Harry Potter and the Heir of Magic

Summary: Nothing had gone right. Fate's plan was torn apart by the death of Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived. In order to reset time and the destiny of the Wizarding World, Fate delivers a helping hand.

Disclaimer: Its JKR's not mine.

Chapter 1: The Founder's Prophecy

Graveyard, Little Hangleton, UK

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort cried, pointing his wand at Harry. As the sound of rushing death sped upon the jet of green light toward him, Harry's life flashed before his eyes. Here he was being held against the tombstone as death closed the distance between him and the newly resurrected Dark Lord. Harry closed his eyes and envisioned everything that had happened in the last hour.


Harry knew as soon as he and Cedric touched the cup that something was wrong, but before he had a chance to react, a cold voice suddenly chilled the air and sealed the older champion's fate. "Kill the spare!" Surprise shown in Cedric's face as the killing curse struck him, while Harry stared at him hopelessly as his lifeless body hit the ground. A second later Harry found himself bound by invisible ropes and held against a tombstone that looked like the angel of death as the traitor raised his wand and Harry knew no more as the red stunner struck him squarely in his chest.

When he came to, Harry remembered what happened and began frantically searching for his wand. "Harry my child, your wand is in my possession until I may be in the proper state to duel you. So sit still and save your energy as you will need it. It is time for you to watch my rebirth." Harry heard the cold voice coming from an inhuman bundle in Wormtail's arms, realizing it was Voldemort as a chill ran down his spine.

It seemed pointless to Harry as he squirmed wildly, trying to free himself from the invisible ropes that bound him as the arm of the statue held him steady. Harry watched as Wormtail placed the bundle that was Voldemort into a cauldron that held a dark potion which had been set in the middle of the clearing, right next to the statue where Harry was bound.

As soon as Voldemort splashed down into the potion, Wormtail began the ritual, which would resurrect his dark master. "Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son," Wormtail said as he blindly raised his wand and as Harry watched in horror, a bone rose from an open casket right in front of Harry. Wormtail levitated the bone over to the cauldron and it caught fire just before it splashed into the potion, which hissed slightly before it turned a pale, poison blue and stopped.

Now Wormtail's typically pale complexion had grown paler as he whimpered, "Flesh of the servant, w-willingly given, you will revive your master!" Harry watched with shock as Wormtail did something in front of Harry's eyes that he would never have thought Wormtail would have had the nerve to do. Wormtail pulled put a long silver dagger from within his robes and Harry gasped as the former Marauder willingly cut his own hand off, letting out a blood curdling shriek, which echoed throughout the graveyard, before it too caught fire and dropped into the potion. Suddenly the fire beneath the cauldron flared as the potion hissed much more strongly this time as it turned a bright red, shining bright enough to hurt Harry's eyes…

Finally, Wormtail turned and walked towards Harry as he almost gleefully, with a black lust in his eyes, reached forward, dagger in hand, he sliced Harry's sleeve and with his lone shaking hand, pulled out a vial, levitating it into the air. Slowly Wormtail said, "Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will revive your foe." Harry screamed out in pain as Wormtail poised the dagger at Harry's left forearm and slit it open. The already pale and weak Wormtail carefully took some of the blood on the dagger and flicked it three times into the potion as he spoke the words, pausing each time as the drops of Harry's blood hit the potion. As the last word was spoken and the last drop of blood hit the potion, it flashed brightly and turned a blinding white causing Harry to snap back to attention as the agony from the white hot pain went screaming through his body and his scar felt like it was on fire.

Harry watched in disbelief as the cauldron tipped over and seemed to melt away as a ball of fire, flesh, and dark shadows levitated in the air and seemed to come together as the body of a fully-grown tall and pale man formed before Harry and Wormtail. A hiss came from Voldemort as his long, scaly fingers stroked his bald head, reveling in his new body. His face had a pale, malicious complexion with slits for eyes and a nose, making him look like the snake he was. What made the man truly evil in appearance was the glowing red eyes that had suddenly flashed in anger towards Harry and Wormtail in almost a painfully obvious way, causing Harry's scar to flash in pain and Wormtail to bow to Voldemort, cowering before him.

"My wand, Wormtail." Voldemort's voice was high and cold as he reached out his hand to receive the wand from the cowering man before him. "Harry, at least we meet again. Tonight you have found yourself tied to the gravestone of my late father, a muggle, common and filthy, with not one ounce of magic in him. However, without him, I would not be standing before you today, so he did in fact have one use in death," commented Voldemort. Voldemort turned towards Wormtail, who was clutching at his stump of an arm and hissed, "Give me your arm, Wormtail."

Wormtail scurried forward and handed the dark wizard his arm from his amputated hand as he said, "Oh, thank you master, you are too kind."

Voldemort hissed and struck Wormtail with the back of his hand and said, "Fool, I wish to have your left arm."

This caused Wormtail to whimper in pain and confusion as he offered his master his left arm, "M-Master?"

Seconds later Harry watched as Voldemort raised up the sleeve of Wormtail's left arm, revealing the dark mark in all its apparent glory. It was a hideous looking tattoo and it writhed under the man's skin as if it were alive. Wormtail's eyes grew wide and he shrieked in agony as the evil wizard pressed the tip of his wand to the dark mark, causing Wormtail's knees to give out at the pain from the mark burning black on his arm. "Now, they've all felt it, while many will come crawling back, still others will attempt to ignore it. They will pay the ultimate price Harry, much like you will in a matter of moments."

Soon, as Harry looked around the graveyard, the death eaters arrived to answer their master's call. A cyclone appeared in the sky as what appeared to be dark tornadoes soared down from it and began striking the ground, each leaving a wizard in dark robes and gleaming, evil looking, white masks covering their faces and hiding their identity.

Voldemort gazed at his death eaters as they formed a silent circle around him, and, as Harry watched, Voldemort began pacing around to the nearest of his followers. "Thirteen years my friends. Thirteen years it has been, and still you answer me just as if it were yesterday. However, I confess myself disappointed. I smell guilt, regret, and even deception from many of you. Yet, above all, I sense foolishness. Why have none of you ever sought me out since that fateful night? Did any of you pursue each and every avenue, pursuing every possible lead, in order to determine that I was not indeed, somewhere? Did each and every one of you who escaped Azkaban by denouncing me, truly believe me dead? I, Lord Voldemort, who has gone farther along the path to immortality than any other? For thirteen years I was trapped, virtually powerless, being less than even the meanest of ghosts, forced to live off others, just to survive. Yet, none came and I actually felt vulnerable."

The Dark Lord paused and glanced around at his followers, wondering if any would dare claim loyalty. After all, for thirteen years he had been stripped of his powers by a mere boy!

Voldemort spoke again. "Yet, I was still alive, despite everything, despite the loss of my body and powers, and despite most of my followers leaving me to my own devices. Though some did not, and continued to fight in my name, but they were few and far between," said Voldemort softly. "The ones among you who remained faithful and made an effort found themselves either in Azkaban or dead. So, even though their efforts failed and were wasted, at the very least they tried to keep up the battle."

Suddenly one of the death eaters stepped forward and kissed the hem of Voldemort's robes as he said, "Forgive me master. I have kept close ties to the minister and others in order to gain information. If I had ever heard anything of your whereabouts I would have sought you out immediately."

"Crucio," Voldemort said lazily. For a few seconds the Dark Lord watched as his death eater fell to the ground, screaming in agony, before he lifted the torture curse. Voldemort merely helped the death eater to his feet and said,

"Now, now Lucius my slick and slippery friend. I have heard stories of your so called innocence, but also that you still have yet to renounce the old ways."

Voldemort then went around the circle making comments about each of the death eaters in turn saying names such as, "Avery, MacNair, Crabbe, Nott, and Goyle" and passed over a few others that any outside observer would assume to be less important followers. As he passed each one in turn, a wave of his hand vanished their masks, causing each man's knees to buckle as they fell to the ground. He then said, "Many of my most faithful reside in Azkaban. They suffered in my name rather than renounce me, unlike many of you who stand here before me tonight and I will ensure they will be rewarded amply for their loyalty and faithfulness to me. For now, Wormtail come here so that I may reward you properly."

Wormtail, who had been cowering before Voldemort, clutching at the stump of his arm, moved forward. "I returned to you my lord. I returned to you and aided you these entire months master," Wormtail squeaked as he crawled forward and kissed the hem of the Dark Lord's robes.

"Out of fear, Wormtail, not loyalty. The inactions of my death eaters have set our plans back years, but I am willing to give each and every one of you a final chance to redeem yourselves. You all have much to do before you work yourselves up in stature among my ranks and debts must be repaid, while time may ease some wounds. Even so, Wormtail you have already repaid some of your debt. While you are cowardly and traitorous above all the others, your sacrifice partially allowed me to regain my body. You returned to me out of fear for what your old friends would do to you. Still, you have been helpful these past several months and I reward loyalty. Hold out your hand Wormtail," Voldemort hissed.

Harry watched in horror and fascination as what appeared to be a glove of silver formed at the stump of Wormtail's wrist and fastened itself there. Wormtail leaned down and picked up a rock, and as Harry gasped in awe, he crushed it into dust. Looking up Voldemort smiled, the slits of his eyes glowing an inhuman red.

"It's beautiful, my lord," cried Wormtail happily as he examined his new hand, while he turned it over looking absolutely ecstatic at the beautiful silver appendage. Wormtail stepped forward and said, "Thank you master, you are most kind. It is wonderful, more than I deserve."

This caused Voldemort to turn and glare at Wormtail as he sneered and said, "I am not kind, but I do award those that are faithful and competent."

"Ah yes, I almost forget to introduce our guest of honor here tonight. Although, I doubt it is needed. I hear that you are almost as famous as I am these days. Oh Harry, how such pathetic myths have fed your legend. Such lies have fed your glory, when you are nothing to me. I am Lord Voldemort, the greatest and most feared wizard of all time. Surely, you did not think that a mere baby could vanquish the heir of Salazar Slytherin himself? Shall I reveal what really happened that night? Should I divulge how I truly lost my powers?" Voldemort stared into emerald green eyes literally glowing with fury and uncontrolled raw and wild magic as Harry glared down his nemesis, remembering the horrors of that fateful night, almost fifteen years previous.

Voldemort walked up to Harry as his death eaters, wrapped in their dark cloaks, with faces hidden behind their masks, sneered at the so-called chosen-one. "My faithful followers, I stand here before you tonight to tell you the story of how a mere child could have defeated me. Yes my friends. It was love that saved dear little Harry Potter that night. The sacrifice of his mother shielded him from me, giving him the ultimate protection. She died to protect him. It was old magic, which I should have foreseen. It left a lingering protection bound to his blood. I could not touch him. When I cast the killing curse on young Harry here, my own magic rebounded on me, destroying my powers. However," Voldemort smiled evilly as he reached up and pressed his forefinger to the cursed scar, causing pain that felt like a thousand needles of white fire spread throughout Harry's body as he cried out. "Today I stand before you, with my body returned and the foolish girl's protections gone. Behold my brilliance. I can touch you now!" Voldemort's smile became a sneer as his tongue lashed out like a snake's.

"I'm going to kill you Harry," Voldemort said, laughing mirthfully as Harry fought relentlessly, but in vain, to break free of the statue and make it back to the cup that he saw laying about 20 yards back behind Voldemort to his left.

"No Harry, there will be no escape for you tonight. Far too long, has your very existence mocked me. You should not have been alive to make it here tonight, Harry. All these years the wizarding world has hailed you as a hero, and doubted my power. No longer will I allow this. Tomorrow, when the sun rises upon the gates of the ministry, the wizarding world will know that I have returned. They will gaze upon the corpse of their hero and never again will anyone doubt the power of Lord Voldemort!"

Harry watched as Voldemort walked forward and with a wave of his wand, the statue released Harry. Harry refused to take his eyes off Voldemort as he reached to pick up his wand and stand facing the Dark Lord. "Yes, take your wand Harry. Face me like a true warrior wizard. Stand with courage and die with honor tonight, just as your father did all those years ago," Voldemort said. "Now foolish boy, you will die tonight, but not before you learn to rue the day you crossed wands with Lord Voldemort."

Harry slowly grabbed his wand with his good and more importantly wand arm before Voldemort coolly said Crucio, causing Harry to writhe on the ground as every nerve ending in his body screamed as white hot needles of pain lanced through him, causing his vision began to become blurry as he started to lose consciousness once again.

Voldemort roughly raised up Harry, who was still shaking from the curse, and invisible hands enclosed Harry's throat roughly cutting the air of to Harry's lungs. Voldemort lowered his wand and watched as Harry sank to the ground. While Harry struggled back to his feet, Voldemort gazed at his followers, who were cackling at Harry's predicament.

"I assume that you have been taught to duel, Harry? It is time for you to meet your end," Voldemort said as his eyes darted around at his death eaters.

Harry's reply was swift, "Yes, I might have picked up a few things, but I doubt you'd notice, seeing as you don't seem to understand how to duel yourself. You really should pay more attention to your teacher and face your opponent Riddle, unless you want to be hexed in the back. After all, we might as well get this over with. You've already almost killed me tonight with all of your rambling. I was afraid you would have to kill me in my sleep from growing so bored of it. You really need some new material to work with, but after tonight it won't matter."

Voldemort then looked at Harry who was holding his wand tightly and said, "Now Harry, we shall duel to your death. First we bow." Harry's knees were forced to bend by a death eater before Voldemort raised his wand and uttered Avada Kedavra, while Harry stepped to the side to avoid the deadly curse.

Harry could feel his blood boiling as raw magic fed him with more power than he had ever realized he had as he replied. "You are pathetic Riddle. How about you tell your followers how their master's blood is impure. Tell them the truth Tom, that they bow to a mudblood." Voldemort's eyes shown with fury and Harry had to dodge behind a tombstone and crouched low as a pale yellow beam shot from Voldemort's wand and shattered the top of the tombstone.

"Come on out Harry, I want to hear you beg for death, like your miserable little mudblood mother did before I killed her. I want you to face me when you die! I am going to make you beg for death, and I, being a merciful Lord, will grant it. I want to see the light leave your eyes as the only hope for the wizarding world is dashed upon the old rocks of this cemetery! Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort cried as bright green light lit the cemetery before it blew the statue of a grim apart.

As Harry crouched there, he thought about his parents. He could see them again. This wizard was the one who murdered his parents and cost him his family and childhood he had wanted so badly. All Harry had ever wanted was to have a family that loved him and to be normal, not famous, not the boy-who-lived nonsense. Just Harry. 'No' Harry thought. 'There will be no more running. No more hiding. Whether I live or die, this ends tonight.'

Harry watched Voldemort's eyes narrow as he summoned his Gryffindor courage and stood from behind the broken statue and looked at Voldemort.

Voldemort held his wand steady at Harry and scream "Do you really want another taste of the pain, young Harry? Crucio!"

Instantly, Harry tasted blood from biting his tongue as pain beyond belief surged through his body once more. Once again, he refused the give the evil wizard the satisfaction of crying out. Fortunately, even though his body was aching, he was able to maintain his wits about him and briefly adjusted his concentration to get through the pain before his body collapsed to the ground, still spasming from the effects of the curse.

"Potter, this is what you get for daring to stand up to me, for having the nerve to defy me," Voldemort said softly.

"Admit to your foolishness and I might be kind and grant you a quick death. After all, are you truly brave enough to prolong your suffering, knowing that you can not stand against my brilliance and might?"

Harry said nothing as he stared defiantly at Voldemort, wand at the ready.

Voldemort looked coldly at Harry. "You foolish boy. I am superior in every way. Admit it. Say it to all these witnesses here tonight that no one alive stands a chance to defeat me. Imperio!"

Harry immediately felt light headed, as a wave of euphoria swept over his mind, and a voice in his mind said, 'Why not? I'm dead anyways.' Still a smaller voice gained strength as Harry fought against Voldemort's will, which was much stronger than Crouch Jr.'s when he taught Harry to throw off the curse.

"No, Riddle," Harry replied quietly, glaring defiantly once more at Voldemort, who didn't even seem to notice as he attempted to force more of his will upon Harry.

"Say it Potter. Tell the world how you were a fool to step in the path of the Dark Lord, and that you deserve to be put down," Voldemort sneered.

"Bite me. I will never submit to you, Tom, you snake faced bastard," Harry spoke calmly as he felt another push against his mind just before Voldemort reared back and stumbled, as if shoved hard by someone.

Voldemort stared coldly at Harry before he replied, "Say it Harry. Tell them all that I am Lord Voldemort, the greatest wizard that ever lived!"

"No!" Harry cried out as he once again threw off the curse, causing the Dark Lord to stumble from the backlash.

"Stupefy!" Harry cast his stunner at Voldemort and almost to fast for the eye to see, Voldemort's wand whipped up as he lashed out and cried, "Avada Kedavra!"

The twin bolts, one green and one red, race towards their targets before the spells collided between them and thick, golden beams of light connected the two wands as their owners fought to keep control of their violently shaking wands. Harry and Voldemort gripped their wands tightly to prevent them from flying from their grasps.

The death eaters could do nothing as a great, golden cage surrounded Harry and the Dark Lord preventing any of them from disarming Harry forcibly while Voldemort screamed out, "Do nothing! He is mine!"

A ball of raw magic formed where the magic of the two wands collided and began inching along the golden beam towards Harry. Somehow, knowing that his very life depended on keeping the ball of magic away from him, Harry began to will it back towards Voldemort with all his might. Harry thought he had won as it had almost reached Voldemort, and he fed the last of his strength into the beam of magic forcing the energy towards the Dark Lord, intent on ending the threat forever, even though he knew he would never make it out of the cemetery alive. Voldemort's death eaters would make certain of that.

All at once, time seemed to stop as the ball of magic was about to connect to the end of Voldemort's wand before the Dark Lord ripped his wand arm up, breaking the connection and stepped to the side as he felt the raw fury of wild untamed and ancient magic blow by him. In this instant, the Dark Lord knew fear. Voldemort knew for certain that this child wielded significant, untapped and untrained power that would grow to become a threat to his reign.

A cold shiver a fear ran down Voldemort's spine for the first time since he had faced the demon within the circle while completing the Ritual Of The Damned as his ritual enhanced senses alerted him to the power of the Old Magic practically singing to him from the child's blood. Voldemort felt the first signs of fatigue coming on him, which surprised him greatly, and that was not an easy thing to do. He had never felt tired like this before, and he had faced some of the most powerful wizards in the world and destroyed them. Yet, this child was able to keep up with him, even with a new body that had endurance far beyond human norms.

'A shame. Such power would have been useful to me. Fortunately, the old fool never took his time to train his golden boy, because at the height of his power, he would rival even me! Nevertheless, it ends tonight. After this, the world shall know the glory that is Lord Voldemort!' Voldemort raised his wand once more and pointed it at Harry, who was trying to get up from the ground, panting and exhausted.

~End Flashback~

"Avada Kedavra!"

'I never could beat him. I never stood a chance. I'm an underage wizard with no training, and Voldemort has more power than any other wizard in the world save Dumbledore himself. How could anyone ever assume that I, Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the supposed Chosen-One, would ever be a threat to Voldemort? I guess this is it then. Mom and dad, I'm sorry you died in vain. He killed me anyways, but at least I can finally see you.'

Harry's eyes opened and he stared death in the face as he drew up his Gryffindor courage right as the Killing Curse hit him square in the chest, ripping his soul from his body instantly. Harry cursed Voldemort for his life and his family just as his vision went black and he knew no more.

In Between

Harry felt like he was floating, and he felt no pain. 'Am I dead? I know that AK hit me.' As Harry opened his eyes slowly and looked around, he found himself in a wide-open field, standing at the edge of a fountain set in the middle. As he looked around, Harry noticed a few trees in the distance, which made him feel oddly at ease. 'I wonder what's going on here. Where am I?'

"To answer your first question, young one, you are neither dead nor alive. You are in between, on an ancient isle that once receded from the mortal world under my power."

Startled, Harry turned towards the voice and saw a wizard in dark blue robes, staff in hand. The strange wizard appeared to be mid aged, yet his eyes had a depth that seemed to see right into Harry's soul and his voice rang with a deep wisdom that seemed to speak straight to his heart.

Harry took a cautious step backwards and asked, "Who are you and how did I get here? The last thing I remember, Voldemort hit me with the killing curse."

The man chuckled, reminding Harry of Dumbledore, before he answered. "Who am I? That question shall be answered in time, but that time is not now. When the time is right, you will know my identity. You have been brought here because for the last fifteen years in the mortal realm, nothing has gone right. Many things have come to pass which should not have been, and many things, which should have been, have not occurred. You were born to bear the weight of the wizarding world on your shoulders, a champion, yet you fell."

Harry frowned, thinking of all the people who expected him to be the one to beat Voldemort, while they ridiculed him and sat back feeling secure that they weren't the ones out there risking their lives fighting the death eaters and Voldemort.

"What do you mean by 'a champion'? I'm getting sick of everyone expecting me to be the one to end this war. I'm only fourteen years old! All I have ever wanted was to be normal, yet that snake faced bastard took that away from me when he killed my parents when I was a baby."

"Alas, I am not the one to begin to answer these questions. First, you need to know of your ancestry, and the legacy which came to fruition in you." The wizard appeared apprehensive as he looked over Harry's shoulder.

"Sweetheart, you are ready. It is time for us to explain to you about your heritage, and why you have come here, before we must ask you to make a choice," a familiar voice said from behind Harry, causing his eyes to grow wide as he spun around.

Harry could feel his heart bursting with joy at seeing the two people in front of him. Nevertheless, this wasn't possible. His parents were dead, and the old wizard had just told him specifically that he hadn't moved on. Still, Harry couldn't stop himself from hoping that this was real, that he was finally getting his parents back. Somehow, though, he knew it just had to be too good to be true.

Harry looked at the twenty-one year old beauty. She had bright red hair and brilliant, familiar green eyes, just like Harry's and he could see the love and regret in her eyes as she looked on him hungrily, as if she could never look at him enough, and opened her arms towards him. Harry was stunned at the realization of who she was and who the man beside her was, who had jet black, untidy hair, and a mischievous grin on his face as he looked at his son. "Mum, dad is that really you," he barely choked out before he ran into her arms as his father hugged them both close.

As Lily watched her son, her heart broke at the pain and sorrow in his eyes, caused by years of neglect and abuse. "Honey, we have always been here watching you. Your father and I are very proud of you and the man you are on the path to becoming. We're so sorry that we have not been able to be there to help you and guide you, especially through the living hell my sister and her good for nothing oaf of a husband have put you through, along with that poor child they ruined," she said with tears of joy and sorrow streamed down her face.

Harry stood for a moment. 'Well, they said I'm in between, so I guess I'm not totally dead yet. Not that it makes any difference. I'll still never be able to win, not now.' "It's not your fault mum. I let you both down. I wasn't able to defeat him. Your deaths were in vain," he said softly, while looking into his mother's eyes, praying that she could forgive him for wasting her sacrifice."

Lily Potter looked scandalous. "Harry James Potter! Never believe that you could let us down in any way, shape, or form. It's not your fault that you were unprepared. Do you even know why Voldemort chose to come after us and tried to kill you? Do you know why we went into hiding?" Lily's eyes flashed as she waited for an answer.

Harry couldn't bear the disappointment in her voice. He lowered his head in shame before answering, "No, after I faced Voldemort to stop him from getting the sorcerer's stone in my first year I asked Dumbledore, but he said that I was too young and that he would tell me when the time was right."

"That meddling old fool," James said coldly with fire dancing in his eyes. "We always did put too much trust in the old man. Granted, his intentions are honorable, even if his actions and methods aren't. He has lived too long and no longer focuses on the individuals. Dumbledore only sees the bigger picture now, the 'Greater Good' as he calls it. He sees people as pawns to manipulate to fit the bigger picture, instead of individuals and equals to work with in order to accomplish his goals. We have stood by your side your whole life and watched as he shaped you into the weapon he'd hope you'd become. You see, Albus Dumbledore is a master of half-truths and manipulations. He tends to only give out the information that is necessary, and let you work out the rest on your own. Never be ashamed that you don't know what Dumbledore should have told you long ago. It's not your fault. Let the blame rest where it belongs."

Harry shook his head as he considered his father's words. True, Dumbledore always seemed to know everything that was going on, but he always let Harry, Hermione, and Ron onto just enough for them to complete their tasks. 'Was it all tests? Look at the sorcerer's stone. There is no way that the old man could have missed Voldemort sticking out the back of Quirrell's head. To top it off, why didn't Dumbledore just keep the stone warded in his office? He could have easily put it under the fidelius, but instead he chose to guard it with traps that even a trio of first years easily passed. What about the Chamber of Secrets? There weren't that many magical creatures in the world that could petrify a witch or wizard. That took enormous power, not considering the fact that the headmaster knew full well that Moaning Myrtle had died the first time the chamber was opened. What kind of creature had that kind of power? What kind of monster could it be deduced that the heir of Salazar Slytherin, famously called serpent-tongue, alone would be able to control? Dumbledore was hailed by many as brilliant, so surely he couldn't have missed what a second year was able to figure out. After all, he had fifty years to figure out everything about the chamber and the monster within before Hermione came along. However, yet again, the golden trio, as we were called, figured it out on our own, and miraculously, just when I needed help the most, Fawkes appeared. That couldn't be coincidence could it? After all, phoenixes could flash anywhere they wanted to, but how had it known where to find me? What about when Hermione and I saved Sirius? Dumbledore obviously knew what Hermione and I were going to do when he said that if all went well, more than one life would be saved. Dumbledore always seemed to know far more than he let on, he merely helped me along the path.'

The mysterious wizard, who seemed to have disappeared before, walked forward and spoke softly to Lily. "We don't have much time, he must choose whether to see his destiny to the end or not. We must tell him his legacy."

Lily nodded at this, "Harry, before you can understand, you do know that Voldemort is the heir of Slytherin, right?"

'What could that have to do with anything?' Harry thought before giving a positive reply. "Yes, Voldemort's name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. He is the heir of Slytherin. It's because of him that I'm a parselmouth. Dumbledore said that Voldemort transferred some of his powers to me the night he tried to kill me, when the killing curse rebounded on him."

James' face darkened. "I see that the old man has indeed been feeding you little bits of information at a time, when he has deemed you ready. Sounds like him. Well first things first. When Voldemort's body was destroyed and his powers transferred to you, a small part of his soul attached to you also. That made you what is called a horcrux. A horcrux is an object that holds a piece of the soul of the wizard that made it. It anchors them to life, making them as close to immortal as most believe it is possible to be. As long as one horcrux exists, they cannot pass beyond the veil because a piece of their soul is still anchored to the mortal realm. When Voldemort took your blood tonight, he took a piece of you into him. He is not exactly a horcrux, but at this moment, he anchors you to life. When that final killing curse struck you, Harry, that piece of Voldemort's soul was destroyed. Still, on that fateful Halloween night, when his curse rebounded on him, Voldemort gave you powers, and a future brighter than anything ever before. He fulfilled one prophecy, and partially fulfilled another that night. He made you the magical heir of Slytherin. It is not a widely known fact, but Godric Gryffindor and Rowena Ravenclaw were wed shortly after Salazar Slytherin left the school. Being my son, you are the heir of both the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw houses since they are your direct ancestors."

Harry's jaw dropped at this. "Is that even possible? They lived so long ago; nobody knows who their descendents are." Harry took in the solemn expressions of his parents and the wizard before his eyes widened and he was slack jawed at the new knowledge.

"Don't faint just yet sweetie, there's more," Lily laughed mirthfully, laughter dancing in her blazing green eyes.

"What more could there possibly be?" Harry replied in awe.

Lily regarded her son carefully before she answered, "Well, before she died, Helga Hufflepuff cast a powerful spell on her bloodline, so that none of her descendents would be born with magical blood until the time came to fulfill the Founder's Prophecy. Most people considered me a muggleborn, with every reason. All of my ancestors going back to, but except for Helga herself, were born muggles. Harry you are the heir of all four of the Founders."

That was just too much as Harry stared blankly at his mother before his eyes promptly rolled back in his head and he fell back on the ground, fainting on the spot.

James could barely contain himself as he rolled in laughter. "I think you killed him dear. I told you that he would take it like that. Harry never wanted his fame in the first place and now you tell him that he's the heir of the Founders themselves." There were tears of laughter streaking down his cheeks as he tried to calm himself. "Just think, that's not even half of the news. I thought we were supposed to break it to him easily?"

Lily glared at her husband, who was just managing to regain control, obviously disapproving of him laughing at what was not, in her opinion, a laughing matter. Harry might not know it yet, but there was far too much at stake.

"Mum, what did you mean the Founder's Prophecy? And what prophecies were you talking about dad, that Voldemort fulfilled the night he killed you both," Harry said as he had came to, standing back up before he leaned against the fountain.

His parents looked at each other, coming to a silent agreement before his mother spoke. "First, Harry, the reason Voldemort came after us and tried to kill you as a baby because or a prophecy that was made shortly before your birth. Turn around and look into the water."

Harry turned as Lily waved her hand, causing the water to begin to ripple out from the center, before a glowing scene, like that of a pensieve shown before them.

Harry watched as a slightly younger looking Dumbledore was about to get up from sitting across from a younger Sybill Trelawney before she reach across and grabbed Dumbledore's hand. Trelawney looked as if she was about to have a stroke as her body went rigid and her eyes glazed over and rolled back in her head before she spoke in a rigid voice.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not...and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives...the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches..."

Harry sat, stunned at what he had just seen. "Does this mean...," He trailed off while looking at the sad looks on his parents faces before his father spoke up.

"Harry, that prophecy was made to Albus Dumbledore by Sybill Trelawney while he was giving her an interview for the post of Divination teacher at Hogwarts. It foretold the coming of a boy who would have the power to vanquish Lord Voldemort. As you can see Dumbledore was quite disappointed at the performance she gave during the interview, and was about to leave when she went into a trance and made the prophecy. Severus Snape, who was working for Voldemort at the time, was caught eavesdropping on Trelawney and Dumbledore about halfway through the prophecy by the owner of the Hog's Head, which was Dumbledore's brother Aberforth, and was subsequently thrown out of the pub. Snape then returned to Voldemort to tell him what he had heard. Now remember, since Snape was apprehended before the full prophecy could be made; only part of the prophecy was reported to Voldemort. Ironically enough, the prophecy could have referred to two people who would be born at the end of July. Harry, these two people were you and a boy by the name of Neville Longbottom."

Harry spoke up at this, "Hey! I go to Hogwarts with Neville. He's an alright bloke, but he has some issues with his self-confidence. It's really the only thing holding him back. How can you be sure that the prophecy meant me and not Neville?"

James looked at his son sadly, "I'm afraid that it is you, Harry. Although the prophecy could have referred to both you and Neville, Voldemort decided that it was you who posed the greatest threat to him and when he tried to kill you, he "marked you as his equal." And notice this, Harry: he chose, not the pureblood (which, according to his creed, is the only kind of wizard worth being or knowing) but the half-blood, like himself.

Harry's hand flew to his scar before James continued; knowing that there was no way that he wasn't the child in the prophecy. He felt doomed. All his life all he wanted to be was normal, he would happily give up all his fame and every galleon to his name to be normal and have his parents back.

James continued, knowing that there was not much time before his son had to make a decision. "Shocked by Voldemort's decision, Snape rushed to Dumbledore and explained that Voldemort had come to the conclusion that you were his to-be vanquisher, and had vowed to kill you. Snape also confessed his longtime love for your mother, another reason he hates you so much, besides being my son, the son of his sworn enemy. Snape offered Dumbledore his loyalty in exchange for her protection. All of us here know how that turned out. There is only one known record of the prophecy. It has been kept in the Hall of Prophecy in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic ever since it was recorded."

Harry growled, "If Dumbledore knew the prophecy all along, then why hasn't he told me yet? I deserve to know why Voldemort wants to kill me. He should have told me why I don't have you guys anymore. It's my life, not his! I have every right to make the decisions for myself!" Harry's eyes began to glow a bright emerald green and his hair began levitating as his aura began to physically manifest itself. Bolt of raw magic cackled from his fingertips and ran along his skin, all over his body, while periodically bursting forth out of control, leaving craters in the field wherever it struck.

Lily reached out to her son and put a hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. "Sweetheart, calm down," she said.

"What does any of that have to do with the Founder's Prophecy anyways?" Harry asked his mother, staring into his mother's eyes pleading for the answers he sought.

As Harry's eyes bore into Lily's she could feel the power in him. The power that would change the wizarding world forever. However, it was wild and uncontrolled, and if Harry made the choice that she knew his heart would tell him to, he would learn to control it, and wield it before being sent back to undo everything that had been done. Finally she answered her son's question, "Everything. Without Voldemort marking you and making you the magical heir of Slytherin, it would have been impossible for the Founder's Prophecy to be fulfilled."

"Why?" Harry asked, looking at his mother in confusion.

The strange wizard placed his hand on Harry's arm, "Maybe I should answer that question. After all, I was the one who made the prophecy."

The wizard leaned on his staff and chuckled as Harry looked at him in wonder.

"The tale begins long ago, when the Ancients left the mortal world. They were called the nine Divines, the Immortals who watched over all of creation. One of these, named Myrrdhin Emrys, or Merlin Ambrosius, chose to give up his divinity and became mortal in order to bring magic into the world. Before this, witches and wizard did not exist, because the power of magic was wielded only by the Ancients. Though he lived here on Avalon, before it disappeared into the mists, lost to mortals forever, he created the great Stonehenge as the focus for the entire world's magic, in order to maintain a balance so that magic would not go wild and destroy the world. Here, after ten thousand years, he felt that his time was drawing to a close and trained the four greatest witches and wizards of the time, before his divinity fully fled him. These four apprentices of the great Merlin ended up founding the best school for magical children that the world has ever seen, each giving their name to one of its four houses. It was called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

Harry couldn't believe his ears. "The founders were Merlin's apprentices!" he yelled excitedly.

The wizard again chuckled at the look on Harry's face. "You really should see yourself. The look on your face is priceless. I haven't seen a look like that in over a thousand years. Yes, they were. After a period of time, Merlin decided that the wizarding world was no longer in any need of his guidance and he left Hogwarts, leaving the Founder's Prophecy behind before disappearing forever, along with the isle of Avalon, the last of the undying lands of the Ancients. The prophecy went like this," he said as he waved his hand towards the water.

Harry watched as an old wizard that he assumed to be Merlin sat in the middle of Stonehenge before waving a very familiar staff causing a circle of fire to surround him. Awestruck, Harry turned and looked at the wizard standing beside him.

"Are you…?" He asked.

"Yes child, I am Merlin, keep watching," Merlin answered. Merlin's eyes betrayed a hint of sadness, but also pride and determination.

As Harry turned and kept watching, he saw the circle of fire turn into a blazing vortex of magical blue fire and thunderclouds covered the skies as lightning began rolling in the clouds and striking the great stones, which made up the circle, causing them to glow bright with power. Suddenly, a great specter appeared, hovering in the sky above Merlin, and spoke in a frigid voice.

"As the second war approaches, the balance is broken… the Heir of Magic arises… born of the blood of the four… from the ashes of death, returns the warrior… Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff… apprentices of the Ancient… bound by blood, bound by magic, they shall give rise to the Heir of their Master."

"I understand it now. By cheating death and being resurrected, Voldemort broke the fragile balance of life and death. He broke the balance of magic that had been held in check for so long. When he tried to kill me, I was already the heir of three of the founders. However, when he tried to kill me, unknowingly making me the magical heir of Slytherin, he made the prophecy come true, since I am able to fulfill it. What I don't get though is the part where it says 'from the ashes of death, returns the warrior…' What does it mean?"

"It means something that has not happened yet," Lily said, looking at her son apprehensively. "If you decide to go back, then technically you will be returning from death, even though you will be sent back to a time before you found out you were a wizard. Also, if you choose to return, we will train you in several different branches of magic in order for you to learn to control the massive amount of power that you wield."

"What branches of magic will I be learning?" Harry asked, anxious at the chance to learn.

Merlin smiled and said, "It is good to see that you are eager, for your training will not be easy. First off, you will be learning mind magics such as legilimency, occlumency, telepathy, and telekinesis. You will also be taught advanced transfiguration, spell crafting, potions, charms, goblin, elvin, elemental and combat magics, arithmancy, astrology, astronomy, and divination. Then, you will be taught many rituals, blood magic and dark arts that should only be used as a last resort. The last things you will learn will be advanced curse breaking, warding, wand crafting, swordsmanship, and stave crafting."

Harry was speechless. "H-How long w-will it take?" he finally managed to stutter out.

Lily looked at her son proudly, "Are you sure that you are ready for this? Time means nothing here. We will spend approximately seven years training you, but it won't be easy."

"Yea, I'm ready. If I'm going to be sent back to fix things, then I will need all the training that I can get," Harry said firmly, knowing that this would be his only chance he got.

"Very well, then let us begin," Merlin spoke firmly with power in his voice as he struck his staff in the ground. A great earthquake shook the isle and Harry watched as lightning flashed across the sky, and with a thunderous roar, what appeared to be a veil fell away and revealed a great circle of stones.

"Welcome to the true Stonehenge, Harry."

Author's Note:

This is my first attempt at a Harry Potter story, and my first story period on this site. It ran a little longer than I planned, but the stage is set. I hope you all enjoyed this and I would love to hear any feedback. Just to make things clear, this will be a Harry Potter harem story. I don't really like Dumbledore bashing much, so I'll keep the characters in form as much as possible. Harry will be super powerful, and will obviously have a major influence to change the wizarding world for the better because of his heritage.