. Two beautiful orbs of brown were staring back at me and his pain was gone - replaced with something much more terrifying. Longing. Not for me, unfortunately, but for something that was lost to him now.

A restored Strigoi soul was nothing compared to the soul he'd once had.



Please, look away. She looked at me the same way she had when we first started training together at The Academy. I didn't deserve any ones compassion - especially hers. I was a monster. Her own personal monster.

"Being with me puts you in constant danger." My voice was barely a whisper now as I moved closer to her, unable to help myself as I touched the few strands of hair that had fallen into her eyes. She didn't answer me - just continued with her torturous stares. I could tell that her crazy Rose-logic was in overdrive now, trying to think of an arguement that assured me we belonged together. The only problem was that I knew we belonged together - but it wasn't enough. It didn't change the fact that my memories were more powerful than my love for her. If we didn't end this - she would get hurt. Possibly killed. By me. My eyes finally fell from Rose's at the thought.

"You think that you're the monster.." I couldn't look at her now - it was uncanny how she always knew what I was thinking. "Dimitri, you were Strigoi when you wanted to kill me."

Slowly, out of habit, my eyes returned to hers. Wherever she was going with this - it wasn't going to be pretty. We'd had this conversation before. It didn't matter if my actions weren't my own then - it didn't make them any less then what they were.

"On my way to Russia I plotted your death over a million times. It consumed me, Dimitri. You are the only thing I've ever loved and I had to hunt you down and try to kill you. Unfortunately I don't have being Strigoi for an excuse."

Silence filled the room.

"It's not the same." I groaned, pushing myself away from her. Similar but not the same. I sighed, watching as she finally joined me out of the bed and began pulling her clothes on. I could hear a faint growling noise coming from across the room and realized that we should probably eat. Put these sad conversations away for now to get some food. Rose was pre-occupied with her boots as I made my way across the room. After her task she looked up at me and forced a smile. Maybe I wasn't the only one with demons. Another sigh escaped me as I wrapped her up in my arms and hugged her against my chest.

We stayed this way for a long time - not talking, fighting, making out - just basking in one another. Finally, the silence was getting to much and I spoke against her hair. "I love you, Roza. I always will." Another forced smile as she moved away from me and towards the bathroom. "I love you too, Dimitri. I always have."


We didn't talk much on the short walk to the breakfast cafe. For once, Rose Hathaway was at a loss for words. Dimitri didn't have any money - Strigoi didn't need simple things like money because they took whatever possessions they wanted and whoever got in their way they killed. Actually whoever was in a thirty mile ratis probably lost their life. A sigh escaped Dimitri and I feared that our thoughts were painfully similar. He looked down at me as I pulled out some cash and handed it to the clerk - taking our food to one of the side tables. I kept my eyes on Dimitri as his guards spread out into the cafe to give us some privacy.

"Thanks." He assured quietly, nodding towards his bagel. My eyes lifted from his face as an army of The Queen's guards descended upon us. One minute it had been just Dimitri, myself and his guards then suddenly the room was swarming with security. "You need to come with us - NOW." One of the guards barked. Apparently he was the leader. "Leave him alone!" I snapped, looking from face to face. Spirit's angry darkness exploded within me now. "He hasn't done anything! Why can't you guys accept that he's really a dhampir now?" I found the leader in the crowd and now stood face to, well chest with him - I wasn't Moroi, I wasn't very tall. The man who'd spoken arched an eyebrow. "I wasn't talking to him. Rose Hathaway you are under arrest for high treason. The murder of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Tatiana."


Author's Note/Disclaimer: Fin. I think. There could be more. After this part it re-connects with the book - meaning Rose and Dimitri fight the guards until Rose realizes that she's hurting Dimitri's image having him fight for her. She agrees to go with the guards and then goes to the hearing. I realize that I've completely written Adrian out of the story so for my sake (and Dimitri's;) lets just say that Adrian and Rose weren't as close as they seemed in the book. Also, my disclaimer for this last chapter - The last section contains actual dialog from the book Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead and I do NOT own any of that or any of the character's in this story. Thanks again everyone for reading and stay tuned! ;)